What are your top 5 "potential" FA's?

Hello! long time no see everyone... I have been working like crazy over the past 3 months so I haven't had time to post but I'm BACK! lol

So I'd like to know who your top 5 players you would like the Ti-Cats to sign come February... I'll start it off.

Now I know we wont be able to sign all 5 but I personally would like us to go after...

#1. LB, Sean Lucas - 95 tackles(2nd in the CFL), 1 INT, 3 FF - Lucas is by far best defensive player in this year's Free Agent class. He is highly skilled and has an incredible talent for bringing down the ball carrier. If he doesn't re-sign before free agency I would love to see Sean Lucas in Black and Gold.

#2. LB, Maurice Lloyd - 74 tackles(7th in the CFL), 5 sacks, 3 FF - He is an intense and intimidating linebacker who is very talented and he is what we need... a young veteran. If Lucas re-signs, I will be looking for Lloyd to be our newest monster linebacker.

#3. T, Rob Murphy - He is probably the best Tackle in the CFL and would be a HUGE boost to our O-line. So if the Cats could grab Murphy we would finally have that offensive tackle we(and mostly our QB's) have dreamed about.

#4. T, Joe McGrath - Now he is no Murphy but McGrath is a Very solid Canadian offensive tackle that would be an improvement over last year's Tackles as well as a ratio buster. He also could be a possible steal for us if he doesn't re-sign.

#5. DE, Gavin Walls - 54 tackles, 8 sacks, 1 FR - He has been a strong force on Winnipeg's D-line and would give us a very much needed pass rusher.

Now those are my top 5 and I would like to see who you guys would like to see in Black and Gold next season. I know most of these guys we pick will be High priced or possibly re-sign before free agency even starts but I just think it would be cool to see who everyone else has on their list.

Nice I still see us go after a WR

Top 5 in order

1.Jessie Lumsden
2.Rob Murphy or Jason Jimenez
3.Nick Setta
4.Kevin Eiben
5.Gavin Walls

Honarable mention Arland Bruce

Jessie not even a top 10 guy .. made of glass
Here is my top 10 + 2 others
when it come to FA for the Ticats to sign
(1) Murphy
(2)Setta * (MUST RESIGN)
(5) Bruce
(6) Walls
(7) Eiben
(8) Thurmon
(9) O'Meara
(12)Flick If healthy other he drop out of top 15

Those are all good picks guys... So I think we agree on going after Rob Murphy(or Jason Jimenez) and Gavin Walls for sure.

Also I absolutely agree with you guys on re-signing Nick Setta, but I think I'm with Onknight in regards to Jesse Lumsden. I say we sign him if he takes the cash we are willing to give him, but if he wants a penny more just tell him to take a hike.

As for our linebacking corps do you really think Otis Floyd is the answer over Sean Lucas or Maurice Lloyd? There is also Anton McKenzie we could possibly sign.

All I know is that we need more protection for our QB, more sacks, and another deep threat receiver to take double-teams off of Rodriguez.

Start spending, Obie.

I can't believe anyone thinks that Kevin Eiben is a top 10. He's past his prime. I'm done taking other people's castoffs. We need to sign some young FA's.

I can't stand Murphy. I don't think we need a clown like him on our team. His talent comes at too high a price (and I don't mean $$).

Obviously one of the LB's would help.
2)One of the LB's (Floyd is probably our best shot since SSK offered Lloyd 6 figures)
3) An O-lineman
4) A receiver or two.

I don't care who. Just the best guys we can sign out of those available.

Didn't Stala re-sign with MTL??

Eiban is 29 and is younger than Otis Floyd.
He was All Canadian as the best in the league at his position 2 years ago.
He is a Canadian ratio buster at his position.
He suffered through a foot injury last year but had posted consecutive seasons of 110, 113, 81, 93 tackles.
I do not consider him a cast-off, and he is a top 5 easily in my opinion.

Eiben is basically another Mariuz. So is Cam Hall, another FA Canadian LB. We need to get better at LB. In that vein, signing Floyd and one of the three Saskatchewan FA LB's would be a good start.

Couldn't agree more! Eiben is a great special teams player but not a starting linebacker.

As for signing Otis Floyd... He just does not impress me at all, It is like signing the linebacker version of Tony Miles... old, past his prime, and declining in production.

If we need a linebacker I say we pay top doller and get a player like Sean Lucas, Maurice Lloyd, or Anton McKenzie. Rather than going for the older, cheaper guy who will produce half the numbers of those 3 guys if he's lucky.

