What can we expect from the Cats "D" in 2016?

The Tiger-Cats kick off a new season for 2016 Thursday night at BMO field in Toronto against our GTHA rivals the Argos what do fans think of the new look Tiger-Cat defence and compared to last season?

In 2015 we were tied for the lead in interceptions and had the lead in defensive TD's scored, good in pass rushing but not so good in QB sacks.

Will the 2016 season be different with the addition of Chick and resigning of Ted Laurant and both new and past players from last season?

Can the 2016 Tiger-Cats secondary and defence lead the league again in interceptions and great coverage?

Can our D-Line and LB's rush and get the QB sacks this season?

All the best to the Tiger-Cats in this 2016 season, it all starts Thursday night.


The D looks good. I think our line is going to be at least good last year. I'm a tad concerned about the secondary, but I think it'll shake out.

I noticed that Norwood is on the 6 game over in Riderville. Great player but is proving to be a bit brittle.

He is still recovering from the ACL (?) surgery he had last year. It wasn't anything he suffered this year. The Cats didn't want to take a chance on him as they had Tracy and had signed John Chick. No room for him here. The prairie dogs also have a couple of stud DE's as well, so I am not sure how he fits in their plans - unless it is insurance. He may have taken a lower salary that is loaded with incentives. At least that is my guess. If so it was a smart move by dinglenuts.


Cats should be good.

The front line seems very solid, with very solid ends and returning interior linemen from injury.

The linebackers are very solid.

The Coaching is about as good as it gets.

You can't run very well against us, and our pass rush should be pretty good.

Not having Butler will hurt a bit, but OS is sorting this out, and bringing guys in that might help.

Can Masoli carry us the first few weeks? Can we hope our primary QB will roar back in full shape and not get injured?

Those are the big questions!

Great game by our defence, team effort all around and the great play of Smokin Simoni!!

It was great to see this D come together again for a new season in 2016 and especially against the Arblows, Chick, Nevis and company all had a great game to spoil the Blew team opener at BMO.

It will be a Cat Fight on (Canada Day) July 1st Friday night in Hamilton!!


I don't mind Tisdale as a reserve and a stabilizing vet but I felt like he was exposed on a few occasions. I realize he was just added to the roster but I think we need to be a little better at his corner spot

Though the defence played a great game, especially Simoni L, I was concerned with Sears on a few occasions.

He got away with a rather late hit on an Argo receiver on a deep pass down the middle (and IIRC, the receiver sustained a shoulder injury and didn't return).

He was off side, negating a Chick interception on the play.

He also got away with a helmet-to-helmet hit later in the game.

I'm all for agressive play, but smart and legally agressive play. He may not get away with the borderline or illegal hits next time and cost the team dearly.