What can the league do about the stupidity that occured

The league is going to hand something down drastic, and I will bet it will be something we have never seen before. But how far can their reach go? Possibly lose a home playoff game? Forfeit draft picks? I will bet the liqour is going to be curbed at Mosaic. Probably cut-off at half time now, or possibly going dry.

Whatever happens, I bet it will be extreme.

Way to go to the friggin morons involved. Rider pride? Do us a favor and stay home, throw beer cans at your t.v.

I'm royally embarassed and I bet we are all going to pay a stiff price on that one.


your talking nonsense
No way the league can justify the team losing draft picks or a home game (which we might lose any way if we dont play better)
I think that will happen if anything from league is a fine. Also if this happens again without proper changes then more severe

Won't be much of a penalty from the league. Not much they can do unless something is written into the constitution. BUT I bet there will be some pretty severe penalties for any fans that were caught.

I know what they can do. I also know what anybody else who has a problem with it can do . . .


The only change I see would be to go back to beer in plastic cups.....

Plastic cups?? Oh, the humanity!

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Friesen/2008/09/07/6690111-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Fr ... 1-sun.html[/url]

2 weeks ago, beer in cans looked so appealing. Faster lineups, shorter wait times, colder beer, more sales at the beer tub, and the concessions.

Why do you think that most fields went away from giving bottles and cans to the fans? Id be willing to bet that something like this has happened before.
Why are you embarrassed anyway? Was it you? if not, you have no reason to be embarrassed. People take way to much into themselves. The only difference between this stupidity and some dumb ass streaking onto the field is that it was possible for someone to get injured. But lets put this into a little bit of prespective. A few people in 1 section of the field acted like idiots, its no reflection at all on me as a roughrider fan. its a reflection on them and only them.

The BC player flipped them off! What do you want them to do sit there and take it?


And we should get those plastic bottles that look like glass beer bottles like they have at NFL games.

As anyone who's ever taken a shot at a road sign will know, bottles are WAY easier to aim than cans.

its too bad on all accounts,makes us look bad no matter which people are responsible.Switching back to cups only hurts the respectable fans.Find the ones responsible punish them.Must be enough camera angles to zoom in on.The riders CFL and all involved must punish the idi0ts,not everyone else

that's no excuse moron!

you don't get off a crime if you tell the judge, "what was I suppose to do, just sit there and take it??"

he'd say "hell ya! idiot!"

The Lion players who threw the cans back should be suspended and fined. Any fan who can be named and identified should face a ban from the stadium for at least the remainder of the year. An opposing team who throws the ball into the crowd should be fined and their team should be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct. Just look at the NFL. If somebody tried to pull off that crap they would be fined and face a suspension.

What would the league do if the player turned and threw it at a player or an offical?

Exactly. Why is a fan any different?

Now that more information has come out, I think stupidity occured both sides, and it ALL needs to be addressed.

I agree with green and white, but we also need to take things a step further.
Why was Wally out chatting with the officials prior to game time for quite a long time and again at half-time?
Was he instructing them as to what they should be calling?
King Wally seems to have quite the way with the officials...
I thought that George Black did a lousy job as Head of Officiating but wow Mr. Higgins you are making him look good!
It's about time that the officials are brought to task for their poor judgement and lack of common sense in a lot of the calls they make. If I was to perform my job that poorly, I would be fired! We need to see some accountability for the poor officiating, I'm not talking one game or one team here, I'm talking for the past several years for the entire CFL.
If a player was to toss anything at a fan in the stands would that not be considered unsportsmanlike conduct? Especially hitting a little old lady with a football!!
I guess it's special rules for special teams and the Lions are speeeeecial!


The call, is objectionable conduct. Taunting is also a foul.

Rule book also states that a turnover as a result of a major foul that was not penalized (fasemask on that tackle in which a fumble occured) is a reviewable play.

I stand corrected "objectionable conduct", getting my sports mixed up.
Tough to fight Wally's World! :frowning: