What CFL fans can be excited for w/ MLF partnership - growth that all CFL fans have wanted

I have done extensive research on the XFL and their properties including media, fan support, social media, and media partnership.

To a massive surprise the following is quite decent. There are extensive properties being created by XFL fans such as online fan forums, fan casts, daily/weekly media programs. Its quite impressive they have such a strong following for a league that has been on/off for 2 decades.

The demographics are very good as there are young/old fans located from all over the U.S.A

And all of them are excited for the partnership with the CFL as they see it being sort of their dream of being affiliated with a strong historic league.

I really see a growth for the CFL fans and XFL fans in a way that could be totally unique and ending up being a creation of another major professional north american sporting league.

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Here is 1 well done show.

Keep the good word flowing as we wrap our heads on the foreseen new venture being baked into a cake for April right now. Thank you.

So young and old fans from all over the USA are excited about partnership with the CFL?!? And this is there dream of being affiliated with a "strong historical league"!!
WTF have you been smoking?? :rofl:
Americans don't give a sh*t about the CFL or any other non-American league. :roll_eyes:


If you paid attention to what many southern football fans have been saying. Including the XFL message board/football shows, which I have included 1 above, you would see you are totally wrong.

I would think the CFL fan base could sky rocket with this merger for so many reasons.

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I agree that XFL fans are rabid. We're having a "tailgate" April 24th for the BattleHawks. Let's get this partnership going already.

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A day early for April Fool's.

Love to be able to place some bets with anybody who thinks a CFL sell-out to become American football XCFL would mean increased attendance in CFL stadiums or bigger TV #s up here.


Thanks for reminding me. This means tomorrow I can ignore most posts perhaps?

@Sully @RedandWhite you see this? You have enough work on your plates here lately like all of 2020.

I propose an April Fool's moratorium on COVID news here on 1 April.

Of course it's already been addressed many times when folks spread incorrect COVID or medical information, without any qualification if it is in fact a mere opinion, or give specific medical advice on here (who are not physicians let alone if they are, they do not know the patient specifically).

As for the XFL news, well I'm not buying what is going to be sold tomorrow.

Friday 2 April is also the 2-year anniversary of the abject failure of the AAF, which I predicted correctly right on here for that very day.

I knew they would not declare its failure, in a better economy with no pandemic to blame like the XFL 2.0, on 1 April for this same reason.

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Posting here too for two reasons 1) It's April Fools so it's best to debunk where appropriate and 2) For those who might miss other related click-bait on the other page by that same first-time commenter who likely is a repeat offender @sully @RedandWhite

Well indeed April Fools came a day early. And well I have some information, some of which some here might have seen already, on two fronts on this matter that transcends April Fools.

MLF is an acronym used by Major League Fishing. Indeed it is and has been a real thing: https://majorleaguefishing.com/

However, and here it is new apparently though an unsecured site as means it is likely a nothing-burger and merely a domain squatter or somebody involved with Red Bird Capital who is contributing the name to any such venture, there is site for Major League Football:

Anybody who has a business with a website, as do I three, knows that unsecured site is amateur hour.

They use the same acronym, and this "MLF" has 32 markets laid out on the site in only the US, and many of the cities on it read like not only no but hell no for a first football team never mind a second one for some.

The rest of the site contains a lot of "Coming Soon" for sake of "news." Hmmm :roll_eyes:


You are so so very wrong. XFL fans are elated and actually most have expressed nothing but joy, nothing negative and many have said they would gladly embrace CFL rules if it meant getting a full season in.

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Yup, it was Registered On 2019-06-18 and actually expires this year by someone from Florida.

So twenty some XFL fans are good with this wonderful idea, and the CFL should sell-out Canadian football for this supposed "growth" ?

Maybe if the CFL bigwigs had some guts and took a stand and issued a statement / declaration on the "discussion" with the XFL, to clarify some important issues, then some CFL fans might take the whole subject more seriously. Start with: we will not stand for one single rule change to make our game more American AND we will not stand for Canadian football talent to be further reduced on CFL rosters (like has happened with previous CFL roster rule changes).

Once those 2 key issues have been clarified, I'd love to hear of some good resource sharing or new revenue stream ideas between the CFL ... and any other sport/football league.


We play the Canadian game. Why try to be like the NFL and 4 down ball.? Start a new thing world wide. Go after the NFL , now follow it around looking for crumbs. Gotta be different. Maybe the younger Gen may want their own new football style to follow.

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What selling out? Seriously? The ratio is also not lost on XFL fans either and why it's important. Mullin did a good job of explaining it to them and they got it.

Why the doom and gloom? The CFL has a lot to gain and as long as it structures the initial seasons right very little needs to change until we trust it.

I suspect folks might like the split rule format and want to keep it as a permanent fixture even if the leagues fully merge.

You should spend some more time on XFL forums, your concerns would be eleaviated rather quickly. The level of respect for CFL is huge and none would want the CFL to just roll over and play fetch.

Because of these talks most XFL fans are picking a CFL team to root for, they are ordering merch, only thing negative being said about the CFL is the expense of shipping the merch they just bought from Canada. Hell ESPN 3 is probably gonna have the highest ratings for CFL in America ever.

The thing that folks don't seem to get about your average XFL is they are first and foremost are alternative grid iron fans. They don't want to be NFL lite, defeats the point, they don't want to join with the CFL to only make you NFL lite. They want an alternative to The NFL which has alienated many.

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XFL probably has 1 million potential fans outside markets and about 5-6 million within markets.

If you get rid of the bush league antics and minor league appeal and work with the CFL to compete to keep CFL style talent in Canada.

Then you have another major sporting league in north america.