what benches are on which side of the stadium?

having been in Box J on occassion and permanent southside Box C ticket holder i gotta say - south side rules!!!

better sideline sight-lines, IMHO

If I didn't know any better, I swear I thought I had stumbled into a debate among Renegade/Rough Rider fans.

BTW: There it's North Side that sucks.

I have to assume it's reverse at IW because North Side is where the Renegade fans w/b Friday.

Unless someone is silly enough to issue a "chall-enge" :lol:

I’ve had seats throughout Ivor Wynne, but for the last 12 years, I’ve sat on and prefer the south side.
Nice people around me, too!

Well Sobrien, if you put it that way,
"Sir, I say sir I demand satisfaction."
I am calling you out.

Just a word to the wise for the fans on the north side . Don't yell too loud or you will wake the south side up before the playoffs and then they be all worked up in the off season. :o

On my last trip to Frank Clair stadium (to watch the Ticats win an away game two seasons ago!) I was appalled that the Renegade fans seemed far more interested in screaming insults to the Renegade fans on the other side of the stadium than worrying about the Ticats. Thank goodness that both sides of Ivor Wynne know how to fight the enemy and not enter into civil war themselves!

Frnk Clair is covered on one side only for those who have never been there.

OSKEE WEE WEE (together forever)

i'm a traitor. for 15 years was a northguy(sec8).
last 2 years i'm a southerner (sec22). i still visit the north at halftime. both sides great fans.

Come back, Emms1. We’re very understanding people in section8 and we’ll always have a bit of warm plastic bench available for someone that was one of us but temporarily slipped over to the dark side.

yeah i miss it up there definitely more rowdy on the north. that guy who pounds on the sign on top row still there? i'll be back there for a game his season.

watch out!this thread could take on some substance.LOL
north vs south another civil or (civic) war.

The sun always shines on the North side fans

especially in late October.

I do not! :lol:

Yah, he's still there but, what with all the additional advertisers signing on the past few years, the back walls are mostly covered with large plasticized and sound-deadening signs. Much harder to get the swells in the the boxes down front thinking that the stadium's about to come crashing down on them these days.

Oh come on sec8 you know you'd rather be on the South side with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Endzone is where it's at! Yup, good ol' gen admin brings out the best in everyone!! Hasn't looked as hostile this year, but the lungs are still warming up.

I also like loud, rowdy, and proud section 22. I've had some pretty enjoyable games sitting there.

North Side...."The Union Forever"
Sat there since 72, use to sit in the new stands :lol: (South Side) before that if we could afford to go!

Unfortunately some folks have been on the dark side so long they don’t even know they’re on the dark side. :frowning:

But I guess the south side isn’t completely without charm BHG - small flowers crack concrete, as they say.

Well, it's as long standing a tradition to yell from South Side that "North Side succks."

Just like your infamous now-forbidden chant at IW.

Even the PA announcer encouraged it. Most of time it's good-natured ribbing because the "real" football fans are in South Side exposed to the elements.

Steve you're gonna wish you were on the South Side :smiley:

I think its safe to say that both the north and the south stands feel the endzone seats are equally inferior to ur very own. They see the whole field at once and really dont see offence/defence away from them. We on the sides see it all! hahaha. but those cheaper tickets sure are the envy of some. And that ability to abuse and harass the oppossing teams on there way to the locker room is amusing.

I thought that was amusing, too, until one game, during the 1984 season, when I was jawing at the Edmonton players and some dude pushed me from behind - right over the rail. Dropped onto the asphalt hard, cracked my tailbone in the process, and then was faced with the prospect of the guy I was jawing at standing over me (offering to help me up, thankfully), security and the police.

Gradually the pain and the humiliation wore off, but never again did I find that quite so amusing.