What CFL team does everyone cheer for?

West Eskimos



Interesting that a CFL site has more responses to a favorite NFL team. Personally I rarely watch NFL, I personally do not like it as well as CFL.





green is the color

see what i mean?.. its all prairie teams… no BC and no East

I’d go with BC in the west
and Ottawa in the east


Riders of course

Renegades in the east

Oskee Wee Wee, Baby!

CFL: Hamilton
West (if I had to choose): Calgary

Go Stamps Go.
Go (Halifax) Whales Go.

west is the riders :mrgreen: east is the argos :smiley:

west is the riders :mrgreen: east is the argos :smiley:


Neutral - As an old Rough Riders Fan (Holloway, Clements, Gabriel, Jackson et al) I just can’t bring myself to cheer for the Renegades.

I’m hoping that Halifax is taking the first step to getting a franchise. If/when that happens, I’ll become a fan of a specific team again. For now, I’m a fan of the CFL.

NOT whalers. Halifax Whales.


Hey KK, I know that you like the Schooners name, but it’s dead. It was a name of a team that never materialized, a name of past failure. It’s the same reason they named the Ottawa team the Renegades instead of the Rough Riders again. :roll:

How about the Atalntic Privateers ? 8)

As for me, my name says it all. Grew up in Winnipeg, so I’ve always been a Bombers fan.