what can we change?

I think we need some big changes! I would love to see tillman back never should have left and if edmonton fires richie hall we fire miller the next day and hire hall. Coaching needs to be addressed more than most of our players we,miller has just snuck by with good people around him now those good people are gone (edmonton and most recently winnipeg and he is on his own)

  1. Jim Daley's employment status.
  2. Find some NFL O-line castoffs.

Miller ain't the problem, Berry has to go and Daley with him. No O line, and the D line sure can't keep the lanes. To many holes. No imagination any more. How can you find any positive in a game where a field goal is to far away..not even close for a 3 pointer. Not enough players out there want to play hard. And finally they pulled Dorsey, about 3 games late, get someone that can catch and look for more than the first guy down field to run into to. I wish there was another word stronger than pathetic.
Calgary can leave home the 1st string! Boy being a Rider fan is hard.

I don’t think Hall would take the job even if that happened.

Miller is fine, the problem is some of his assistants are bad.

and he has some holes in the O-Line. as well as Berry is calling the wrong plays.

Miller is a good coach and he is one of the reasons this team won't turn on each other. Miller needs to put more input into the offensive play calling.

Send Taman packing!

He sure knows how to do nothing and let a championship team fall apart.

He knew our O-line was lacking the proper people since training camp and he's done nothing.

Makowsky is one of the best in the business, except he's been pushed to the outside where's he's least effective

Makowsky's official position: temporary-permanent replacement.

Why is 6 ft 5' Rodriguez wasting our time running short hook routes all day long? He's a jump ball receiver and he needs to play deep. Not once in a while, not in the 3rd quarter, he needs to play the deep threat, all day long. That is how God designed him.

Dressler, Clermont, Getzlaf are more fitted to the spot they have Rodriguez playing.

Why doesn't Fantuz get catches? Because the terrible play calling is not working for anybody.

Cut the head off this self-eating snake. Find a new head that knows how to make a captial "S"!

And by that I mean . . . Hold Taman and Berry accountable.

Agree whole heartedly. I was horrified when the Riders hired him.

He looked pretty ordinary yesterday. I saw several "look-out" blocks, and I noticed that they rolled DD away from his side quite a bit. That could be because of the move to the outside that you mentioned.

Overall, I think the O-Line is getting a bit old. Combine that with bad play calls and blocking schemes and you quickly end up needing more replacement QBs than the BC Lions.

Rodriguez is running short routes because those are the only ones he can get right. All season he has consistently been in the wrong place, often disrupting other receivers' routes. He doesn't make reads when he goes long, so a scrambling DD can only see the back of Rodriguez' head running away from him.

Even when he does get a long ball thrown at him, he won't fight for it. The guy is a princess, and if there is any hint of a DB or Safety around, he curls up into a turtle and either lets the ball drop or hands away an INT. Its frustrating. He has all the talent in the world, and all the heart of a five year old girl playing tiddley-winks.

Rodriguez is a waste of a roster spot. I'd fire him, even before I fired Taman. And that would be yesterday.

Because some idiot OC named Berry told DD to utilize Rodriguez more, and DD was dumb enough to listen.

Agreed. But will anyone listen?

Hit em Hard . . .

Great reply, I liked the part where you kept me in the conversation . . . :rockin:

But seriously, I feel that even Rodriguez has become a victim of the poor play-calling. He wasn’t great in the early season, but he cant be as terrible as these play calls are making him look.

Hate to say i told ya so but this is exactly why i said hiring Taman was the Riders first and BIGGEST mistakes, trust me we had him in Winnipeg and he did absolutely nothing to improve the Bombers in his tenure here. He has a habit of keeping/signing veterens instead of going with youth, he trades picks for other teams castoffs (this is still coming trust me), he is a GM who hires friends insted of better coaching candidates (see Berry and Daley) isn't it obvious yet?

Taman become GM --- Hires Berry, Daley and brings in Dinwiddie (30 years old and not proven) as backup, trust me he needs to be canned before it gets worse for you guys!!

After that game I changed my shorts :oops: ...seemed like a good place to start at the time :cry:

thryllin and hit-em-hard pretty much nailed it great posts guys
I will add a couple things tho 1. duncecap DAILEY was a mistake. On either side of the ball our teams are lacking,lagging whichever and drop the ball, fumble the ball, can't catch a ball DORSEY is just adding to the pain. Activate HUGH CHARLES and cut your losses . not sure about DOUG BERRY our O is regressing not progressing I thought he'd bring some bellyfire to the team instead he reminds me of MARCEL call the same dry predictable shite plays over and over BELLFUMBLE and leave our canadian air force out to dry and try to force stupid 5-8 yrd. plays when it's 2nd and 15 to P-ROD OR FORCE CATES UP THE MIDDLE .YIKES
in closing I hope KM rung some bells after the game and note to coach forecast says 3 days of some kind of moisture tues - thurs so hope practice is full on this week outside not in the locker room and maybe a couple cold showers will wake these guys up

Durant is slumping. To me that's the big issue. Yes, some of the playcalling has been questionable, and yes, the offensive line hasn't been quite up to snuff, but at the end of the day, receivers are getting open; Durant's just not finding them. This is perfectly normal for a young QB only in his second season as the undisputed starter.

Durant has to settle down and start taking what the defense gives him instead of forcing balls into double coverage or locking into his primary read so frequently.