What changes need to be made for the Leos next year?

I think Wally Buono should stay. The offensive line needs help........BIG TIME. If the offensive line is good then DD will perform better. We also need a bigger and stronger Running back. Maybe we should figure out a way to get Jesse Lumdsen over here with the Lions :wink: .

Absolutely right about the OL. It was depressing watching Montford blow by them on virtually every play. As for Lumsden, Hamilton will never let him go - he's their new poster boy. Besides, there is no problem with Antonio Warren - if Printers had used him down on the 10 instead of taking a sack and then throwing a terrible interception the outcome may have been different. However the most pressing need is a place kicker - O'Mahoney should have been released before this season started.

The O-line, Besides poor pass defense, there is virtually no running game. Trade one of our QB's for some lineman.

A lot of changes.

The OL must improve. You can blame Dickenson for taking too long to make a pass, but it wasn't the case every single time. The opposing teams' LBs would just walk all over our OL and get to our QB.

Kickers. You don't expect mcLaughlin to carry the kicking duties next season, right? And O'Mahony; has to go. He has proven that he is a one-season wonder.

Coaching strategies, if not the coach. Knowing when to put the backup QB into a game is just as important as to declaring who's the legitimate starter and backup. Putting Casey in with just under 5 minutes to go in a playoff football game when the starting QB was clearly not playing up to potential pretty much all game was terrible. Having a QB controversy was horrible. Not fixing the team's problems and not getting the team well-prepared and ready for any game is unacceptable as a profession coach. Buono and Crawford (Canucks) have to be buddies, becuase they are all laid-back, over-optimistic, and pick favourites instead of the best chance to win. The 11-0 start was great, although there were some iffy wins there, but since then it has been a choke, and you can't disagree with that.

QBs. One star QB, one young backup QB with potential, not two all-star QBs fighting for starting role.

Well definitely I think Moe and Cory might have to be replaced. Antonio is fine as he is an all round back that can block, run and catch, plus Lyle is a workhorse as well. Yes we need a new kicker. I think they should trade Dickenson and build on Casey and Buck. D line is good, LB's a good core, however still have my doubts about Young and Marsh, they seem to give up those critical ones we need. Most of all I think Jacques should go... his offence is boring and the other teams have it down pat... he is doing the same things he did with Calgary......

Leofan...I was thinking the same thing. Maybe R&W can help out here. Was The Calgary fans ticked off with Chapedelaine too?

You guys need a better o-line, and a kicker/punter. Trade either Printers or Dickenson to obtain it.

I think we should keep the O'Mahony/McLoughlin combo. Keeps the ratio stable and McLoughlin could really help Duncan in field goal school, besides if Duncan goes who'll be BC's Charlie Brown?
I love razzing that guy. I believed in him until he said that people "willed" him to miss his kicks.
Yes, Duncan, jedi mind tricks do exist. They work well on the weak willed and simple minded.

Coaches are OK, we just need one season with a healthy QB. Give up the 2 QB luxury and focus on grooming Pierce. I think Casey's out the door, tho. He's got options after this year, he turned down 1 million over 3 years. Number one money needs number one playing time. But I think Dave really got his bell rung and I wonder what would happen with a 2nd concussion.

Imagine if we had an O-line like Sask. You think Antonio would be under 1000 yds rushing ever again? How many of the sacks we racked up this year would turn into TDs? Mind you our Hoggies were basically walking wounded.

As for our secondary, they're ok too, we just need a more QB pressure especially from the Linebacking position and yes hurries knockdowns are good, but sacks are momentum killers and get into the QB's head

Yes sportsmen he was a moron much like what he is doing for the Lions. Yet Wally is blind to it. That was one of the reason for Wally leaving here was that he was told to fire him. He could be labeled RD Lancaster JR JR

Dickenson to anybody....pleeze!!!

Great :? Just what we need. I knew there was some conflict with Calgary. Maybe Ackles will take the bull by the horns and if Wally wont get rid of him, Ackles will do it.

whoa hold up, are you saying that chapdelaine should be fired?

No running game, no O-line, I've seen this movie before. Calgary went throught it when "F-troop" took over. Buono refused to fire Chapdelaine in Calgary because of a "lacking" offense.

I look at the Lions QB's and receivers. With that talent something else must be wrong. They didn't deal with the offensive line problems that plagued them even when they were 11-0. Antonio Warren was never really utilized to his full potential. Chapdelaine needs to be closely scrutinized.

It's about time that people started to look at what Chapdelaine has not been doing for BC. IMHO, the guy should be toasted, and Wally has got to stop letting his personal feelings get in the way of a winning team.

Hi Guys i am not going to a game next year until they can prove to me that they want to win.

Hey there heard that cassie printers wants to stay here for a long term contract, they better sighn him,if wally sticks with dave i am droping my season tickets.

They do want to win...don't blame the players for what is going on. The problem lies, IMO, square with the coaching staff. Buono is allowing personal feelings to get in the way of a real championship team. He needs to get rid of JC, O'Mahony, and DD, and then work with what he has left.

It's unfortunate that Barrin Simpson is leaving, he really is, IMO, the anchor for the linebackers. Losing him is going to cause the defense problems.

btw, I will renew my season's tickets, regardless of what happens.

why is barron leaving?????

If you have electronic access to the Vancouver province newspaper, there is a great story about it.

In a nut shell, Buono's defensive schemes don't include much of Barrin Simpson, so since he is a free agent, he will not return to the Lions because he feels he is not being used properly.

Sorry to see him go...I liked him. He'll be a big help to whoever signs him.

yah that hurts you guys. has anyone notice how pigeon toed he is????