What are your top 5 "potential" FA's?

If Jesse is made of glass what is Stalla made of,since he has spent most of the last 2 years on the injury list ?

I strongly suspect that a good deal of Stala and Thurman's time on the IR list was due to the fact neither would have cracked Montreal's ultra deep receiving core.

With Richardson and Cahoon signing, and with a another guy on the practice roster who is going to tear it up once he gets a chance to play, neither of the two had a chance.

Stala is legitimatly fragile. Thurman can help and is probably better than anyone the Cats have, except maybe Prechae.

I think that with a bit of tweaking the Cats Offence will be fine this year. If you look at the stats, the real problem is on Defense,. We all know about the poor pash rush, and Kashama won't help. THe secondary has a couple of bright spots but needs help....the Cats were last or second to last in most defensive passing categories, and you can't blame it all on the rush.

No matter how well the O plays, if they are giving up 500 yds a game, it's going to be another long season.

Obies got to look on the defensive side of the ball before he does anything.

hey ron, do you not understand what i’m getting at there, if i dont have to spell out non import wide receiver, kick returner, then i won’t. but if guys like you don’t get what i’m trying to say, don’t feel embarrassed, just ask and i’ll spell it out but don’t try to mock in front of your friends, it doesn’t do you any good…ronny.

why you’d waste time on a stupid response like that…


Someone needs to lighten up I think.

NO KIDDING! :roll:

Yes, Howell is a Grey Cup champion. But lets look at his contributions to that victory.

Receptions: 0
Kick return yards(TD): 194 (0)
Punt return yards(TD): 591 (0)
Missed field goal return yards(TD): 97 (0)

Compared to league leader Dominique Dorsey
Kick return yards(TD): 1257 (1)
Punt return yards(TD): 752 (1)
Missed field goal return yards(TD): 9187 (0)

Even Pat Woodcock can stand on the field and catch a kicked ball, but he doesn't tend to get very far with it either. I'd say Howell was just on the right team at the right time. Obie, don't bother.

That is a whole lot of missed FG return yards for Dorsey.
Howell is also around 34 years old I think.

Near the end of this article by Chris Zelkovich on Argo free agents in today's online edition of the Toronto Star, he includes Jesse Lumsden among five CFL free agents who will be "...hotly pursued by all teams" this off-season:


In a different context I am sure I would have understood that
the letters you used were abbreviations for football players positions.

but it went over my head for some reason, citylegend.

I really didn't realize that that's what you meant.

I thought you were referring to specific players by their initials
which currently is popular in the media and internet 'newspeak.'

An old guy like me, understands better when things
are communicated to me in clear standard English.

I didn't feel embarassed.

My first impulse as an irritable old fart was to lecture you
or scold you for being lazy with your use of language,

I tried to decifer what the 'paired letters' meant
but unfortunately I wasn't able to 'get it',

Rather than getting irritable and lecturing you,
I decided to get my point across with light humour.

My use of emoticons was to tip you off to that.

I think I responded in a reasonable way, citylegend.

Since for some reason I can't edit my post... here's the correction:

Missed field goal return yards(TD): 187 (0)

After reading about Edmonton's Offensive Tackle Joe McGrath, I have started to believe he might be on the top of my list if he doesn't re-sign with the Eskimos. Here's what I have been reading...

McGrath was drafted by Calgary in the first round (2nd overall) in the 2003 Canadian Draft. After signing with Edmonton, Joe appeared in 15 games at left tackle in 2004 and all 18 regular season games, the playoffs and the Grey Cup in 2005. In 2006, he started all 18 regular season games and was the Eskimo nominee for the CFL’s Most Outstanding Lineman.

A native of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, McGrath spent five years at Miami (1999-2003), three as a regular at left guard on the Hurricane team that also won a national championship in 2001.

I also found this from the Edmonton Journal...
The Eskimos plucked -- some might say stole -- the University of Miami product off the Calgary Stampeders' practice roster prior to the 2004 season. Edmonton head coach Danny Maciocia figures that move should pay dividends for many years to come.

"There aren't too many kids who get a scholarship to go south of the border and play for the Hurricanes," Maciocia said. "He's a pretty good offensive lineman, and he's got another 10 years to go as far as his playing career is concerned."

Now those who know me, know I am a HUGE Miami Hurricanes fan but that is not the reason I want McGrath on the ti-cats. He is a really good, fairly young(29), Canadian LEFT Tackle, that has been the starting left tackle for the Eskimos for the past 3+ seasons. He is a big upgrade over any Guard and Tackle we currently have on our roster.

So if we could pick up Joe McGrath and say Rob Murphy or Jason Jimenez then (DC)Greg Marshall persuades Gavin Walls to join our front four, as our big 3 signings of this free agency(OBIE said they are looking at signing 2 or 3)I would say we are in amazing shape for this new season.

If I were a free agent in the CFL,I'd be looking at teams who make the playoffs regularly.Playoff and Grey Cup money is important in this economy for players and their families.Having said that,I think Obie will have to overpay to get a top tier free agent.If that is the case then perhaps his other signings will be backup type players.With new coordinators from Sask and the Peg,I would look for the Cats to persue Gavin Walls or Cam Hall from the Bombers and Mike Abou-Mechrek from the Riders.
I hope that I'm pleasantly surprised by some of Obie's free agent signings but the cynic in me says don't expect much because we've been bad for so long that who in their right mind would want to come here? :slight_smile:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

I agree Hamilton will be hard pressed to sign players for market value. We will likely have to overpay or settle for other teams cast offs or back-ups for now until this team proves it wants to win and will be run properly. We have had the poorest management ownership in the CFL over the past 5 years that anyone credible may opt to go somewhere with stability and not the revolving door of coaches/players. Hopefully Nick Setta signing shows others how things are changing and his words are meaningful over the next bit to other available free agents, but unfortunately they will likely fall on deaf ears. The next few years we have a lot to prove if we continue to fire coaches and cut players like we have and fail to win more then a handful of games can you blame any player for not wanting to be here. The risk is just too great and without playoff bonuses over paying on market value is the only way right now we can even it out. Until then players will continue to sign for less elsewhere to have a chance at playoff bonuses and grey cup bonus.

A bit depressing perhaps, but I am not at all convinced that you are wrong.

That said, I think were I to be a free agent CFL player, I'd look at Hamilton more favourably than I would Toronto just now........seems to me they are more dysfunctional at present.

Geez People what sports team doesn't over pay for free agents.

I agree with Sandman and Gbonds88 a good starting Canadian tackle would definately help the Cats and the two guys I would target are McGrath and Gauthier and hopefully sign one of the two. The team could then draft a tackle to learn under this guy and it frees up a non-import spot likely on defence either at linebacker or defensive end.

Walls or Claybrooks on the d-line and with another Canadian potentially starting on the O-line and if either Barker or Manning can start at safety I'd go after a linebacker for Mariuz's spot.

I'm sure there are others Obie et al are focusing on that we wouldn't even have thought of. I think back to last year when he acquired Rontarius Robinson and traded for Markeith Knowlton.

Those two guys were great acquisitions form OBIE and they will be strong contributors this season as well. Knowlton was huge steal IMO, we gave up our free 1st round pick from Greedy Montreal to get him and he has been lights out for us in his time here.

A starting LT, preferably 26 to 28 y o, and preferably NI
A really fast with good hands and durable WR, 25 to 27 y o, I for sure
Jessie Lumsden
Dominique Dorsey
A starting DT 25 to 28 y o, durable, probably I