What BC fans are saying about the game.....

Bc has Hamilton just where they want them-
by Cobra99 » Mon Nov 09, 2009 2:57 pm

I like Bc’s chances for an easy win in Hamilton this weekend. Despite having Qb injuries even if we have to play Zac Morris or whatever his name is the Lions should win this game quite easily as long as 3 things happen.

1- Mike Benevides stays aggressive and does not play the SUPER SOFT ZONES that have plagued this team all year long, hopefully Hamilton doesent abuse Dante MARSh with 6’5 tall receiver Rodriguez. Stay aggresive all game long.

2- Paul Macalum is prone to kicking what I call a MACALUM SPECIAL- In every game on the road in the 4th qtr, he makes sure he kicks a 20 yard punt when the Lions are backed up deep in their end.

3- Buono late play calling to cement the WIN- The lions will win this game unless WALLY makes some questionable coaching decisions.

If the Lions can do these 3 things they will win at hamilton very easily. Hamilton is not going to show up, they already beat Winnipeg and that was there GREY CUP IMO. They earned their pay cheques in that game vs Winnipeg and I would be abslutely shocked if they even show up vs BC. I am pretty sure Hamilton is not ready to play playoff football…

WHen they dunked the GATORADE on the coaches head after beating Winnipeg, I knew right there they would lose to BC, because they are not ready and will not show up. I mean if i was playing on hamilton I would do the minimum possible and just get the season over also-

BC always wins these games on the road when no one expects them to show up. This is the classic spot where BC wins and Hamilton is disinterested to play. Also Hamilton never wins when tehy are favored and expected to win.

SO lets book our TRIPS to MONTREAL, who we basically OWN and can beat them maybe if we have JARIOUS back or PRINTERS. I think pierce should only be holding for fgoals adn that is it. He is not a PRO QB.Cobra99

Marcel…you might want to print this and hang it in the locker room for all the players to read!!!

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Fans musings are rarely locker room material. They have no connection to the team therefore provide no inspirational motivation factor. It was an amusing piece tho. Thanks for the laugh

That's actually quite funny.

A young QB starting a huge game. Look at Dinwiddie. Need I say more.

Your defense and kicker can play well but if you are shakey at QB, it's going to be a long day.

Will BC be prepared? Most definitely but they would have a huge hole at QB if Jackson/Pierce/Printers don't play or start.

If BC does win, which I highly doubt, it will not be easy.

BC is injured at QB and has to fly across country to play a 10 am game. Odds are not in their favour.

WOW!!! I wonder what colour is the sky in HIS world. That goof is setting himself up for a potential HUGE fall.

He doesn't even know the Qb's name...
That was a horrible post, If BC fans want I will tell them I can guarantee a win on Sunday and we only need to do one thing. Score a TD on every drive and Montreal here we come...

There is also this one!

That is pretty pathetic. The state of football in BC wasn't so great either or they wouldn't have needed us to win to get them in.

Did you really just get that from BC Lions.com... Really?
Jeeeeeezzz... not every (hardly any) teams official forum is their website (lol).... bclions.com forum is riddled with morons

Lionbackers.com <--------- THERE YOU GO.

Im sure its just a small minority of classless BC fans, every team has them, as im sure there are ti-cat fans with the same attitude. That said im not going to let it get to me, the game will speak for itself, im not ruling out BC either they have a good team and it should be a good game, GO CATS!

Bring it!
I believe we have won all meetings against BC this yr. and have owned them on the ground and in the air. Our defense is playing its best football in a decade.
Its Hammer time!!!

Let them act this way. If/when we win, it willl make it that much more sweet.

I will be here in Vancouver watching the game and booing the Lions. :slight_smile:

Go Ticats!

No kidding. Ticats.ca has more than its share of fans who see the Cats in the same fashion. Hard to pick on BC fans when we have our own dreamers

Mirror...met AKT. AKT...meet the mirror.

I don't believe I've ever been guilty of making overly optimistic predictions nor have I engaged in trash talk with the opponents. I really think you need to park your bias against fellow posters while reading and posting. You aren't going to start stalking me like some kind of troll now are you?

After you look up the definition of the word 'fact', find the 'straw man fallacy' and try avoiding it.

So you openly admit you are trolling. Foe list you go. You are a waste of bandwidth with that M.O.

If AKT keeps “ignoring” people on the list, he’s not going to see anyone’s posts. :lol:

When reading this, I just remember that many British Columbians like to partake of the Hippie Lettuce and Happy Mushrooms! Makes this post seem a lot more logical that way.

Make no mistake. The Lions will play well, and the Cats have to be ready. But. I have a feeling that the 13th man is going to make a big, big difference in this game, and the cats will be ready to play.