What Can Be Done About Punting

With CFL teams constantly punting, it is a huge part of the game up here. Why is it then that punters like Justin Palardy can remain employed... Many punters in the CFL get no air under the ball and have no hang time.
Bringing in Americans is an obvious solution, but then who can forget Damon Duvals performance a few years back in the Grey Cup. Even if you buy the myth that all of the best players in the world are in the NFL, We do not see such a drop off in talent in any other position like we do punting. I understand that many of the punters must be duel kickers so we dont get the best at either, but no one in the league should be outside one of the top 100 punters in the world. I think of this after watching Palardy release a 30 yard punt with a two second hang time that causes a 15 yard no yards call... That play is the equivelent of a 15 yard pass that got intercepted... Your punt team should be relied apon. Not produce what is essentially a turnover.

Tough to bring in an international just for punting though even if it's that important and the way it is now, how many big runbacks from punts do you see anyways? So with the blocking rules where you can't go low any more, players on the kicking team are able to run down more now and prevent a big runback usually.
Why kids in Canada don't practice punting more, it seems, don't know.

in my day back in the mid 60’s, all who played football practiced punting, unless they totally sucked at it. We used to play a one on one game called Yards. Basically you stood about 40 yards apart and one guy tries to punt the ball as far as he can either in the air away from or over the other guy, or a bouncer away from. The other guys gets the ball and kicks it right back with the same objective. If you caught a punt in the air before it touched the ground, you got to take 5 big steps forward before kicking. Often you would not take any time between receiving the ball and kicking again, with the over all objective of kicking the ball into the other guys endzone. Learned real well how to kick a boomer on the run at top speed. Simply loved it, and of course I usually won :cowboy:

We are from the same era...used to play yards all the time....

BRING IN MORE AUSSIE RULES FOOTBALL PLAYERS! :smiley: considering every aussie rules player has to be able to/know how to punt the ball far to play professionally down under, and Australian nationals (Josh Bartel, Scott Crough for instance) qualify as non import players in the CFL! As sad as this sounds, but since we cannot develop enough Shane lechler or Dustin Colquitt types locally, (Jon Ryan being the exception), guys like pallardy are made the defacto punters even if he should just be kicking. We might have to start recruiting more AFL players to Canada to be punters for our teams. Most AFL players know to to punt a AFL ball two different ways very well and they have the toughness and athleticism to tackle most return men on a big return! :thup:

It seems that it's not just the punting where they are having problems but the kicking game too. What about the CFL making kickers/punters exempt from the ratio?

they should be getting rid of the QB exemption, or at least making 1 of the 3 spots a ratio position, not growing the problem. There are a lot of great NI/National punters. The Justin Palardy example by the original poster…if he had stepped back and thought bout it for a second or 2 he would have realized that Justin Palardy is NOT a punter, half a season aside in a pinch a few years back. Its preseason…they were testing him out…same reason some teams bring in 2-3 kickers even if they know who their starter is. The Stamps brought in a guy to kick, but do you think for a second that they are dumping Paredes? Heck no…preseason is for setting rosters, but also for evaluating future options should you need them. The Stamps now have some notes on another kicker in game action should they need him, just like there are notes on Justin Palardy for the R-Bs, and they clearly hope to see 1 guy do double duty.

Why is this Håvard Rugland fellow not on anybody's radar?


The guy has exceptional control and leg power both in punting and kicking duties, and yet is still a free agent even after regularly kicking 60+ yard FG's + punts in practice as well as hitting a perfect 3-for-3 in a preseason tryout with the NFL Lions last August. (FG's of 33, 49, and 50 yarders)

and as an added bonus, this Norwegian player would be declared a National as he has had no previous football training of the gridiron variety. (ala Josh Bartel of Australia)

With the lack of quality P/K lately, I'm surprised Rugland has not been offered a looksee from a few CFL teams in need.

It is just an old way of thinking that needs to be changed and is being changed in many situations.
It really does not make much sense to use a roster spot on a specialty long snapper but not on the punter he snaps to. The days of a do it all kicker are over for the most part. Whether a National or international the University ranks is where kickers are trained and most are used at what they are best at. Then asking themto play pro football and do a job that they did not even win at the University level is a disaster waiting to happen.
An even bigger game day roster of 42 will give teams and coaches that have resisted another step in modernizing there thought of the position.
For Young National players theyare able to see that if you can become a top punter that you have a great chance of getting a job seeing that there is a need. Rob Maver has taken the position in a different direction. We will/should see better National punters coming through the University levels now that it is becoming more accptable.
I would also expect to see some young kickers who have failed to make it as a do it all or Place Kicker begin focusing on punting like Maver and come back for another round of finding a CFL job at a different position like punting specialist

There's nothing wrong with the punting in the CFL.

I guess the answer to the subject question is simple: "cut the the bad ones."

Justin Palardy was released today.

I highly doubt that a Norwegian would come to this country and earn less then the minimum wage of his own country

How long was he resident in Canada before the age of 18?

yeah, I remember them talking about Havard Rugland but hadn’t seen the video…thanks. I Don’t believe he would qualify as a National. Is it now not essentially the ability to gain Canadian passport that dictates ability to play as a National…I havent read too much on it, but my impression was that being from outside of NA didnt qualify you anymore

Yeah... the way I read it.. they granfathered in loopholers like Rod Blacks man crush, but closed the loophole for future loopholers

I heard Francis the Kicking Mule has been cut by the Chargers. He was born in Saskatchewan near tadpole city.
That works!!! And talk about cheap!!!!!