What caused Americans to take interest in the CFL???

Just want to address this topic because i believe that the CFL is gaining support south of the border i.e more televised games. You cannot underestimate the impact television has. I really didn't know much about the CFL, but got the hang of it after watching a couple of exciting games last year. Another factor that made me attracted to the CFL is the different rules, it gives the league character and shows it not a cheap NFL knockoff. I believe part increasing interest of it is due to the NHL strike and being stuck watching boring baseball and basketball. The CFL gives us in the US a chance to get our football blood brewing, it sure beats watching a boring/meaningless baseball game. With talk of expansion I believe that the CFL will continue to grow in fans and support, even down in the States. No I'am not talking about expansion south of the border, that already happened and didn't work. It could've if you put it on the border states.

p.s. Heading up north for my first CFL game. Montreal vs. Edmonton next week. Should be a great game.

Please add your thoughts and opinions.

You sound like a good fan and I for one am very glad to have you as one. Keep watching the best lsports league in North America. You won’t be disapointed.

You picked a great game to watch for your first one. You should have a great time. You'll probably end up liking CFL more than NFL. I had previous rants on this forum about NFL. It's hard to watch on tv beause there are way too many commercials and the end of a game is dragged out with too many timeouts and in CFL a lot more can happen in the last 3 minutes.

..........glad to have you aboard Pete..........and you picked a hell of a game to lose yer CFL-virginity on...........two excellent teams (omigod, did I just compliment the eskimos!?!?).........

Nice Pete. I like both the CFL and NFL, football with either rules is great. And much better than baseball and basketball as you say.

I wonder, do you mind if I cut and paste your comments to another forum?

One of my friend from NYC (who's 50+) used to follow the CFL because some of his favorite college players went north to play into the CFL. That might be a (minor) factor. He say he liked it a lot, but lost interest because of the low coverage.

Go right ahead.

Thats a great point, and i should have added that to my orignal post. I like to folllow the Boston College guys (Paul Peterson, Marc Parenteau, TJ Stancil, George White, Sandro Sciortino(retired)). I like to watch the ex-nflers too. I wish we could get all the games it depends upon where you live. I at least get a few games on NESN TV. In the states we get Canada Radio TV Channel out of Montreal its in french, but for more CFL i will learn French. They broadcast the Habs games, hopefully they will start showing the AL’s.

I am not sure but i think there's an english radio channel who broadcast the Als game over internet. 3rd&10 could answer that better than me though... I dont bother as they are all on TV.

Yeah i listen to the games on CJAD 800 which is in English. You guys are lucky you get to watch them.

CFL is a much better league (no city has two teams, names are not ofensive, almost, choch! EDMONTON!) and a much better sport than the NFL. Better rules, Better Balance, CFL is just better.

Do you want to know why I picked the BB's as my favoite team?

no. everyone knows you have told us 50 times :wink:

Yeah, I know, I'm sick of telling everyone again and again too.

Just go and see "Rank the Teams! 2"

Billy...Just don't ask his opinion on expansion either! :wink:

Gretings from a fellow american who LOVES the CFL!

Many americans have loved the CFL for many years, but they follow it because of their own initiative and perseverance.

I myself cancelled my Cable to purchase DIERCTV because I knew they carried CFL games.

But......people have to know and learn about the game before they make a judgement, and living in the US where the media doesn't give the time of day to anything that's not "american" it makes it very hard to learn about sports from around the world.

Welcome, and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the BEST and OLDEST form of Football in North America. :wink:

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Bob–A Stamps fan from Kamloops

Most Americans I talk to seem to think of the CFL as kind of a "bizzarro-world" football league. The thing they are interested in the most are the different rules, and after I describe some of the major differences, they want to see a game played. It's pretty neat, actually.

Also, it was pretty cool seeing Doug Flutie a few years ago defending the CFL in a TV interview when he played for Buffalo. He basically said the talent in the league is very underrated and Canada has a great professional sports league.

Nice to see our American neighbour's enjoying the CFL as much as George and Peter do! Good choice, guys. Too bad more Canadians don't realize how much the CFL is. On this theme, I thought I'd toss out a quick trivia question for everybody: Which character on which popular American television show of the 90's would only watch CFL football?

When the Browns left Cleveland to go to Baltimore, the cable stations played a lot of CFL games during that time. My friend Tom and I got hooked!

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