what becomes of Holmes' RBK ad?

during ticat games on tv, they air an RBK ad featuring Holmes in ticat colours..im sure we've all seen it.

what becomes of that now?...do they make a new one featuring someone else?

Holmes and Ralph were chosen as the ticats marketing faces, but now ones gone, so do they pick someone else for the remainder of the season?

i nominate Lumsden ( but i fear his contract situation will hinder him here ), or Zeke and destroy!

That will be interesting to see. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

I nominate Armour, Zeke, Lumsden and Mckay. :wink:

they wont go n make a new commercial cuz hes gone now.

I'm sure they leave it. p.s. does it really matter?

yes it dose

the add is show your colours

there not his anymore(too bad)