What are your thoughts on this post?

This was posted on another site and I thought what the heck share this with my fellow posters here. What are your thoughts?

Yes, it is crystal clear that the Eskimo organization is a disgrace to the league, the game and sport in general.

Never has anybody ever so consistently taken the low road like the eskimos do all the time, while constantly bragging about what a great everything they are and how much better they are than everybody else

Your lying: (special team “injuries� - yeah so it isn’t technically illegal) It is obviously way too much to ask for the Eskimos to have some respect for the game, themselves or their opponents. They are too busy lowering themselves to whatever depths they feel they can weasel some miniscule advantage out of. What’s a matter, can’t bear to play the game on a level playing field, got forbid you might just strap the pads on, give it an honest effort and may the better team win..

Your cheating: (bogus collusional trades) where you gain all the advantages but retain use of the players that are supposed to part of the deal. Without Davis & Comiskey, you don’t even reach .500 (esk players themselves said so) and without Maas you don’t get within 1000 miles of the Cup.

Your outright stealing of games with officiating calls and non-calls that have the whole rest of the league shaking their heads in disbelief (western final). All of this shows that your team is the worst example of poor-sportsmanship in the history of organized competition.

And what kind of a team habitually signs garbage players like spit-in-the-opponents face Peterson, aggravated-assault Payton, kick-players-when-they’re-down Braswell, intent-to-injure Gass, cheap-shot Brady and on and on and on…and then has the unbelievable gall to praise themselves as the model of integrity and class in the league. Only somewhere as full of themselves as Edmonton would buy that Joseph Goebbles (look him up kiddies) line of reasoning. What a pathetic joke.

So you slimed your way to another cup, big deal. There is no way any reasoning fan would respect your team, we have to look wayyyy down just to spit the contempt on you that you deserve.

And if you are not a troll, then my that game was exciting!

I wonder if that was a Montreal fan? :smiley:

.....I think it sounds a lot like sour grapes.....

........sounds like StephenMandell to me.........

[quote="redwhite2005"]This was posted on another site and I thought what the heck share this with my fellow posters here. What are your thoughts?

(bogus collusional trades) where you gain all the advantages but retain use of the players that are supposed to part of the deal. Without Davis & Comiskey, you don’t even reach .500 (esk players themselves said so) and without Maas you don’t get within 1000 miles of the Cup.

I do have to agree with the above point, but that's about it.

To be more specific…when is a trade not a trade? Can you imagine this happening in the NHL at the trading deadline? Trade for the players you need to make a run and still keep some of the players you’re trading to get them so you have a better chance? :?:

I'd bet any money it's a Rider fan.

Nobody else whines that much and grasps at excuses to hate the Esks.

lol :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hey at least they are not blaming ONTARIO or TORONTO, maybe we should seperate. :wink: :lol: :smiley:

What's that I'm hearing? Huh? Do you guys hear it? that Hissing, scratchy sound? Oh, right, its the annoying chatter of that freaking broken record being spun around and around again. This organisation has been run exactly the same way for decades through the vision and philosophy of one man: Hugh Campbell. Hey, what can we say, we got really, really lucky. He had incredible success early in his career here and has been able to use all that networking time to become the ultimate big fish in the 'lil ole CFL now.

Campbell is an old boy, he knows all the back rooms in the team's head offices in the CFL, is a particularily good at the jedi mind trick, and is obviously a good pal of his old coaching buddy, Ronnie Lancaster, so they probably worked something out for ole times sakes.

Campbell Isnt the only one like this in pro football. Jerry Jones in Dallas just 'announced' to a media outlet that he wants T.O. to play for the cowboys. Is that legal? no. Does he care? no. Will he ulitimately be punished for his proclamation? Not likely. He's won his Superbowl rings, is filthy rich, and knows too many influential people on the inside now. Teams that change regimes every few years or Teams whose regimes don't know how to work politically within this 'ole CFL system (hello Shivers) will probably not reach that point where you can work within the system in such a schrewd manner.

I think thats what makes everyone either love or hate the Eskimos. You dig what they have built long ago and how it continues to help them, or you hate that old guard 'evil empire' politricking...but hey, like the old saying goes, don't hate the player, hate the game. If the other organisations don't like it they should get the rules changed.

This happens all the time in pro sports whenever one side has legally used some thing to their particular advantage and the others can't do it, so they create a special rule to make them stop doing that legal, yet morally ambiguous act. In Basketball there is the Charles Barkley rule, the Larry Bird rights stipulation. NHL adopted the two man limit on penalties due to the powerplay dominance of one certain NHL team. NCAA even BANNED the dunk for a few years when Kareem was just filleting everyone with it. Or develop your very own Hughie for your team! Those are the options i think.

