What can we expect this weekend?

Which Ticat team will show up in Saskatchewan? The team that after being pummeled in BC but came out great guns against Montreal? Or last weeks team?

You can Expect to get Destroyed buy us, because Wes Cates will be back.

ya just like you destroyed Calgary last week HA HA

I think the Cats will beat you maybe not destroy but will beat you. and Wes Cates big deal!!!!!!!!!!

I expect an entertaining football game, with the Porter/Rodriguez connection lighting up the stadium.

Go Ticats!

No chance for the TiCats. Riders will light it up, then their fans will throw beer cans at the TiCats bench (they seem to enjoy doing that!)

Saskatchewan’s in a funk right now. After starting off the season 6-0 they’ve fallen on hard times. They’re currently 9-6 and they could easily end up 4th in the West. Edmonton currently resides there, but they are 9-7 and they play Sask next week. If Sask loses to Edmonton, they’d lose the season series, so the Riders really need to step it up and make sure they get a win this weekend. Having said that, I already predicted we’d win this game in Regina. We played the Riders tough the first time, and we lost on that weird ending with the ball going out of the endzone at Ivor Wynne.

So I’m expecting a Ticat win tomorrow.

Another loss but I am hoping it will be Respectable
Not like last week.

Bigger and better things are yet to come.

Wins don't matter, now, but 100% effort
is expected from every player out there.

A big focus should be on our Canadian backups
for this, and the next two games of the season.

They need playing time to impress Obie and the coaches
who need to determine what their biggest draft needs are.

I expect to see our Canadian O-linemen
play up to their best standards again.

I expect to see our Canadian backup Offensive linemen,
Jordan Rempel and J.P. Bekasiak get more playing time.

[I expect to see former Regina Ram, Chris Bauman
light it up and far outshine his former team-mate,

and pal, Chris Getzlaf of the Green Riders on Sunday.]

Season long imports, Willie Cohen and Ernest Jackson
need more playing time to be better assessed, too.

I want to see FB Rob Pavlovic get lots playing time.

I want to see Pat Woodcock and Chad Rempel
get a lot more passes thrown to them.

I want to see Mc Kay Loescher and Kasharma
get some sacks from their Defensive End spots.

I want to see import Sasha Lancaster get playing time
at DE, or as an interior DL. He looks like a beast.

I want to see playing time for all 3 Canadian backup LBs.

In truth, if the Cats can't make the playoffs, I tend to cheer for the Riders, so I can sort of live with the Riders winning tomorrow. But lets hope our club remembers a concept of "Pride" and keeps it close. Lets have upset wins against Calgary and Winnipeg, and finish tied or better with Toronto, and out of the basement.

Don't know and don't care. To a nice a of a day to stay in and watch this game. It won't be pretty and most likely be over in the 1st quarter.