After the latest ratings for the Super Bowl and the American hype and sadly our own Canadaian media going overboard, it started me thinking is this a systemic problem. How can it be fixed?
First, we all agree how there is no way with our population and league that we can compete money wise.
As much as we were dissing Global for their over the top coverage, in retrospect as the rights holder the combination news and sports department properly marketed the entire week. Whenever watching Global, I got sick of the promo ads for the game etc.. Why cant the CBC/TSN do same. Or, why can't the league mandate same in the next contract. To the credit of the Score, Sportsnet and TSN they all do have the GC week covered with various reports. But, thats only the usual 5-10 minutes per night spot.
Like Budweiser in the past, get Molson/Labatt or whomever to sponsor the entire GC week at their watering holes which carry their beer contract. GC party with gifts the entire day etc... We also have many new corporate sponsors and some have various giveaways, but there must be more.
Now, here is my favourite one. We all agree how the Grey Cup just may have been the best FOOTBALL game ever played or for sure in recent memory. To date, thats all we have, is memory. With the odd person lucky enough to have taped it. In a previous post I stated the same thing , WHY FOR THE LIFE OF ME was it not on DVD shortly after the game and in time for the busiest spending season, Christmas. Plus, each team should have it's year end version. You know as bad as the Super Snore was, by the end of this week NFL Films will be out and will have a DVD set for the entire week to include the game which most people will not recognize what with the spin(dressing) they will put on it.
A few years back we had NFL Films do a GC game and it was great, but I do not recall any VHS type copies.
I must be just touching the surface. Any other good practical and not mega expensive true marketing ideas that we could put together and seriously e-mail to the league as suggestions?

I wish this post was more coherent :frowning:

The money is simply not going into the CFL. Lower population, lower contract money, lower everything. There is no doubt that the CFL is a minor league in the minds of Americans and Canadians, and the idea that I'm even on this message board is a little odd.

The answer to your 'question' is that it is what it is for the price that you pay.

Isn't that typically Canadain, apathy. Or, a CFL hater. Which one?

expansion to halifax and QC.

and do a kick-off party for the first televised game, to get some attention.

I have a few ideas, but I said them all already. and everybody can come up with some other ideas.

one of my proposals is to chage a few rules and promote those like the NHL has done. (there, got that out of my system, link to list to come)


Yes a Videogame, expansion, yes you should be able to buy the Grey Cup game on DVD.....one of my prized processions is a tape of the '89 GC, more sponsorship ty in's, I really wish Canada had a sports magazine.......like well Sports Illustrated.......there has been a few atempts buy all fail.............I assume because it was about canadian sports instead of a magazine for canadian sports fans

It is simple. They have to spend like the NFL. People are attracted to money and fame, niether of wich the CFL has, or will have in the forseeable future. It is too bad though because it is a far superior game IMO.
I watched the superbowl with an American and he said that he loved the CFL game, but that Americans see the CFL as a minor league.
Rant over.

Okay I see where Argotom is going in his "rant". And I can sympathize with him. No argument from me, I wish the CFL could promote and hype what the NFL can.
Stevio-o pointed out something. Money! Money drives the networks. Second thing. Population. Its all a numbers game. You can't hype the CFl with the current population and ratings numbers. If the viewers (population) isn't their then the advertisers won't put out the money. No advertiser dollars,= no (or little) hype.

I wish there was an easier way....

There is.....

Increase population....

It's whoopy Time! :mrgreen:

Honestly, I don't want it to grow that much. I like it now, I like how down home it is. How the players are more working class. I definetly DO NOT want the Grey Cup to become the circus that the Super bowl is. All it is is corparate sponsers and media events.

Grey Cup week is amazing. And what makes it amazing is the people you meet at the functions. The walking around a huge tent with 7000 people, yelling at eskimo fans, and then having a drink with them. You add all the dumb hype to the CFL and all that stuff is gone. You add a tonne of sponsers, and then all the venues become corparate events, with a bunch of white collar stiffs. I am not saying that those guys aren't fans too, but the CFL is a blue collar league, with blue collar fans.

Yes I would like tonnes more coverage, and more money for the league, but not at the expense of the game, not a the expense of the CFL attitude.

I really like the idea of a kick-off party like drumming_god mentions. That would be great. And I couldn't care less if there is a perception that the CFL is a minor league, so what? The CHL is also a minor league and has a great championship the Memorial Cup. The CFL has a great championship the Grey Cup. We need to dwell on how great these Canadian championships are, not dwell that these are "minor league". The NHL is "major league" but is now run mainly by American owners in American markets and does not represent Canadiana like the Grey Cup. We have such a treasure in the CFL (and in the CHL) in the Grey Cup (and Memorial Cup). Lets just keep on making these events bigger, and bigger and bigger. It is Canadiana all the way, lets party and have a good time going to the very best "minor league" games!

