What bothered me at yesterday's game.

The game itself was quite a show, probably one of the top games I've ever been to. What really got me about the game was the security. I am not a season ticket holder (although I might as well be because I go to all the games regardless of whether or not they are loosing), so I ended up getting my tickets in the Family Fun Zone. The security there was totally abusing their authority.

First off I got my air horn taken away, even though I've taken one to many games and never have had it taken away. They didn't return it after the game, so I'm out $10. I also heard, throughout the game, some in the crowd. This isn't really necessarily a problem if it is the rules. There was these guys behind us who had duck callers, which were probably as loud as the air horn, but never got them taken away. I actually could care less if they got them taken away because it contributes to the noise in the stadium.

Next, about two or three rows down from where I'm sitting, there is this guy with alcohol. The security guard, without even warning the guy, comes and ejects him from the game. It wouldn't be so bad if the guy was being an @$$, but he was just enjoying himself.

Bottom line, security at this game took away from the fun of the game. Mind your own business, and be there just in case something happens. Don't abuse your authority by ejecting people who are just having a little bit of fun at the game.

Artificial noisemakers aren't allowed. I saw a number of people with them, and yes they do contribute to the noise, but they're not allowed. That's why they took it away from you, and it does suck that you were unaware of the rules.

I'm surprised that they ejected someone who brought alcohol into the game, usually they'll just take it away, but I guess it is in their right to eject a fan based on that.

If artificial noisemakers aren't allowed , then why did fans have the thundersticks?

I have had a horn for the last 2 years at games..I even take it on roadtrips to Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg and I have never had a probelm in any of the stadiums. Infact the security were giving me high fives and encouraging me to make noise. I could see those sirens and the bigger horns where you push a button and it makes you deaf not being allowed but the ones you blow into like the one I take I don't see why that wouldn't be allowed and Sambo is right, the thundersticks would have not been given out if they were not allowed. They are allowed within reason I think.

I would be happy if your air horn was taken away if you were sitting beside me, nothing wrong with those blow horns but come on those air horns are annoying, and to have to listen to that all game would drive a man nuts. Its about thinking about others also.

I almost guarantee somebody complained and that is why the airhorn was taken.
If you are considerate and make sure you fire the thing into the air, they are okay. But if you blasted somebody in the ear, it should be taken from you.
We used to use them, and we warned people when we were about to use it, only used it occasionally--mostly fieldgoals--and definately made sure it was held high and pointing away from fellow spectators.
Of course with the new Hopson rules, they may not be allowed at all.

They aren't considered artificial since you still need to use your arms to make noise. Im pretty positive artificial noisemakers are banned in all the stadiums, doesn't mean that you can't sneak them in or security knows to take them away.

It got taken away as soon as we entered the stadium, didn't even make it to our seats. I wasn't going to be stupid about using it, and I find once the crowd gets into it, the sound from it isn't as bad anyway. I always ask before I use them whether or not it is alright, and people generally don't have a problem.

As I said, they likely are against the rules.
just like liquor, if they find it on you as you enter the stadium, they will take it away.
I think they announced a few years ago they were no longer permitted.

Ya I guess what ever eh? We got the win. I'd just like to see security, not so much on the air horn incident, but on many other incidents that happened during the night, quit being so uptight and just let people have a little bit of fun at the game. I've been to many games, and they never were the way they were last night.

ya you have to obey the rules.

My guess is they were trying to step it up because it was a playoff game. By and large security is pretty lazy throughout the year, and tonight I even got searched when I entered the stadium, which never happens.

I thought the Family zone was slightly cheaper seats and a booze free zone. If this is the case, then no problems booting someone out drinking in that area.

Next, about two or three rows down from where I'm sitting, there is this guy with alcohol. The security guard, without even warning the guy, comes and ejects him from the game. It wouldn't be so bad if the guy was being an @$$, but he was just enjoying himself.

There is no alcohol allowed in that section so I could see why the guy got kicked out. And no he shouldn't get a warning it says right on your ticket no alcohol permitted.

Im sure the boozer was aware of the rules. Who brings their own booze anyways, thats like stealing from the Riders...unacceptable.


You'd be surprised how many people do it.

Good point. Hey, its Home Field advantage. Why not horns?

They were Nissan West semi final sponsor thundersticks, having attended the game in Calgary the previous year, they handed them out with scotiabank sponsors on them there as well.

I didnt use mine...

My hot chocolate spilled all over them after that first TD...lol

when they say "no outside booze.. no noise makers.. No peanuts"