What Bone will the Bombers toss Obilovich in place of Canada

So if Canada has hurt his spleen laughing at the suggestion of going to Hamilton which of the following players do you think is thrown under the bus by Berry and Taman

Joe Smith.

Only because that would make this trade even stupider than it already is.

And yes...I said stupider.

Nobody! If Canada doesn't report (and I do hope he doesn't) the trade is void and we keep Zeke!

Forget about seeing Moreno in a Ticat uniform after this deal. But if Obilovich grabs a receiver or a future for Moreno. He is in effect weakening his team and makes what he said today about fighting with Toronto for the other playoff spot a lie.

I say Winnipeg gives us Gavin Walls and Stanford Samuels and we call it even...

I just hope OBIE found an NFL stud MLB to replace Moreno.

I think WPG should plead no contest to 3rd and give us their 4 pts... I'd be ok with that


IMO, the deal and the dealing is over.

Taman zeroed in on Zeke Moreno because
Winnipeg’s back was against the wall at MLB.

He has Kai Ellis to play MLB now.

Obie wasn’t trying to get rid of Moreno.

He was desperate to get more push for our d-line.

Zeke was expendable because Cornelious Anthony,
a veteran who can play MLB for now is on staff.

and although he is presently underperforming,
Tom Canada is an outstanding talent,

and Obie also made a deal for the rights, to Corey Mace,
a strong Canadian prospect, on the Bills practice roster

Gavin Walls! Gavin Walls! Gavin Walls!

Walls and a first rounder sounds fair to me.

Moreno was a superstar player having a very average year, just like Canada. To complete the trade now, a similar player would have to come our way, and that player must fill an immediate need for us. So I say it will either be Doug Brown or Dan Goodspeed, or another player who comes over in a 3-way trade.

1st Round Pick and Rights to DE on Bills PR Roster

If we get Mace AND the 1st pick, we just may end up winning this trade.