Just reading a book review of the book The Canadianization Movement: Emergence, Survival, and Success, by Jeffrey Cormier. U of T Press, 2004. Looks interesting and I’m wondering if the revitilization of the CFL lately is part of this Canadianization movement as the author refers to. I don’t know.
Also a reference in this review to "imagined communities." Perhaps the CFL and it’s fans are an imagined community, if you will. Something is happening for sure people with the CFL and Canada, I can feel it and I think the academics like Cormier are putting this into print with some analysis, at least from an academic perspective anyway.

“In addition to its interest for Canadian readers, the research provides an excellent case study in cultural nationalism, in the formation and defense of what Benedict Anderson called imagined communities. It thereby highlights a new twist of globalization: in an earlier period, intellectual nationalism, the defense of national culture, and the effort to create barriers to the free movement of culture were usually reactionary positions. But in recent decades, in the face of relentless globalization driven by powerful economic forces and corporate actors, the protection of the local â€? and the national is increasingly local â€? has become at least ambiguous, and maybe even decidedly progressive; and such movements can be seen as defenders of cultural diversity on a global scale.”


PS. I think this book will only cater to true CFL fans BTW as we do tend to be a bit more articulate and intellectual than “I’m an NFL fan only” types, you know, the Paul Godfrey types. This book is way, way over their heads without a doubt, so I wouldn’t refer this as a good read for them. 8)

I do argee with Billy, I like how low tune the GC is. the Grey Cup is just a bunch of Canadians having a good time (I've seen the 2004 DVD) and to watch the championship game. it's perfect and buetiful the way things are, I never wanna see it hyped up (at least not too much).

Yep, I agree with almost everything said here. If you change the CFL, the game would suffer. Besides, I'd rather watch the 'gades vs. the bombers than watch a fixed championship game anyday.

it was your idea...so u should like it...haha

my NFL loving cousin, said he wasnt aware the CFL season started in the summer....so a kickoff party should get on TSN, and in newspapers.

should be done to start the first televised game of the season...this year its the grey cup rematch, friday june 17th. Als vs Eskies.....get a band, lots of fireworks, and a famous canadian ( since the game is in montreal, get canadian captain, saku koivu ) to do the coin toss.

that would catch the attention of the Football fan who only pays attention to the CFL during playoffs / greycup.

One thing that I have heard mentioned before, is that they should have games on the two days that there are ZERO sporting events on. Those being the day before and after the baseball all-star game. Would be a great way to have the continents eyes only on the CFL.

what are those dates?...i cant find when the mlb all-star game is.

but to have all of North America watch Billy, they have to know it's on and have access to watch it, some bars carry only local channels that unfortunaly, don't show the CFL, and believe me, I've tried.

the other thing I like to see do the half time show is a Canadian Techno gruop, or (but I doubt it cuz the BEP were a disater) have a forenier group do it, like Ian Van Dahl, or Kate Ryan (who would be the best cuz she does songs in both English and French).

....exposure ...exposure ..exposure....that's the name of the game...the mainstream media in Canada still needs convincing that we have a superior game......more high profile sponsorship from established companies will result in more cash flow..and I agree with Billy...keep the integrity of the CFL...and build on it..we don't need the tinsel and over-hype of the NFL....definitely expansion is the way to go...balance in the league is needed...and when it happens the leagues choice in that expansion has to be an intelligent and a very well deliberated one...= SUCCESS FOR THE CFL.. :arrow:

Pap, I don't think the mainstream media in Canada needs convincing at all that we have a superior game, I think they know this only too well. But the mainstream media and powers in that media are mainly tied up in the good old city of Toronto and many of them there still like to see themselves as just "major league" where the CFL is not "worthy". So they will put it down a lot and laugh because it makes them feel good in their bellies. And, at times, the CFL hasn't been run so well, not able to attract solid Canadian ownership.
But things are changing as we know, the CFL is being run more professionally and corporations are getting on board and the media knows this. Fortunately, as you say, we do have a superior game and most know this. And you are dead on, exposure all the way, in your face, at least as much as the CFL can with it's budget. And this is where I would like the NFL to help more since it is in their best interests to keep Canadians football happy, they want a successful CFL but won't get on board if the CFL comes across shabby. And now they are coming on board, Tagliabue in his state of the union address, for the first time in a long time, said the words "Canadian Football League" and mentioned the commissioner and that anything the NFL does, such as hold a one-off regular game in Canada at some point, would be done with the interests of the CFL as indicated by the commissioner, not some wannabee control freak like Paul Godfrey who thinks he is the commissioner of all football in Canada.
Things are looking very, very good these days.