What CFL Stadiums have you been to?

Thought it might be fun to see who has been where. I'm in the States, so my tally is meager so far:

  1. Hornet Stadium, Sacramento
  2. Empire Field, Vancouver

McMahon in Calgary, Commonwealth in Edmonton and BC Place in Vancouver (before the renos).

BC Place; Commonwealth in Edmonton; McMahon in Calgary; Mosaic in Regina; Ivor Wynne in Hamilton, Skydump in Toronto, both Molson and Olympic in Montreal. Only one we're missing so far is Winnipeg, and we'll be there for the season opener this year.

Show off!! :wink:

Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg, McMahon Stadium in Calgary, BC Place and old Empire Stadium in Vancouver, Exhibition Stadium in Toronto. I've been to Skydome and Olympic Stadium but not for football.

Been to all except Ivor Wynne.

Favorite ( or best time)-actually I loved the temporary stadium in Vancouver. Like being at a carnival or fair ground with great food stands ringing it. Horse race track just outside, midway creating a buzz. Beautiful view....sounds of the city. I just loved it. Low tech worked well for me those two years.

Least Favorite: McMahon Stadium in Calgary: Went twice and just surrounded by drunken hoolies. Awful.

McMahon Stadium; way back in 19 sixties - Old Empire Stadium; late sixties thru the 19 seventies - 1977 at Taylor Field - B.C. Place - Commonwealth Stadium.

i've been to all that were around last season including both of Montreal's minus Moncton. Also BC's temporary Empire, Frank Claire. I also had the opportunity to be at all 7 of the US stadiums.

I intend to see games in Moncton and Guelph this season. If at all possible Winnipeg's new digs as well, though I have no plans as of yet.

I've also been fortunate enough to knock off a pile of NFL stadiums, and a few dozen college. I have a hard time picking out my favorite, simply because I have been lucky enough to be at several.

In a given year I will attend 20+ or so games from given leagues.

BC Place
Tempire Stadium
Commonwealth Stadium
McMahon Stadium
Taylor Field
Winnipeg Stadium
Frank Clair Stadium
Ivor Wynne Stadium
Molson Stadium
Olympic Stadium

Former Stadium sites visited

Clarke Stadium site
Mewatta Stadium site
Varsity Stadium
AAA grounds Hamilton
Autostade site Montreal
Rosedale Field Toronto

Potential CFL Stadiums in the US

Orange Bowl Miami
Yankee Stadium-New York
PG&E Park Portland
Tiger Stadium-Detroit

Havent been posting for a while, its great to be back.

Visited the following stadiums
Toronto - Old Ex Stadium Skydome/Rogers
Montreal- Olympic stadium and Molson (Great atmosphere!)
Hamilton- Ivor wynne- great site lines, best fries!
BC- Old Empire stadium
Calgary-McMahon- watched Flutie!
Baltimore- Memorial Stadium-twice- first and second season- was there when former colts players appeared including Johnny U
Las Vegas- Sam Boyd Stadium what a crazy experience- its was so hot they hosed us down - honest!

Been to a handfull of games in old BC place during mid-nineties (very hot and humid in the summer), a few at Commonwealth Stadium (early nineties), and had season tickets in Calgary ('92-'93). Also been to a couple of GCs ('93 and '00) as well as a number of regular season games at MacMahon Stadium between then and now.

Ivor Wynne Stadium
Exhibition Stadium
Skydome (I refuse to call it the Rogers Centre)

Ivor Wynne Stadium, Exhibition Stadium, Skydome, Olympic Stadium.

A shame Exhibition Stadium was demolished as it was a great place to watch football and had quite a lively atmosphere.
The TiCats/Argo fests there were deafening and jam packed with approx. 50,000 fans for these games back then.

unfortunately have not had the opportunity to visit Western venues (as of yet)

Molson Stadium

IGF this summer
Lansdown next summer

Empire Field (Tempire) - My first live football game, Sept 2011. Lions vs Argos.
BC Place (Post-renovation) - First game there CFL West Final 2011. Got season tickets in 2012 and again this season.
Skydome - May 1995. My first and only visit to Toronto to date. Saw the Jays vs Indians. The Indians won but as a 10 year old Cape Breton boy getting to see Joe Carter, Robbie Alomar, and the other Blue Jays greats play was a dream come true back then. I'm in no rush to see a football game in Toronto though, I don't even like watching games on TSN from the Skydome. Argos gotta get into BMO field.

not much for me

empire stadium
bc place
wpg stadium

For me ...

Ivor Wynne
Frank Clair @ Lansdowne
Percival Molson Field
Olympic Stadium
Winnipeg Stadium
BC Place
Legion Field Birmingham (College game)
Liberty Bowl Memphis (College game)

BC Place, Exhibition Stadium(Toronto)RIP, Sky Dome, Ivor Wynn/RIP

Taylor Field (many times but not since Labour Day 2006)

Empire Stadium (4 times)
BC Place (many many many times)
Empire Field (every game held there incl pre season)

Molson Stadium (2004 season opener)

Commonwealth (July 2006 - the 100 yd Stegall TD game, also 2010 GC)
McMahon (July 2006 - the Joe Smith game, also 2010 WF -17°)
Winnipeg Stadium (Banjo Bowl 2006)

Stade Olympique (2008 GC)

SkyDome (2 games in 2012)
Ivor Wynn (1 game in 2012)

SkyDome gets a bad rap, I like it. Ivor Wynn is/was a zoo, but the experience was cool.

Boo to the Big O and Ivor Wynn, the only 2 parks that wouldn't let me take the banjo in. Most places I just walk right in with a smile.

Commonwealth is the best stadium. McMahon is the least comfortable to sit in and has an appalling concourse, far worse than any other.

  1. Skydome
  2. Ivor Wynne Stadium
  3. Percival Molson Stadium
  4. Olympic Stadium
  5. Frank Clair Stadium
  6. BC Place

Frank Clair/Lansdowne - Ottawa, Olympic Stadium - Montreal, SkyDome - Toronto, University de Moncton - Moncton!