Sorry for turning this thread in to a love in with Eiben, but to put him in the same category as Mariuz is laughable.
Guess what, the Cats are actively looking to replace Ray in the starting line-up because of his lack of ability.
Eiben is right with the best in the league.
He has led the CFL in tackles.
He has led the league in ST tackles twice.
He was an Eastern All Star linebacker 4 years in a row.
He was the best at his position in the CFL twice.

Last year he missed 7 games with a foot injury.
Before last year he had missed 1 game in his career.

This is Hall of Fame stuff not Ray Mariuz.

OK, no more Eiben backing I am done....and he is still an Argo

Back to free agents, we will see if Jerome Hayward and Greg Marshall are reunited.
He is an unsung guy that does the dirty work in the trenches.
Greg knows his value, and if he likes him enough I can see him coming to join the Cats as a solid pick-up!

MY friends, please correct my if i have missed it but doesn't Winnipeg have an over abundance at ML with Simpson and Moreno? If Simpson is lookng to play after his injury I wonder if the signing of Marshall could aid in his coming to Hamilton probably at a decent salary and ready to prove his value. This would be a good fit in my mind.

I think Alain Kashama deserves another shot, maybe a one year contract. NML should be gone, what did he have, 2 sacks in an 18 game season?

Right you are Rev! Not only Simpson and Moreno, but also Lobendahn, who looked darn good before he joined Simpson on the IR.

That's three guys for one position; something's gotta give there for sure.

my list of potential FA's

Glenn January - OT - good young lineman that has proved he can play in this league

Maurice Lloyd - MLB - something that the team needs to succeed

Gavin Walls - DE - fixes rush end issues

Devone Claybrooks - fixes the problem at DT

Sean Lucas or Anton Mckenzie - fixes LB problem.

Jason Jimenez - OT fixes the other side

Brandon Guillory - plan B if acquiring Gavin Walls is a failure

looking @ the FA's on the CFL site doesn't show Haywood as a FA if he's a FA throw him on the above list

went for FA's that should correct the obvious issues this team has.

Okay if I"m Obie, here are my five in order of priority:

  1. Maurice Lloyd (with him prowling the middle of the Cats' defence, fans will forget Moreno rather quickly);

  2. Gavin Walls (this team needs a pass rush in the worst way);

  3. Glen January (this team also needs to protect the QB);

  4. Dominique Dorsey (don't need him as a RB but he's a great returner who can turn the momentum around in a hurry, and it would sure tick the Blue team off to sign him !!! );

  5. Jesse Lumsden.

i really don't think the cats have a shot at the top 3 of lucas, lloyd or murphy. if lucas doesn't resign in sask, he's going to e-town- they have much more to offer, not to mention a comfort level with coach hall, that pretty much goes the same for stud lloyd. murphy, well, wally will give him that scratch all day long. he's the best o-lineman in the league. even if the money were the same-it's a tale of the tape between cities, steeltown or van city, sorry cat fans you lose.edge-van city. maybe mcgrath but don't just get him to get him cuz i'm not sure he's better than what you've already got. is that it for quality FA'S?


what about NI WR,KR and grey cup champion markus howell. forget about lloyd, lucas, and murphy, you ain't gettin a sniff.start lookin at second tier guys-flick...

city legend

What about Al Phabet, citylegend? :oops: :smiley: :lol:

Looking at your o-line, I'd be looking for Canadian tackles. Which means either Joe McGrath, Alexander Gauthier, and Luke Fritz.

D-line needs both end and tackle, guys worth pursuing IMO are Claybrooks and Walls. I'd say Guillory also, but he is drawing some NFL interest so likely not even an option here. Also, he is a great pass rusher, but tends to fail on run contain.

Linebacker, forget Lucas - he plays SAM and you have one of the best right now in Knowlton. You need someone in the middle so the obvious choice is Lloyd. The reports regarding interest in Otis FLoyd indicated Obie would try him at MAC and leave Mariuz at WIL. Cam Hall can reportedly play middle and could be unwanted in the 'Peg is they want to try Lobendahn at weak-side with Moreno in the middle. Desperaton option: Fletcher, though older (32) might be lured away from the blue team. On the other hand, Anthony or Siskowic with this years experience may show up as a real stud at camp next year so a LB may not be a really high priority.

The only receiver that might be worth signing would be DJ Flick.

Secondary, not a big priority - invest the FA dollars somewhere else.

Running back... you have 6 already... dont bother...

So to make it a top 5 (in order of priority):

  1. Gauthier
  2. Claybrooks
  3. Walls
  4. Lloyd
  5. Flick