What changes/improvements do you want to see in 2013?

Lose those green helmets!

For the away helmets for Edmonton, sure at the very least.

The Edmonton Eskimos have filled their biggest off-season need at QB by trading/resigning Mike Reilly. Away from the QB postion, what do the Eskimos need?

Eskimos roster:


Eskimos biggest needs (imo):

  • Offencive Linemen (imports)
  • Defensive Backs
  • Kick Returning (biggest hole) SEE OTHER TOPIC



Offencive Linemen on the market:

  • Cedric Gagne-Marcoux (non import), Argos
  • Brian Simmons (import), TiCats
  • Alexander Krausnick-Groh (non import), Riders
  • Mark Dewit (non-import), Stampeders
  • Stanley Bryant (import), Stampeders
  • Jovan Olafioye (import), Lions
  • John Hameister-Ries (non import), Lions

Olafioye likely resigns in BC if the NFL does not come calling.
Cedric Gagne-Marcoux & Mark Dewit should both resign with their clubs before free agency.
*I cant see the Edmonton Eskimos dishing out alot of money on this group of free agent O-Linemen. Edmonton would be better off to scout non CFL free agent o-linemen and bring them in for training camp.
Without a 1st round pick (McKnight trade), and moving back in the 2nd round (Reilly trade), look for Edmonton to target an offensive linemen in this years draft with their 1st pick.
All reports say that last years firstdraft pick Austin Pasztor will be staying in the NFL for 2013. If he does end up in Edmonton in 2013, that’s a huge step forward for the Canadian depth on this team.

Defencive Backs on the market:

  • Dwight Anderson (import), Alouettes
  • Seth Williams (import), Alouettes
  • Evan McCullough (import), Argos
  • Jonathan Hood (non import), TiCats
  • Carlos Thomas (import), Ticats
  • Geoff Tisdale (import), Ticats
  • Marcell Young (import), Ticats
  • Dion Beasley (import), Bombers
  • Tyron Brackenridge (import), Riders
  • Chris McKenzie (import), Riders
  • Eddie Russ (import), Riders
  • Eric Fraser (non import), Stampeders
  • Cauchy Muamba (non import), Lions

Dwight Anderson is likely too old for the Eskimos. Has a bad reputation in the league. Rule him out.
Top targets for Edmonton imo should be Cauchy Muamba, Evan McCullough, Dion Beasley & Tyron Brackenridge. If the Riders let Brackenridge hit free agency, that would be shocking.
The name I’ve heard the most come up with the Eskimos having interest is Argos DB Evan McCullough.
With the team releasing Rod Williams (for NFL), not resigning Chris Thompson & still have not resigned Weldon Brown. Edmonton will need 5-6 DB’s for training camp (at least). If the Eskimos can get three of the players listed above that would be a good improvement from last season. Evan McCullough, Dion Beasley & Eddie Russ are the three guys I see Edmonton landing.
The top DB free agent (imo), Caucy Muamba, likely heads to Winnipeg. He will be looking for BIG MONEY. Likely out of the Eskimos price range.

It looks like we are on our way to improvement for the offensive line now, but now we have to move on to defensive backs and the kick return game.

Good point about the OLineman they brought in two Import non CFL free agents in Orrin Thompson and Xavier Fulton. Thompson spent most of his career on NFL PR and 2011 in the UFL where Fulton spent his whole career before coming to Canada as an NFL PR player. they traded Fulton but both were among the top LT in the CFL. Fulton was actually the Riders nominee for rookie of the year as he never actually got to an NFL roster.

Lets talk about the Edmonton Eskimos current roster. And what they might need come free agency. Who should they sign to fill those holes, etc.



*= Non imports

QB- Mike Reilly
QB- Matt Nichols
QB- Kerry Joseph
QB- Jacory Harris
My take: Kerry Joseph will soon be released. And Edmonton will bring in 1-2 more QB’s for rookie camp

RB- Hugh Charles
RB- Calvin McCarty*
RB- Kyle Exume*
My take: Look for Edmonton to target a free agent import running back to push Charles for playing time. Edmonton may also sign & bring back non import running back Brett Haenni.

FB- Mathieu Bertrand*
FB- Darcy Brown*
FB- Peter Thiel*
My take: Edmonton is good at fullback, would not be shocked to see Bertrand retire & or Thiel released.

