What changes/improvements do you want to see in 2013?

Heading into the offseason, what changes would you like to see happen for the Edmonton Eskimos?

A few changes i would like to see in the coaching staff:

Kavis Reed becomes GM. Or stays Head Coach & becomes assistant GM at the same time.
Fire Marcus Crandell as QB coach. Find new replacement.
Hire Paul LaPolice as the new Offensive Cordinator. (Unless Kavis is GM. Then name LaPolice HC).
Fire Marcello Simmons as Special Teams Cordinator.
Hire Mike O'Shea has new Special Teams Cordinator & assistant Head Coach.
Fire Tim Prinsen as O-line coach. Find new replacement.
*Dave Kelly is currently an offensive consultant. Due to his NCAA suspension. Its up in 2013. Likely headed back to NCAA.

I want Hervey named as GM. Kavis Reed gone form the organization entirely. Lapolice as HC. Crandell gone. Retain defensive coaching staff. Len Rhodes gone. Fleming named as President of Football Ops.

Kavis Reed is here for a LONG LONG TIME. And Len Rhodes, its WAY to early to judge him. Sean Fleming? lol. Nice.

I would rather have Ed Hervey as our GM or maybe perhaps Warren Moon, retain Reed as HC, fire Crandall, hire LaPolice as OC, and find even just 1 TALENTED offensive lineman to protect Nichols this coming season... Not too much to ask

I would like to see the second coming of Gizmo Williams. Zero special teams Td's doesn't cut it.
I would like to see some imagination in the offensive playbook (did we see a fake kick all year).
I would like to see the Eskimos develop 2 quality quarterbacks and utilize them, don't be afraid to let the starter watch from the sidelines the off time when not moving the team.
I would like to see some serious discussion about building an indoor stadium, I'm old and arthritic.
I would like to see the Eskimos bring back Dan Kepley in some capacity.
I would love to see the Eskimos return to being the proudest franchise, on and off the field.
I would like to see the Eskimos hoist the Grey Cup Nov. 24, 2013!!!!!

Most valid points except the "discussion of an indoor stadium"
Are you nuts? I lost it when we switched to artificial turf. We have a 30 year old stadium which is built to last over 100 years. There better not be any talk for an indoor stadium. Sure it gets cold, but we are Eskimo fans, not pansy Toronto or BC fans who can handle a little rain while watching the ONLY REAL "mans sport" in the world.

Braving the elements for the players and us fans is tradition. Be proud you're apart of it! :cowboy:

Awesome Eskimosrock!

"Braving elements", why? I have long since outgrown "macho". I have air conditioning in my car because I like it. Sitting outdoors in -30 temperatures when you don't have to is dumb, not tough. With age comes wisdom, at least in the few brain cells not killed proving how tough I was. :cowboy:

I love watching football in all kinds of weather, avoiding discussions on an indoor stadium makes no sense. I loved Clarke Stadium, that doesn't mean I don't like Commonwealth more! I especially liked the old bleacher seats, you could squeaze in a few extra people on cold days as we cuddled together. An indoor stadium also would attract other major events, concerts etc. Not talking about it is the ostrich approach, makes no sense.

I understand you're "old and wise" and would like an indoor stadium, but the fact is, is that it isnt going to happen for another 20-30 years at least. Its still a young building, there are no problems with it, it would be financially off to build a new one for the sake of a dome. And i dont consider this a "macho" statement when I say be proud to brave the elements, its part of our home field advantage and what the Eskimos symbolize. Tradition is important to a sports team. Be happy a 20 year old like me gives a rats behind about tradition in some instances.

Right on EskimosRock! And on all matters football, I say when in doubt stick to the old school until it's all figured out. NO INDOOR STADIUM!

Thank you! :thup:

Not arguing any of those points, just saying that avoiding the question is not the answer. I am old enough to have voted for the "Omniplex" and I am still bitter that those fools voted it down. Pee's me off almost as much as the Avro Arrow. :cowboy:

Easy for you to say when your in Florida .

Hey I've been in a cold outdoor stadium before I lived here too lol.

I'll take that over a hot humid one in the bright summer sun!

It is not a coincidence that none of the three NFL teams in Florida hardly ever sell out in September and October.

It is a moot point as Edmonton upgrading its seating to modern larger seating and the stadium has been kept up nicely. You have to admit though it has hurt attendance in the playoffs in recent years. they avg 35,000 a game during the reg season tops in the league but the last home playoff game drew only 30,000.

I still like to see the Esks sign mcPherson elevate Nichols to number 2 where he will get PT over the next few years. Like reilly last season was the first time either of them have even played in a pro football game in any league.

Oh for sure I would not blame the facility for lower attendance in 2012.

I would blame the overall quality of play as was lower overall this past season than in the prior two seasons 2010 and 2011.

I still think that signing Mcpherson to be the QB will open up all of the potions that Reed wanted out of this years offense. The mobile QB Mcpherson with a strong arm will be able to do the things that the less talented 1st started couldn't do and the older back up veteran was to old to do. With Messam in camp from the beginning the One two punch with the more power back in Messam and the change up scat back in Charles can be but into the Offensive scheme from the start of training camp and was something that was just to hard to implement in mid season with a less than a 100% Messam and a 3rd wheel boyd confusing things. Matt O'Donnel will have a full season of camp at RT and will also be in his 3rd year as a pro. The interior O line is solid and Vet import Orrin Thompson is a rock at LT.
A return Man is needed. It may be time for CFL teams to start looking at some Canadian speedters from the CIS that sould fill that role. The atletes are much better at the CIS level now and a recevier who may not be ready for the starting line up could use that athletic ability in the return game. Quincy Hurst and Ismael Bamba are two names that come to mind and are not exactly entrenched into there current teams plans with Hurst on and off the PR for the Argos this season and Bamba does not appear to be on the Riders roster at this point. whether that is a typo or not I do not know.

Steve that's another great post that even makes me want to suit up and play and hit somebody right now. :thup:

I hope the coaching staff is planning along those lines if they are not hearing it from you here!

Achange in the Import non import rule. Got this idea from Jim Mullins Blog.
any player who is not already a non import who goes to University in Canada to play football for his full 5 years (4 if he makes a CFL roster after his 4th season) should be considered a non import for living in Candada for that period of time. I am not sure how this would be worded but the rationale would be to get some US players to fill the Gap left by the top some of the top canadian players playing in the US.
This could give the AUS and the Anglo schools in the Q, like McGill who used to recruit out of the Ottawa region and Toronto region when they all played in the same conference ( Mcgill, Ottowa, Carleton, Queens ) as well ,another recruiting area.
Currently the AUS former recruiting areas no longer exist outside of the Atlantic region and Anglo schools in Quebec

  1. Ontario Players now stay in Ontario when the OUA began giving athletic scholarships.
  2. The French players from Quebec now go to one of the three Franco schools
  3. Older players who played 5 year of Junior from the west ( this was a big recruiting pipeline for SMU ). now with the 5-7 rule these players are going straight from HS or spend only one or two years of Junior then jumping to the CIS to get the full 5 years of CIS Eligibility.