What can we truly expect this season?

With most notable free agents signed and with the draft upcoming, what can you truly expect come July 1st?

The Cats have done okay in free agency.

The draft really doesn't interest me because the players won't make immediate impacts.

I have 2 concerns, d-line and depth as a whole. The team we have now is an 8-10 win team. But would it really shock you if we were a 3-5 win team.

I honestly am scared going into the season. If we stumble out of the gate again, it's going to be a long season.

I don't want to get the most sought after last NFL cut that we have got the past 2 years.

I want to be competitive but I see us battling with Wpg and Tor for 2,3 and 4 in the east.

i see us battling for 1,2,3,4 with toronto, winnipeg and montreal this season

Toronto and Winnipeg maybe,but the Cats aren't in the same league as the Als...sorry. I would guess there will be a crossover again , so #3 might not be good enough..

By the end of the season, the Cats will be very close to the old and slow Als!

you are joking...right?

lets see.....14 eastern allstars last year for the als..
ticats ....3

didnt you guys say the same things last year?...u did and this is what happened.

old and slow AC......5600 yds MOP
old and slow Cahoon ...1227 yd and finalist for MOC
old and slow chiu and lambert....both allstars.

I love the Cats too but lets get real here...at this point the Als and the Stamps are the class of the league. I see the Cats getting better and even contending for a playoff spot cause the Bombers and Argos look pretty bad, but look at the tapes of last years Als Cats games...three blowouts and a fluke win because Prechae beat a DB with a sprained ankle (Estelle) all day......The Als have gotten better, the Cats have too but do you really think they can win 10 games?

Obviously, we all expect you to jump to the defense of your beloved Alouettes, but all it takes is one injury to your immobile 38 year old quarterback and the division is up for grabs. There is going to come a time when you can't rely on the quick release of A.C. and the 5 yard button hooks of Ben Cahoon.

Look at how quickly the ____s aged and fell from grace last year. Are you that naive to think that it couldn't happen to the Alouettes?

Really, this year and going forward will be the real test of Marc Trestman's coaching merits. Teams have had all off-season to study tape, he is a known entity now, and has to prove he can repeat his surprise success from last year.

Personally, I would say the Stamps are the class of the league at this point, but if last year has taught me anything, it's that anything can happen in any given year with free agency and coach and player turnover.

We are all 0 - 0 at this point. And I can't wait for June to find out!

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that is the nature of sports....one injury and the course of a season can change. So I guess thats why they play a season....

THe Cats are also "beloved" to me, but anyone who thinks that they are close to contending is going to get their heart broken this year. A seconD place finish in a coference with the A...s and the Bombers isn;t out of the question...so lets set our sights at something a bit more attainable.


Have you only been following the CFL for 1-2 years? There are many many times in recent history where many of the CFL teams have really turned it around in 1 season. The blue team was 4-14 in 95 and then went 15-3 in 96 along with a Grey Cup. Hamilton went 1-17 in 03 then went 9-8-1 in 04 and in 91 they were 3-15 but managed to pull out an 11-7 record in 92. These are just a couple of the many examples of teams turning things a total 180 in 1 season. Anyone who doesn't understand this does not understand the CFL at all.

Expecting us not to hope for the best is blasphemy!

Argo's and bombers I can see us beating no problem, Edmonton we can probably handle or at least come close, BC isn't the same team it was since they lost Cameron Wake and Jason clermont, etc. Our only real worries are Calgary and Montreal other than that there's not a team we couldn't win against this year.

Here's my favourite.

1997 they went 2-16, worst record ever at that time
1998 they went 12-5-1 with a Grey Cup appearance.

i agree. but lets not forget about your very talented QB. the QB that is 37 years old. at 37, Calvillo could be one hit away from a season (maybe career) ending injury.

actually Ive been following the CFL for 40 yrs. Attend 20-25 CFL Games a year...in Hamilton, TO, Montreal

Of course you are right, but I am talking in generalities here....usually teams get better a little more gradually. What I am saying is that in MY OPINION, the cats have not improved themselves sufficiently to realistically hope to contend. IF.......Porter can show that he can live up to the promise that he showed last year, if Obie can get some more guys to throw to, if the orff season additions of Guillory,etc work out, alot of ifs...the Cats will be better, but lets be honest here do the Cats look like a 12 win team to you?

Of course...the same could be said for any player...ricky Ray, Porter...anybody...the good teams deal with it.

know what you can expect this season? ull never know because the CFL is unpredictable. Everyone all year long was like "It's going to be BC and sask. in the west final and BC will win because of Cam Wake and the Bombers will just to the Als in the east Final and BC will win the grey cup." Nope wrong. People also thought the argos would have at least 8 wins. XXX wrong. You never know what to expect so let's just wait and hope for the best.

i think hamilton can win 10 games this year. last year we lost alot of games by a touchdown or less, i feel we are already a stronger team with the moves we've made, Greg Marshall as our D cordinator was a big move!

That my friends is the beauty of the Canadian game....

I love you Cats fans for your enthusiasm and your belief in your team. That can’t be easy considering how things have gone in Steeltown the past few years. That being said, if you think your team is going to be challenging for first place in the east, your expectations are somewhat unrealistic IMO.

For the past five years, we’ve heard positive things about how the Cats will rebound, and every year the season turns out to be a miserable disaster. At this point, it’s put up or shut up. I’m not interested in spin or optimism. These Tiger-Cats are going to have to fight for respect. Nobody has any reason to believe this season will be better than the last, nor should they. It’s up to the team itself to get on the field and let their play do the talking.

Ti-cats are going to win 3 games, thats about it! You read it here first folks!

if the boys play hard enough and smart enough, and they put in a good system for all 3 phases, there's no reason not to think the ti-cats can't pull out at least 7 wins this year. The last few years haven't been the greatest, but last year the team was on the losing end of a few that could have went either way. This year I hope the cats can play hard and earn that little extra bounce there way. I love the tiger cats!!!!(unless they're playing the rider) IMO unlike years passed I think obie has got this ship pointed in the direction he wants and the cats are ready to set sail. I'm predicting playoffs, 3rd place, and if they get a few bounces here or there and do good against the peg and evil blue, maybe even second place. Riders vs Cats in the grey cup!

CK didn't say that... I did..

Why would you put it as a quote from him??