What Can't He Do? (Nick Setta Thread)

Seriously, what can't Nick Setta do?

6 field goals, one of them a 52 yarder. Kept us in the game for 3 quarters. Not to mention his run on the fake punt! Great try! It fell a little short but whatever, he had to break a tackle to get to where he got.

i agree

if it werent for him we would have been shutout in 3 games this season

Why the hell do we risk injurying are only scoring player when the game is out of reach ?? At this rate Setta will draw lots of interest from NFL teams after he kicks another 75 FGs

get a 1st down on 3rd and long
He had good game
Should We have depend on the kicker..all the Time

Setta's been great this year, no doubt about it. I liked the fake punt where he ran, on a 3rd and 10+ I thought it was a tricky play that might have caught the defence off guard. So he came up a little short, it certainly wasn't for a lack of effort.

One problem tonight though, his punting seemed a little off. They seemed to be a lot shorter tonight then in games past.

If he keeps kicking field goals like he has I could deal with a few short punts. He's probably trying to work on keeping them a bit lower to avoid the no-yards penalties. Mark my words... by the end of the year he'll be a force at everything.

I love Nick Setta and what he did place kicking and what he has done so far this year, but you have to admit, he didn't have a great game punting tonight.

I am just saying ...

He is still one of the best in the league.

  • paul

What can't he do?

Tonight: Punt or execute a fake punt.

Either way, he is totally awesome and he might even win Special Teams player of the week.