What Beer in Your Stadium

Ok, I know that BC Place serves RB (Russel Brewing) beer, do they serve any others?

What about other stadiums?

Sask its Pilsner, Canadian,and I think Coors Lite....

Stadium beer is crap :frowning:

Thats what I am trying to find out. I am interested in seeing if any stadium other that BC Place serves micro products (just wish it was a better micro than RB, they have to we one of the worst in BC IMHO)

I think BC only has Russell, Canadian and Cider. I think it might have Hieniken in a bottle poured into a cup. Russel only lines are shorter than the other ones but then again Russel is crap.

Molson Ex all the way at Molson-Percival! :thup:

I wish they had Molson ex out here.. its the only thing I will drink when I'm visiting friends in Ontario.

Yup, but is your beer price $8?

ouch 8 bucks thats rough. In winnipeg we got budweiser, bud light, and labatt, and labatt blue. all at 5 bucks.

and i can say rider fans after my labour day venture this year i feel sorry for you. i bought a 24 of bud and paid almsot an extra 10 bucks then what i do in manitoba and then the beer selection at the stadium has to be 3 of the worst beers in exisitance.

That crap they serve in BC Place is as bad as anything they have had in there. Liquid ass.


I think the 3 choices in Taylor Field are Pilsner, Canadian and Coors Light. It used to be those 3 when I volunteered to sell beer at TF. That was a few years ago now, but I don't know if they sell any other brands.

sambo i guess its easier for you cuz u poor bugger grow up beleiving its good. if you were from anywhere else. you would realize they are all pretty horrible beers. i can't stand canadian or pilsner, they make me wanna vomit. coors is ok if its the only beer iu have around toi drink

Did I say I liked any of those? I more a rye drinker than a beer drinker now, I only said that those were the choices that were offered at the games.

I'm partial to Guinness myself, but no chance that'd ever get sold at the games, not even at Commonwealth where the facilities and variety are pretty good since the new concession areas got built in 2001.

I remember that vendors used to bring beer into the stands at Winnipeg Stadium. That seems like ancient history now. Guess it is actually. We'd sit there, have a few beers and fire up a smoke. I miss those days ... but I guess beer and cigarettes are bad things ... or so they tell us.

they still do that in winnipeg, bring them to the stands.

they still do that in winnipeg, bring them to the stands.
That's why I miss that town; Winnipeg is so .... civilized. Thanks for that bombers00; you made my day!

Who cares!

Whatever impairs your judgement, and makes the ladies look better, is fine by me :thup: 8) :lol:

The Russel beer at BC Place is a travesty of justice. It should be illegal to call that yellow wee water beer.

It's driven me to drink Mike's Hard Lemonade. It gives me gas but its better than botulism or whatever else I'd get from that Russel horror.

First of all, they clearly saw your Manitoba plates before selling you your beer...
Next, yes...3 of the worst beers in existance...if you don't count budweiser, bud light, and labatt, and labatt blue.