What CFL team should I follow

Hello I am from the U.S. and I am obsessed with football. I know the CFL usually starts around June and I'd love to watch football during the summer. I think the CFL is an up and coming league as well and I'd love to be a fan of a team. Which team should I be a fan of?

Tough question. I'm thinking that, without any tie to a particular city - the usual reason behind supporting a specific team - maybe the best way would be to look through each team's roster and pick one with one or more players who played college ball in your area. At least that way, you have a reason to cheer for the team from the beginning, especially if they're starters.

Player familiarity is usually the way I go about it when choosing a team in a new league.

However...Rob has a great chance here to follow a team from its infancy! Like...How do you pass that up?!! :smiley:

go for Ottawa.
you're new and so are they.
you would be jumping in right from the start.

The Riders, Duh!... :lol:

If I was new to the CFL , I would follow the new kid on the block - Ottawa RedBlacks - this is their 1st season in this League under this name

Glad to have you with us

Take a look at the history of the league and see which franchises catch your attention. There is stuff all over different sites as well as this one and YouTube !

Where are you? There are some natural links.

Or is there a key historical player who played in both leagues that you're interested in.

Or, as suggested, the new team on the block.

Or best of all.... the TiCats. (Had to say that.) :smiley:

Your time zone could also affect your decision. If you live on the east coast, you probably wouldn't want to follow BC - unless you don't mind staying up until the wee hours for all their home games. Even Calgary and Edmonton would be a bit of a pain in this case.

Good Point CatsFaninOttawa. BC is on Pacific time, Calgary and Edmonton on Mountain, Saskatchewan and Winnipeg on Central and Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal in the Eastern time zone.

Connorrob3, an interesting approach might be to research which city you would like to visit, so that a trip to see a game could be made into an enjoyable weekend/week stay. Every city has its charms, and many/most have summertime events/festivals that could be tied into a trip.

I live in Ottawa, but also have a fondness for and highly recommend Montreal.
Some will tell you that if you want to feel like you haven't left the US. go to Toronto (LOL).

Welcome Rob. Don't worry about the time zone nonsense. When you are a fan, you will watch the games.

Like you I am a football junkie and could not bear yet another long offseason that starts about now in the US despite the Super Bowl in about two weeks. At least we have the Olympic Hockey Tournament and the World Cup this year if you are into either of those too.

I live in the Eastern time zone, then in the Philadelphia area and now in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, and I picked my team in 2009 based on the offence at that time that was just plain fun to watch!

Edmonton's offence is due for a resurgence too.

Stick around on this forum and you'll get a good sense of what each team's fans are like too.

You should follow Hamilton, for many reasons.

First off, they are the oldest North American Professional Sports franchise. Don't believe that hoopla about the Argos, the Tiger-Cats started in 1869 and merged with other Hamilton based teams.

Second, geographically they are the team that is furthest south and is likely the closest team physically to you, given US population density dominating the East Coast and deep south. This also means if chance brings you north, you are more likely to catch a game, if not in Hamilton then potentially in Toronto.

Third, the team is a small market team and can use the support, far more then the other teams (and far far more then Saskatchewan).

Fourth, the team has just begun to become a contender, now is prime time for jumping on the band wagon, but still hasn't won the cup yet in a while.

but I think the most compelling reason is

Fifth, if you swear your allegiance to Hamilton right here, right now, I will walk down to the Ti-Cat store and have them ship you your choice of $10 worth of novelty crap found here http://store.ticats.ca/home.php?cat=120 because once in a while a fan has got to put his money where his mouth is. One time offer.

There are also other fan forums for some of the teams separate from this site that you may want to check out for activity levels, discussion, etc.

This is simply not true;
The CFL doesn't recognize the Ticats as the oldest, nor do they recognize the tabbies' claims to grey cup wins before 1950. Why? Because the tiger cats didn't exist before then.

If the Habs and leafs merged tomorrow and became the 'Canadian leaves', are they 36 time Stanley Cup winners and founded 100 years ago?...of course not!

If you DID accept mergers or moves as part of the tigercat's history, then you'd have to apply those rules to EVERY sports club, which would mean the tabbies or argos are not even in the discussion for oldest franchise.

The beauty of this small league is you don't have to follow one team, you can easily follow the entire league.

Defo follow Ottawa REDBLACKS, one of the league's oldest CFL cities, and will have best game day stadium experience in the league! :cowboy:

Having travelled all over the United States and Canada, let me attempt to provide you some US comparables for each CFL city for context. Not exact by any means, but this will give you some idea what each is like. In most cases, the Canadian cities are smaller versions.

British Columbia (Vancouver) - San Francisco
Calgary - Denver
Edmonton - Dallas
Regina - Omaha (except no CFL quarterback is likely to yell "Regina" 20,000x). Fans are rabid like Green Bay's
Winnipeg - Minneapolis
Hamilton - a mini version of Pittsburgh (steel town)
Toronto - many say New York, but I think it's more like Chicago (big city on the lake)
Montreal - it's unique for sure, but I say New Orleans meets Boston
Ottawa - Washington DC (nation's capital)

Who is?

Yes CFL fans are for usually league fans first and then fans by team.

What logo and nick name do you like most?

The Hamilton Tigers, one of the teams of which the Tiger-Cats merged from was founded in 1869 above George Lee's fruit store in Hamilton.

The if the Habs played out of Toronto for their entire history, and had histories that were pretty much linked at the hip throughout their entire exsistence, then yes.

Also given that the primary reason that the Hamilton Wildcats came to be was because they were an Air Force team and the players on the Tigers suspended operations to enlist and fight in World War 2 and the teams merged after the war and resumed and merged after the war gives the merger and much better context for the claim I would say.

However, if we aren't going to include the Ti-Cats, it would appear the Chicago Cubs beat out the Argos by three years, as they were founded in 1870. So you'd have to be happy with the Argos being North America's oldest Football franchise if that is the case.