What bugs me...

... is all this Ricky Williams talk and how unsupportive the O-line is over there in Toronto. What about the last 2 years when the Bombers were struggling to keep an O-line together for more than one or two games at a time? They sucked so bad, the Bombers' punter (Jon Ryan) was about all Winnipeg fans had to cheer about.
Still, Charles Roberts kept cranking out the big-yard seasons. Hole or no hole, Blink makes it happen. I know the CFL and NFL are different leagues and all that, but truly great running backs create their own magic no matter who they're playing with and we could all think of dozens of examples.
To me, and I could be dead wrong here, it seems like Williams isn't really part of Pinball's "real" game plan because the guy's a rent-a-player who's gone next year. Pinball knows this and spends his working day trying to develop the rest of the team. If Ricky has a big game or two, bonus. If not, well he was just here for coffee anyway.

Ricky Williams is not a "great" back. He is an average back, but he has the notoriety for all the wrong reasons. After this season is over, im wondering just how good Ricky will be when he does go back to the Dolphins. If you had to rank him among CFL backs , he would be middle of the pack at best. There are some great backs in this league, and if the CFL was smart, they would tell the American media that instead of focusing on Ricky, try following Charles Roberts, Edwards, Holmes or Keith.

The Argos Have Had A Horrible Running O-Line For At Least 5 Years. Look At The Ever Popular Avery. That Being Said Weedy Williams Has Provided In A Large Way To The Argos Offence That You Won't See In His Stats, And That's His Cred. Teams Are So Scared That He'll Be Such A Dominating Force They Shadow Him With One, Sometimes Two Players. This Opens Up The Passing Game. Combine That With An Odd Playaction And It's No Wonder That Bruce And Baker Are Getting Open More Then They Have Been Allowed In The Past.

Don't you people get all the media in America is controlled by the same people. They all stay on a story for a week and then boom drop it. That's why i don't watch the television news, and stick to talk radio.

The only thing Americans care about is the NFL. Ricky Williams is an NFL player. They have the NFL network which is 24/7 NFL. Not bad for have 4 preseason games and 16 regular season games. This country is so crazy that NFL minicamp got higher ratings than the Stanley Cup. The only time they show CFl highlights is a wacky play, or the Grey Cup. Thats the reason why i switched to Direct TV, now i can drink my beers and watch the CFL.

Argooooes, and Damon...set the run up, by passing the ball, Wynn can't do that. So look out when Damon comes back, he'll work magic, if he can stay healthy and someone changes his diaper..lol

Thanks to TV, guys can drink more beer.

Gotta be proud of the evolution of our specie !

You are not wrong an truer words could not have been stated!! :thup:

I don't even know if Ricky will ever see the NFL again. I'm sure someone will give him a chance but right now I don't see the Dolphins having any need for him especially if Ronnie Brown has a good year. To bad for him the XFL if folded

And the caveman evloves!! :wink: