What CFL stadiums have you watched a live game at?

That took some time, I bet!

a fellow wet coaster! cheers :grin:

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no so wet anymore these days.

oh the monsoon season is coming

promises promises :slight_smile:

actually we get far less rain here on the island than over on mainland so i don’t complain.

I do, I want more rain. My lawn which was brand new last yr, is mostly dead now from stupid water restrictions. The city of Vancouver wants to invite/enable an increase of a couple of hundred thousand people, not to mention growth in the rest of lower mainland. Cant help but wonder where they going to get water for all these extra people, specially with our weather getting hotter and dryer, at least over summer.

Water rationing was a foreign concept when I was growing up here.

Rain rain, gimme lots of rain. I beg, I beg, I beg

oh yea used to be way wetter. i sort of expect the cycle to change again and get a bit wetter in coming years, despite global warming. the problem is the overall average temperature has risen over the last decade so summers are getting hotter and drier.

also even when the highs go up and down, the lows are almost always 2-4 degrees higher. Makes a big difference

yes exactly

Molson & old Skydome. Everytime I come to Canada I try to attend a game :slight_smile:

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Only problem with no mosaic is there are no bars, hotels , stores, nothing around it. Calgary’s set up is sweet. Everything is right there, and a grocery store nearby to. You can walk in from your hotel, can’t get much better than that, upgrade the stadium a bit maybe but great set up.

Overpopulation is a global problem, not just in Vancouver. Nature gives us stuff like covid to control it, but we've gotten too good at treating things, so we don’t see plague-like numbers from disease. That's good, but the bad side is that we run out of food and people starve instead.

Sorry, I'll turn off my DebbieDowner mode now.

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Yes, a BC boy from day 1, got the webs between my toes to prove it, but hey, it keeps us green & beautiful, & you don't have to shovel rain. I feel naked without mountains around me. Apart from short spells in Van & Duncan most of my life has been lived in the eastern Fraser Valley. Unfortunately a Lions game involves a LOT more driving than football from here, & the eyeballs don't like night driving anymore, so live games don't happen for me.

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I learned this year that replacement population is going down in many parts of the world .

It does seem weird though in the third world and over all it appears an issue of over population and I thought that's the way it is for the world .


That is not happening in the first world it looks like population in terms of having kids is actually going down .

At the global level, population decline is driven by low and falling fertility levels . In 2019, more than 40 per cent of the world population lived in countries that were at or below the replacement rate of 2.1 children per woman; in 2021, this share climbed to 60 per cent.

Olympic Stadium

This debate should be split off into its own thread

But "control"??? How do you figure that?
We have added a billion people in past decade and covid is barely a drop in the bucket (even here in Canada most people die from things like cardiovascular issues)

This is what I'm saying... maladies that once would have controlled the population no longer do so.

And yes, this probably shouldn't be in this topic.

Apologies to all