What Barrett really thinks of CFL & Saskatchewan

all the real game comment means is that he is justifiable a little bitter over how things in sask ended. Nobody says the "right" thing all the time.

More of the same eh , Arius? Danny this and Roy that-- get over the fact that both are gone and we have a new regime in place. You say you havent let go of the past, but this clearly indicates that you have not, just more of your Danny and Roy are class acts drivel.
As for Barrett statements, I dont find them to be negative at all. He is simply telling the truth, and I dont think he is “burning bridges”, as 05 puts it. It can be construed as negative, but I dont think Barrett meant it to be an insult to the CFL.

What is the old addage, “if you got nothing good to say then say nothing”.

As I said, the comments about players thinking Sask. is "the middle of nowhere" is a fact.
The perception isn't a flattering one, or accurate, but it is the perception.
The "real game" comment was a response to a reporters question and we have very little context for it, but I take it to be a reference to college football in the states as much as anything.
Americans ARE more passionate about their football, and I don't particularly take offence to whatever it was that Danny meant.
One's skin would need to be transparent to take that as "slagging" the CFL.

Sambo, what is this thread about?
Pretty difficult to respond to it and not talk about Danny Barret.
However, I guess it is possible to respond to it by taking cheap shots at Danny and promoting the theory that it is impossible to move on and support Tillman AND still respect the job that Danny/Roy did.

Funny, though, you apparently read the same article as I did, have exactly the same response(were you paraphrasing me?) to it as I did, yet somehow when I say it, it's "drivel".

Arius, we are talking about Danny's most recent statements of Saskatchewan being in the "middle of nowhere" and back to a "real game.", not about anything he actually did while he was a head coach here. Paraphrasing? No, I agree with you on that point, so leave it at that, and the "drivel" I was referring to was your incessant pining for the Shivers/Barrett regime.

What potshots Arius??? The Green is in my blood and is a part of my culture and i defend my team, period. Sure i get a little ticked when the past HC is compared to Eagle Keys, get real..... Who wanted to resign the day after his puppet master was turffed? Who had a constant habbit of a 3 day work week after a loss? And besides trying to continually fleece the fans instead of keeping us in the loop who now is saying this neagativity about Saskatchewan,definitly not Eagle. As side note Arius i don't feel it is possible to have a serious discussion about football with you until you can come to terms with your unhealthy obsession with Danny and Roy......GO RIDERS

argotom, no one ever always says the right thing.

The man's name is Danny Barrett, not God...

I hardly think I am the one overly obsessed by Danny Barret...
Did he cause WW2 as well?
Maybe Hurricane Katrina was DB's fault as well?

Let's go down the list.
I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest I was a Rider fan before you were born--at least you come off as being terribly young. And there is a difference between defending your team, and being disrespectful.
I never compared DB to Eagle Keys. I never even mentioned the Eagle 'til after you said your piece.
Danny Barret did consider resigning after Shivers was fired. First, why would he not? Obviously he was about to be fired as well. Second, it was in part Roy who convinced him not to. But third, it would not have been an unreasonable response, especially when he was not even considered to replace Roy.
But Danny showed how much integrity and class he does have by not taking any of those easier routes and toughing it out.
So that part of your rant is silly.
All pro teams give their players a 3 day work week on a bye week or a short week.
It is a logical choice, and is better for the team to do so.
And it may actually be part of the CBA that the team must.
But no team in the CFL did it any differently--not one--not even once--so you must hate every coach in the league...
Frankly, I don't even understand what the next sentence is talking about. Rambling nonsense? Fleecing the fans? How? When? What in the world are you talking about? What loop? Who cares? How'd the Eagle get back into this?
And as I said before, the part about the difficulty in recruiting to Sask. is just the truth. Ask any coach/Gm we have had--they all complained about it, it has always been true--just Danny Barret has helped to alleviate the situation.
And we really do not know what DB meant by the "real football" comment.
It was in quotes, but completely out of context, with only the writers words to add to that one phrase.
But taken at its absolute worst interpretation, it was pretty innocuous.
Anyway, when you get over your pedantic attacks on DB, let me know and we can talk football like reasonable people.

Now here is something that should choke you up.
Name the only two coaches in modern(CFL era; 1958 forward) Rider history to make the play-offs 5 years in a row? Now name the 2 GMs...?

Like I said. It is a thread about Danny Barret.
I am not sure how one is supposed to respond to it without mentioning DB.
But if it isn't clear yet, I'll try to spell it out for you.
I have a lot of respect for DB, both as an individual and a coach, and do not feel any need to apologize for that fact.
Given that you feel this article is a tempest in a tea pot, as do I (I could quote you and it would echo my sentiments nearly exactly--in fact I will:

As for Barrett statements, I dont find them to be negative at all. He is simply telling the truth, and I dont think he is "burning bridges", as 05 puts it. It can be construed as negative, but I dont think Barrett meant it to be an insult to the CFL

what exactly are you ragging on me for? I forget....

some of you are really pathetic @ssholes. Its a single article, and it can hardly be considered CFL negative. ESPECIALLY when you look at his accomplishments, his efforts, and time that he has put forth over the years into the CFL and Saskatchewan ...

Some of you just whine and complain about every little thing. grow up.


Statik, it's like that on every discussion board known to mankind, sports related or not. Give people a chance to write their thoughts about whatever and sure enough, there will be a lot of complaining etc. Human nature.

I have always liked Danny Barrett. He is a good guy to bad he got tangled up with Roy. But that still has not changed my mind of Danny Barrett. I believe these statments are taken out of context. Yes I psot he was burning bridges but that was to get some opinions on this article. I remember when Danny was here in Calgary and did so much for the community and teens. I am sure he did the same in Regina. Good luck Danny and maybe some day you will return.

Now priders know what the rest of us already did, DB is an arrogant nobb.

If you were to do a poll on and NFL forum and asked them to match prairie cities with the province they are in, they would not be able to do it. You could even use places like Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Regina in that survey and most wouldn’t be able to do it–that is what DB is talking about. It was in no way intended as a slam against Canada.