Okay now I will tell you it was a Stamp fan. Before you jump all over this guy thinks about it?
First there is really nothing wrong with the Eskie organization. I think we have to low at what is a trade with futre considerations before you can complain about this situation.
A trade is between teams and can happen immediately or have a future consideration. Again no problem. All trades are put forward to the league office and then it is approved. No problem. Now was future considerations registered with the trade? That would be the question. If in fact the Eskies did make this trade with futures included there is nothing wrong. But what if they made this trade but did not register the future considerations?
I do not care one way or the other but it is a good question.

It’s just another whiney and jealous fan who’s upset with Eskimos winning a grey cup. It’s called a trade with future considerations, and yes we would have been above five hundred without davis and comiskey(at the time of the trade im 100% sure we were above .500 and almost certain that we were more than 2 wins above, obviously somewhat successful). He says “without Maas you’d be nowhere near the cup”, well sorry to let you know buddy, but Maas is the backup qb of the eskimos, hes a part of the team and helped us out a few times in the playoffs. What’s his point? He’s making the CFL and Eskimos look so bad and corrupted in his post, then why does he bother watching if he believes everything he’s said?

Exactly correct again the Eskies organization did nothing wrong as long as the trade that was made was in fact registerd with the league office stating future considerations. This is done all the time. But It has been stated that futures considerations was not registered. If this is true then the Eskimos organization did in fact screw up. Can someone find an old article on this trade to see if it was stated in there.

TSN article no mention of future considerations:

Ticats ship Davis to Eskimos

TSN.ca Staff

10/5/2005 3:27:29 PM

The CFL's sixth leading rusher has found a new home.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have traded Troy Davis and offensive lineman Dan Comiskey to the Edmonton Eskimos for receiver Brock Ralph, defensive back Tay Cody and a first round pick in 2006.

''The Ticats goal is to become a better football team now and in the future,'' said General Manager Rob Katz. ''We are confident that with this move we accomplished that.''

Jesse Lumsden start at running back for Hamilton on Friday against the Ottawa Renegades.

According to MOJO radio in Vancouver the Ticats talked to the B.C. Lions about quarterback Casey Printers and the Edmonton Eskimos about pivot Jason Maas but were turned down by both teams.

Davis was in his fifth year with the Ticats after originally signing in June of 2001. He holds several Ticats team records, including career rushing yards (5,188), single season rushing yards (1,628) and single game rushing yards (233).

Davis, an import running back, has gained 792 yards and three touchdowns this year to go along with 25 catches for 142 yards.

''Troy was an outstanding player and an outstanding person for this organization,'' said Ticats Senior Director of Football Operations Ron Lancaster. ''I was fortunate enough to coach him and watch him play the last couple of years. He showed up each and every game ready to go and never took a play off.''

Comiskey, a non-import lineman, started all 13 games at left guard for the Ticats this season after being acquired from Edmonton for defensive end Joe Montford during the off-season.

''In just a short period of time Dan accomplished some very good things here,'' said Ticats head coach Greg Marshall. ''Dan had the respect of the coaches and players both on and off the field and although he wasn't here that long had a very positive impact on the team.''

Ralph, 190-pound non-import receiver, has caught four passes for 40 yards in five games with Edmonton this season after returning to the team in August following his release from the NFL's New York Jets training camp.

Cody, an import defensive back, has played two games for the Eskimos this season, recording six defensive tackles and one interception in his first CFL season. Before venturing north, Cody spent two seasons with the San Diego Chargers, playing 15 games with the team prior to being sidelined by a foot injury.

''Brock Ralph and Tay Cody will be great additions to this organization and will help improve our football team,'' said Marshall.

I think whoever wrote it has no brain whatsoever

Lying? EVERY TEAM has a guy who gets "hurt" after a special teams return. It is common practice and has been done by everyone for years.

Cheating? Yes comisky and Davis made a huge difference at the end of the year but we did trade for them. The trade I feel broke down like this comisky for Ralph and a first round pick and us paying the last part of comiskys higher salary. and then Davis for Tay Cody, us paying the last part of davis much larger salary and the free and clear opportunity to play Jesse Lumsden without the specter of the better back behind him. While the trade is not completly even it is not lopsided as much as people think. Maas was NEVER part of the trade There were no "future considerations". He may go to Hamilton but as part of a different trade. Personally I hope he goes to Ottawa just to shut up all the "experts"

stealing? If people want to believe we bought the refs your fooling yourself. Edmonton was BY FAR the most penalized team this year. On top of that there were many many calls that did not go our way when the should have. as for the westren final play. I watched it 25 time in slow motion an I think the reciever turned into the defender to draw the penalty and THEN stopped to complain. I think if he keeps running he gets the call.

I won't even address the attacks on the players because there are a lot worse out there that the eskimos wouldn't touch and most of those desciptions are wrong.

Whoever wrote this is a jelous pig who knows NOTHING about football, Edmonton, the Eskimos organization or the CFL.