What Barrett really thinks of CFL & Saskatchewan


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It seems Danny is burning bridges

Exactly where in that article is he 'burning bridges'?

“(Saskatchewan) is not the most desirable place for people to come to because it’s out in the middle of nowhere,? Barrett said.

Please tell me that is not your 'burning bridges' example. or is it his "real game" opinion that has you throwing him under the bus?


Last time I looked, Saskatchewan kind of WAS in the middle of nowhere.....pretty sure the maps haven't changed drastically recently.....I read that to mean that Barrett was referencing how difficult it can be to attract recruits to the Riders because of it's location.....not exactly a stretch, imo.....

jm, I wouldn't feel alone. Even Toronto has a hard time attracting American players a lot of the time for their teams I've heard. To many Americans, Toronto and Regina may as well be 1 mile or two apart. Of course the Toronto media keeps busy keeping this a secret but it is well known actually.

It's funny in this day and age of fast airplanes when people fly for same day business meetings from one city to another hundreds and hundreds of miles apart in some cases, that a lot of people will say that such and such a city is in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere is actually any place that you haven't been to or can relate to but I'm sure the people that live in Yellowknife don't think their city is in the middle of nowhere. (Well, maybe an exception on this one. :wink: )

strange...last i looked, saskatchewan was in the middle of Canada, not nowhere.

True dg but a lot of people in southern Ontario wouldn't agree with you.

All I mean, drumkit, is that others have the perception that there isn't much to do here, and we have little in the way of interesting surroundings - hell, even people who live here sometimes suggest the very same.....they may have a point - it's not like we have a booming metropolis with us, which leads to the "middle of nowhere" reputation, but for my own tastes, I don't think I could live anywhere else.....

nomatter where u live, people will say that.

people in paris ontario wish they lived in brantford. brantford people wish they lived in london or toronto. people in london wish they lived in detroit and people in toronto wish they were from new york. people in newyork will say they wish they were in warm florida. people in florida will say they wish they were in LA......etc etc.

I think you missed the point. Nowhere did I indicate that I, or others (although they may), from here wished they were elsewhere.

Doesn’t Corner Gas properly portray the entire Province of Saskatchewan? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sorry jm, couldn’t resist!

lol - the entire province, no, but there are certain segments of the province that are accurately depicted.....

We are in the middle of nowhere really. He is right in that respect. And Just because he said that doesnt mean he is being negative - we all no how many players dont want to come here because compared to almost any other CFL team city, there isnt as much to do in general. The other thing is that Danny is American, naturally he is probably going to think of American football to be the "real game" just as any of us would consider the CFL to be the same thing. That doesnt mean he doesnt love the CFL, if he did I guarantee you he would have left a whole lot sooner.

There is nothing that, IMO, is negative towards the Riders, or the CFL in that article. I dont really think he had a choice as to whether or not he was going to stay here or not. The writing was on the wall for months.

Danny Barret is not burning any bridges.
The comment referring to the difficulties in recruiting talent to Saskatchewan and the Riders is nothing new from Barret.
He has openly talked about those difficulties during his tenure as head coach and one of his accomplishments was to somewhat change that attitude about Saskatchewan.
Before Roy and Danny arrived, players did not want to be here.
For a variety of reasons.
Those two gentlemen changed that attitude and have made it easier for the new guy, ET to recruit.
But despite this new attitude, it remains difficult to attract players, especially young black men, to Sask.
What Danny said is simply fact.

I’m afraid there were no bridges left for Barrett to burn, but hopefully Austin can bring a little respect back to the HC position for us Priders…GO RIDERS

Except for the GO RIDERS aspect, I have no idea what you are talking about.
I can only hope Kent Austin brings half the class and integrity to the position as DB did.

ummmm.....yeh ok then, sure Danny was classy, big whoop, i'll take Austins motivation and desire to be a winner anyday over a little class, but i do not expect an individual such as youself one who is brainwashed and blinded by the past regime to understand this.....GO RIDERS

Very classless for Danny to be slagging the Canadian game.
Funny though, without the CFL game as a player and coach, he would be working still as a bank teller. Oh wait, maybe not even that as in his early years the CFL team provided him with this job as well.
So sad Danny and wait, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

I remember Eagle Keys, so I know a little about winning in Riderville.
When you want to have a serious discussion about that, rather than just taking potshots at people, let me know.
You made two statements that were nothing more than attacks upon Danny Barret’s character–neither statement had anything to do with anyones “motivation, and desire to be a winner”.
And you implied that you are only a “Prider” if you hold with that position.

I’ll put you in the “if you don’t have something bad to say about Danny Barret and Roy Shivers, then don’t say anything at all” camp.

Brainwashed and blinded…it is so funny…

Is there a different article that some of you are reading....?

No, it is the same article.
And I quote:

Though he didn’t want or expect his CFL coaching tenure to end how it did, Barrett said he’s thankful for the opportunity to get back into what he calls “the real game.?

Also, the quote about being in the middle of nowhere, another slap.