What are your favourite NFL uniforms?

not a vikings fan but they’ve always been my favs, especially the helmets.
on a related note, purple is my favourite color lol.
i also love the bengals white outs.


I’ve always liked the Rams’ unis, even though I could take or leave the team. They really look like a ram going into a fight. I also like their colors, although I prefer their classic shades from the 70s/80s.


My favourite has always been those of the Atlanta Falcons. The black and red are a great colour combo. The attacking Falcon logo is also the best. Not uniforms specifically but some examples below. I like their old uniforms better.


Next best for me are those of the Saints.


My least favourite are the Viqueens (sorry GG) and Packers. Garish is the word. Uglarama.

hey i resemble that remark!

Cleveland Browns and I also like the matte color (helmets) of the Vikings.

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gotta say i really like the chargers whites.

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home uniform jersey for Raiders , Browns , Vikings , Eagles , Bears

oh the Falcons all black unis today are so sweet

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Browns fan (what can I say... I lived in Cleveland for a while, and its like being a Rider fan -- it never leaves your soul), so really hard for me to say this.... the Steelers have a classic uni. Both the white and the black, gold pants, single sided logo that is a tribute to the original US Steel sponsored "company" team history... it all just works.

I like the Browns dark unis as well. Bengals unis and especially helmets are really cool.

But the Steelers win the title for me.

loving the ravens purple and black too

Those are pretty good too. They got the best logo too. Looks like Maserati or Ferrari or one of those high end car logos.

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Saints and Bills

The Saints black helmets today were pretty cool

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those black saints lids were sharp.

i like seahawks helmets and unis too

Loved the Bengals White Outs...

Saints helmets today were great...

Atlanta looks super sharp, but black is well, easy to make look sharp....

For some reason I really like the classics - Green Bay.........reminds me of something...

of a losing team?

Cleveland Browns.

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Unfortunately. At least they aren't a butt ugly as Washington.......

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Kc’s are meh but Tampa’s newer uniforms are pretty good. Their creamsicle ones were among the worst ever though.

i would like the KC ones if they got rid of the yellow and darkened the red a bit a la stampeders