What CFL stadiums have you watched a live game at?

like the title states - who’s been where?

i’ll start:

BC place
Empire field
Taylor field
McMahon stadium
Mosaic stadium
IG field
Skydome (rogers centre)
Percival molson
Olympic stadium
Commonwealth stadium


BC place
WPG stadium

EDIT: Forgot that I was taken to Empire Stadium as a kid a couple of times. Had no clue what was actually happening.

Sky dome Bmo Ivor wynn The donut box

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i’m old and i used travel across canada for work with a company that gave us tickets :grin:

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Have only watched games in the most western cities, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. Had season tickets when I lived in Calgary, so watched the most games there.

Empire stadium
Empire field
BC Place
McMahon stadium

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skydome had to be the worst ever. eff that place lol.

olympic stadium sucked but i was young then

empire field was so fun.

i’d say Mosaic is the nicest CFL stadium i’ve been to.

nothing beat the atmosphere at IG

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IG Field. Loved the entire experience, including getting to go onto the field after the game.
Tim Horton’s Field. Amazing community-based experience. Nothing like a stadium in a neighborhood.

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my only memories of Mcmahon are cold cold and freezing. oh yea snow and shoeless flutie and jäegermeister lol

omg i forgot commonwealth stadium… need to edit

heh i also saw David Bowie at commonwealth in ‘83

Ivor Wynne
BC Place
Tim Hortons Field

In Geographical order east to west
Olympic Stadium*
TD Place*
Ivor Wynne

  • Was on the field

this is effin’ awesome. :+1:t3:

BMO. Tim Horton's Field and the Skydome(for the Bills in Toronto Series)

i wanna got to IG field again one day. such an amazing in game experience and the fans were so rad.

Just Clarke Stadium, Commonwealth and BC Place.

Clarke held great memories. Squeezing in a "seat" on the bleachers with one of my siblings. When I was young the Team wasn't great. Went to the last game and in today's world they would have shut it down but it was raining so hard you couldn't see Commonwealth next door - nobody left though.

Then the move to Commonwealth - and sold out crowds back then. Plus that was the '77 - the staple's Grey Cup in Montreal.

BC place was fun. Great fans, had a really fun time. The guys we sat with even saved us seats on the ferry after the game.

Can't do games any more because of anxiety stuff and crowds....it really sucks....


Empire, BC Place (old and new roof), Tempire (EVERY game held there)
Taylor Field, New Taylor Field
Winnipeg Stadium, New Winnipeg Stadium
Ivor Wynne
SkyDome, TFC's Stadium
New Lansdowne
McGill, Stade Olympique

15 total

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I played a touch football league game in WPG stadium. It was interesting. Totally different feel.

BC place, Exhibition Stadium, Ivor Wynne, Tim Hortons Field, BMO, Sky Dome