What area does your team need to improve this year?

For the Stamps Henry Burris has to pick up his game and I believe our DB's have to play much better. A good number 2 QB would be on everyones list with the exception of BC and the Riders.

Every team needs to improve on the quality of their cheerleaders. There needs to be alot of work done in this regard and the league should include a top cheer squad award at the CFL Awards. That way unless they make big changes my Eskimos will always be in line for an award.

Tillman's mantra since we signed him has been: Canadian talent, kickers and QBs.
Given the moves the Riders have made, obviously the o-line is a priority.
It is guaranteed that we will replace two guys, and don't bet on Charles Thomas making the team, so it could be 3 out of 5. Plus the back-ups will likely be under pressure as well.
Everyone thinks we will make big changes at receiver, but unless Armstead loses his job, we will actually only change one guy there. I have DJ Flick pencilled in....and hopefully Grant will finally get cut....
And with KK gone, a new RB is a certainty, but Bracey might step right in--and with Austin, we might never run the ball anyway....
And we do in fact need to improve at QB. Crandell is never going to be a starter and he ain't getting any younger....
So clearly, it is on offence that most of the changes will occur.
On defence, while we lost a few guys, we may only need to change/add one or two guys that weren't here already last year, if you count Sandman's pending return. Plus all the D-coaches are back.
Oh, and of course punting is a stated priority for Tillman, and everyone I know is thrilled we have solved that issue by signing Boreham........personally, I hope that somebody introduced Luca to Jon Ryan this off-season....

The Beer at BC Place needs to colder. Darn stuff is far too warm.

For BC, 1 more O-lineman to protect Dickenson. If we lose a starter, then there is no depth. Maybe another runningback to challenge Joe Smith.

Beer and Cheerleaders, you and I are true Sportsmen. :lol:

Exactly cfleskfan......Two points.

(1) Have you ever heard any one complain the beer was Too cold? No!

(2) Have you ever heard any one complain the cheer leaders were too beautiful, or the outfits were too skimpy??? NO

Point made! :wink: :wink: :wink:

QUARTERBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted: enough said

Outside linebackers, fortunately that is one of the easiest positions to recruit for.

My team needs a better stadium

Mine needs to actually exist. :wink:

We will have to replace Morgan and Bush in the secondary, but we do have some good young DBs. I would think the ground game will be a concern, and we do have a question mark at QB, hoping that Joseph stays healthy for a full year.

My Als definitely need to upgrade at receiver.

Scratch that, Ike Charleton is going to re-sign.

Who is Ike Charleton?


Good one CRF,lol

Im not sure if you are being serious or not. He played for us last year.

Sorry piggy do not recall hearing his name in a game. Is he a good player what is his stats. :lol:

Many Als.fans might just disagree with me but...Calvillo's performance (or lack there of) in the Grey Cup along with NOT giving the ball to Edwards enough really puts the responsibility in his lap. He is one of few QB's that calls his own plays so bad calls are his fault.

Sign some quality DBs- already done
Sign some quality LBs- partially done
Bring in some import receivers- Taco Wallace and a few others, mainly unproven guys
Pick up a NI o-lineman or two- will probably be done through draft