what cfl team would u most likely be on??

if i had a choise to be on any cfl team would of course be the bombers and if that didnt work out i would say the stamps

wut team would u want to be on?and wut would be ur second choise

good question young fan.......since Im 40 and way too good lookin to play football.......it would have to be the pretty boys in TO...Argooosss

  1. Winnipeg
  2. Hamilton (but with old logo) or Toronto

and BB, don't be worried if you get picked by the Riders, don't feel bad, after all, Ryan is from Regina and he played for the BB, sure nobody in Saskatchewan blames him.

cant wait till i get my chance to burn all those old gezzers il be able to play against can wait!!!!!

go gettim fan......just dont call damon a geezer, he might whack you with his cane......