What are your gameday traditions/rituals?

I know we have explored this topic before, but i was hoping with the new people signing up every day, and the fans evolving as fast as the TSN coverage, i thought we could, for fun, re-explore the topic.

For my game days, it often depends who we are playing. For example, tonight is the eskimos... and so i drink big rock lime. The nastiest beer on the planet, but it seems to be a "lucky" beer. Always BBQ something for a game. and so on.

I noticed in BC last nite, they have some great game day fesitivites. seemed like a large tailgate... even some wobly pops.

I've never seen this topic before, as for the disscusion in the past on such was before I signed up. Tradition: For Grey Cup it's "Chili Con Carne" and for beer (preferably brewed in the U.S.A.) it's Budweiser. As for game day Ritual: Before kickoffs to start the game my ritual is "THE HENRY GIZMO WILLIAMS" return to the house. This goes for any player no matter which team it is mind you. Back then I was amazed because the teams knew when they kicked to Williams.... we are going to stop him this time....but wait there is a seam and poof, just like that Henry Williams is gone to the house. Priceless :thup:

Judging by the season so far... either to get drunk beforehand and be numbed by the Riders play.. or forget exactly when they are on TV every week... :?

I have a ton of gameday rituals, especially when the Cats play at home. The group I go to games with always congregate in the west endzone and watch the opposing team warmup (we heckle them sometimes too; I told Casey Printers that he sucked prior to the 2009 East Semi and they booted us out :lol:), then my one friend pees in the same restroom before the game and we then head to the same concession stand and get some food before taking our seats. Then after the game, if the Cats win, we all go get Victory Slurpees from 7-11. I'm not a superstitious guy (maybe a little stitious -- word to Michael Scott), but this just ended up being the ritual.