WR- Marcus Henry (Have to sign)
WR- Matt Carter*
WR- Tyler Scott* (Have to sign)
WR- Shamawd Chambers*
WR- Nate Coehoorn*
WR- Dobson Collins
WR- Ed Gant
WR- Youssy Pierre*
My take: Youssy Pierre is a non import on the chopping block in 2013. If Edmonton drafts a reciever, look for him to be released. Eskimos will add to their receiving core like always for training camp.

SB- Adarius Bowman
SB- Fred Stamps
SB- Terrium Crump
SB- Cary Koch
My take: Same as above, Eskimos will add to their receiving core like always for training camp.

C- Gord Hinse*
C- Kyle Koch*
My take: Both Centers had off years in 2013. Eskimos should look for an upgrade via trade or free agency.

G- Brian Ramsay*
G- Simeon Rottier*
My take: Not enough depth. Eskimos will go after a few non import’s come free agency to stock the shelves. They may also move the likes of Scott Mitchell & Dale Stevenson to guard.

T- Joel Bell
T- Orrin Thompson
T- Dale Stevenson*
T- Dylan Steenbergen* (Have to sign)
T- Scott Mitchell*
T- Carson Rockhill* (Have to sign)
T- Matt O'Donnell*
My take: Eskimos need better import depth at tackle. Joel Bell played terrible in training camp, and Orrin Thompson makes a good deal of money. Do not be shocked if both are gone come day 1 of the season. As for Stevenson & Steenbergen, they are both on the chopping block for 2013. NOTE: If the Eskimos can get Austin Pasztor from the NFL & sign Carson Rockhill. The Eskimos O-line will take a HUGE step forward in 2013.

DB- Michael Ricks
DB Bryan Williams
DB- Delroy Clarke*
DB- Weldon Brown (Have to sign)
DB- Clint Kent
DB- Ronnie Prude
DB- Chris Thompson (Have to sign)
DB- Joe Burnett
My take: Chris Thompson will be gone. Weldon Brown may also leave in free agency. Losing Brown & Williams is a huge hole for Edmonton. Look for DB’s to be their TOP priority come free agency.

S- Donovan Alexander*
S- Mike Miller*
S- Hugo Lopez*
My take: Good depth at Saftey, no need to improve this position.

LB- TJ Hill
LB- Damaso Munoz
LB- Mike Cornell*
LB- Kye Stewart
LB- Nathan Kanya*
LB- Donovan Richard
LB- Corbin Sharun*
LB- JC Sherritt
My take: Richard & Stewart replace recently traded Lawerence. While Kanya adds to the Canadian depth. Edmonton may sign 1-2 more free agents for camp. But the starting 3 are set in stone.

DE- Julius Williams (Have to sign)
DE- Brandon Lang
DE- Marcus Howard
DE- Justin Capicciotti*
My take: Eskimos will sign a few DE’s and bring to camp. Williams likely leaves for more money. But is easily replaced by a better DE in Lang.

DT- Shawn Lemon
DT- Étienne Légaré*
DT- Jermaine Reid*
DT- Don Oramasionwu*
DT- Almondo Sewell
DT- Ted Laurent*
DT- Eddie Steele*
DT- Kade Weston
My take: Eskimos have great depth at DT. Probably the strongest position on the team. Look for Hervey to shop Legare & Reid to clear more cap space. Also look for last years draft pick Hasan Hazime to be in camp. Eskimos are very high on him.

K/P- Grant Shaw*
P- Burke Dales*
K- Brody McNight*
My take: A huge mistake for Edmonton to trade their 1st round pick for McNight. Don’t see him making the team and will likely be on 9 Game IR for most of the season. Grant Shaw is the guy. Burke Dales may or may not be back. All depends on money.

KR- Steven Turner*
My take: Another big hole for Hervey to fill is at returner. Brown, Charles & Burnett are too import to this team to be returning kicks. They need a lot better depth here. Look for 2-3 guys to be brought in.

LS- Mike Benson*
LS- Ryan King*
My take: Depth is good enough here. No need for improvement/movement.

#1) Defensive Back’s
#2) Offensive Linemen
#3) Kick Returner