what benches are on which side of the stadium?

I haven't been to Ivor Wynne but am considering coming down for the game this friday VS Winnipeg.

Which side is the home bench and which side of the stadium is the visitors bench on in relation to the end zone seating? (Since I can easily distinguish everything on the map, just need to figure out which grandstand I want to be sitting in...)

You'll want to sit on the North side. Both the home and visitors bench are on that side.

Box H and Sec 6 are behind the Bomber bench .

North Side SU*KS...Come on over to the south side!!!

I prefer the north side and when we get the Grey Cup at Ivor Wynne in the year 2050, I'm definitely going for a north side seat.


To Hell with you southsiders! You and your fancy pansy media box and camera systems! not to mention that shade on those hot sunyn days! Be a trooper and come to the North!

Well you fancy northsiders with your freshly painted seats and "two tiered" concession are a bunch of sun burnt, boring argo fans! THE SOUTH SHALL COME AGAIN!

Never mind the flippin' shade on the South side !!!!! What about the Bird Fecal ???? There is a ring of nests on the bottom perimeter of the media box. Last year one bird managed to get 3 people with one big dump. I was almost directly underneath the nest and all I saw was "the dump" and then the wind pushing it about 4 feet away hitting a guy on the shoulder and then it splattered on the 2 people in front of him. Great family entertainment :>))) It had all the people around constantly looking up. Better to be in the open where it is sunny especially since BOB bought the team and has scored his perfect weather record :>)))

Sit on the south side if you want to nap.

:roll: :roll:

North side rocks. :rockin: :rockin:

south side :cowboy:

I miss the big fights for the football after the convert in the old west end bleachers. Now that was entertainment.

Who cares? It's IWS all the same! We're there for the same team, we cheer the same, we look the same (on tv :stuck_out_tongue:). I could careless where I sit, so long as I get to see the Ticats.

yay endzone.........

That is absolutely hilarious.. :lol: :lol:

Sec29guy, I have to agree with you. Southside protects me from the sun although I don't like most of the people in my section :cry:

PEOPLE PLEASE. This is no way to act on this website. Stop this argument and lets settle this like gorwn-up.
After the game Friday, there will be a no holds bard last man standing battle royal on the field to once and for all determine the greatest side.

:x GAME ON :x

Which side are you on Carpman??

My seating at IWS stadium goes against my beliefs BG.

Glad to know you're on my team :wink:

And with working in a carp shop (gee, what a creative name) I will be able to bring a few "toys".

The South shall rise again! (and not just because I happen to sit there)