What CFL player will be the next to play in the NFL?

I believe a team will take a chance with Casey Printers.

I wouldn’t be suprised to see that Lewis guy from Calgary be the next to hit it big. Casey won’t see the NFL if he doesn’t play.

Printers will try a jump this season or in the off season.

Should have been Ray…So many teams in the NFL need a guy like him… I just shack my head. Vinny has more lives then a cat and if your name is Manning in it or even souds like it then they will play you.
Printers might be the next.
Ray would have been star there too, their lose I guess.

Casey can’t try to jump this season… he is under contract. He could try in the offseason… but he has said publicly on more than a couple occasions that he wants to play in the CFL for 3 or 4 years before he tries to head south. I think he’ll probably move to another CFL team first before going to the NFL

That’s Smart, But No Surprises There, He’s Got Dickenson As His Mentor. I Acually Wouldn’t Be Surprised If The Lions Were Keeping Him As A Backup So That He’s Won’t Get The Film To Show nFL Teams Untill A Few Seasons In.

Haha that’d be funny if Damon Allen went into the NFL.Hes probably too old though.
I think that Ricky Ray’s gonna go back to the NFL and then come back again, and possibly Jeremaine Copeland or Ben Cahoon might.

I believe that Ricky Ray in a few years will be able to make the jump. I noticed that he has an unorthodox delivery, and in the NFL delivery is everything, except when your a Mike Vick.

What about Sara the renegades cheerleader

Casey Printer will jump(or try to) in the NFL next year. I’m sure he would have try this years if the rules had allowed it. And who can blame him for it ?



While one of these two may not be next, they are almost certainly going to head south…Jon Ryan, Punter with the Blue Bombers and Jason Clermont of the Lions. Coincidently, they are both former U of R Rams team mates.

Copeland tried a few years ago and got cut. He was the top reciever in the XFL. I dont think Cahoon will go to the NFL