what can we expect

we are 4 guys coming down july 18 for our first every cfl game. we are sitting in the bet365 tent and have no idea what to expect at a ticats game. any advice from die hard fans? we like sports and cold beer and a good time. we are spending the night and not too sure what happens before or after the game. so give us some tips and tell us what we can do to make sure we have a good time.
what time can we get into the game, and where do we head after? we hear all this stuff about hess village but we arent sure what thats all about.
hope to hear back from some people

Hi Scottb7272:

As you are probably already aware, the Ticat game against the Argos on Canada Day starts at 7:00 p.m. Here are a couple of options for you and your friends before and after the game.

Before The Game

If you and your friends get to Ivor Wynne Stadium a few hours before the game, you can either check out the tailgating at Scott Park (a small park across the street from the stadium) and/or spend an hour at "Its Your Festival" on Canada Day at Gage Park (a huge park at the corner of Gage Avenue and Main Street, a five minute walk southeast from the stadium).

Here is a link to the Its Your Festival website:


After The Game

The evening entertainment at Its Your Festival might still be going after the game ends. Unfortunately, there isn't much in the way of restaurants or bars located near the stadium. Hess Village is located in downtown Hamilton, about a 15 minute drive west from the stadium when there is minimal traffic (add five to ten minutes if you drive there after the game). There are numerous restaurants and bars to choose from, most of which are located on Hess Street between King Street and Main Street.

Here is a photo of Hess Village:


Hope this is of some help to you.

If you're sticking around for Thursday, check out It's Your Festival, one of my wife's favourite performers David Usher will be there and so will we I presume. I think Thornley is playing also but not until the weekend.


(oh, and he said July 18th, so suggesting It's Your Festival doesn't really work)


Sorry for misreading your original post, Scottb7272. Tailgating at Scott Park or whatever pre-game activities are happening inside the stadium will be your only pre-game options in the vicinity of Ivor Wynne Stadium on July 18th.

The new stadium near the harbourfront, if this should happen, will be much closer to downtown, you'll be able to eat and drink and about a 15 minute walk, well from James St. North at least I think, you'll be at the stadium. Hess might be more of a 20-25 minute walk.

he's coming down this year Earl, not in 2056....LOL!

As far as what to expect, it really depends on what you are looking for.

There are plenty of things going on in the stadium before the game. There are usually bands playing music and concessions open. I believe the gates open up an hour and a half before the game starts. If you want to "warm up" before that, you can park at Scott Park and tailgate, or there are a couple of small bars located East of the stadium.

During the game, if you are sitting in one of the tents in the endzone, it's OK, but the sight lines are not the greatest from the end zone on the ground. The verdict is still out on food and drink in the bet365, as this is something new. To truly experience the play, I would suggest you take a walk around the stadium. If you find an area that is not very full (and these days there are usually quite a few, particularly when we play Winnipeg), you can probably settle in for a bit and watch part of the game from a little better vantage point. The attendants won't bother you unless you move into someone else's assigned seat. My suggestion is the top of Box H.

As far as after the game goes, if you want to go to any of the bars in Hamilton like those in Hess Village, you will have to drive (or possibly cab/bus) to the downtown area which is quite a way West of the stadium.

Have fun and enjoy the game.


Yeh, yeh Glove, man, you're sounding like my wife who tells me I ramble on about nothing related to what she was asking me in the first place. Ok, so I don't listen too well at times and go off on tangents, what can you do. :wink: