What are your favourite football teams?

Just curious to see who cheers for who...

Me? (If anyone else even cares... hahah)

CFL - Hamilton Tiger-Cats
NCAA - Notre Dame Fighting Irish
CIS - Windsor Lancers
NFL - Cinncinati Bengals and New Orleans Saints

CFL - Tiger-Cats
NFL - Dolphins and Bears

CFL Hamilton Calgary
NFL Detroit Lions and Tennessee Titans
NCAA Texas Long Horns and Florida State Seminoles

AFL Philadelphia Soul

AFL II Cincinnati Jungle Cats

NFL Europe Berlin Thunder

CFL- Hamilton Tiger Cats
NFL- Buffalo Bills
NCAA- Notre Dame
CIS- Laurier Golden Hawks


CFL-Hamilton Ti-Cats
NFL-Indy Colts

CFL: Cats (Als #2)
NFL: Raiders
NCAA: Cornhuskers
CIS: Marauders
WFL: Memphis Southmen
USFL: Oakland Invaders
WLAF: Montreal Machine
Movies: Mean Machine :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

There are only 2 football teams Tiger-cats and the Colts.

CFL: Ticats and Roughriders
NFL: Bills and Broncos
NCAA: Notre Dame
CIS: Windsor Lancers

TDSB--Central Tech Blues (TDSB=Toronto District School Board)

An Argo fan

CFL - Ticats & Any team that beats the Argos
NFL - Rams & Bills & Any team that beats the Seahawks
AFL - Philadelphia Soul (Bon Jovi FTW)

CFL - Hamilton Tiger-Cats & Toronto Argonauts
NCAA - Notre Dame Fighting Irish
CIS - Western Mustangs
NFL - Minnesota Vikings & Buffalo Bills
AFL - don't have a team but I actually like watching this league and want to go to a game sometime. Hamilton should host an exhibition game at Copps soon.

!. Still love those Cats. 2. Cleveland Browns. 3. Washington Redskins. If you put all their wins together they are over .500. Unfortunately I still love those teams despite having little to cheer about for a looooooong time!

Okay I'll throw mine in:

CFL: Tiger Cats
CIS: Mac of course..after seeing the Mac vs Laval playoff game a couple of years ago I'm a Mac fan for life!
NFL: Bills
NCAA: Michigan Wolverines
NCFL(Norfolk County Football League): Simcoe Sabres!
from my old high school Simcoe Composite School..it gave me my four years of glory as a football player! If you consider 155lb line man as glorious...lol

Happy Holiday's

Holy mackeral Jare, a 155 lb lineman were you? Maybe you would have been, if my high school had of played agains't you, one lineman I might have been able to plow over when I was a 145 lb running back. :wink: Probably not though, strength and power weren't exactly my strong points running with the ball.

They play football down there in Simcoe? Hmmm, thought the only thing people do down there is take in Friday the 13th's at Dover. 8)

TCTRUE, you are half right:

Cats and The Fighting Irish...and not always in that order...

Yep the Norfolk County and the Simcoe Sabre's have a long tradition of football. For a while in the 70's had an incredible championship run being coached under Arther Martin..who was a former coach at Queen's. Something like 6 or 8 consecutive titles and nearly that many unbeaten season's with a couple of players signing to NCAA schools.

We even had our version of the Labour Day Classic...it was called the Mug Jug and was versus the rivaled Dehli Raiders...total points between two games with the high score getting the jug! No really it was called the Mud Jug!

To bad I played in the 80's we did win the Mud Jug one year I played...lol...the coach put me on the line because I was all shoulders and neck. I would go helmet to helmet with guys every play. I just hoped they wore out before my neck did. I loved playing but never really was that good except on the backside boot leg. I was the guard who pulled out and blocked the poor defensive backs who thought they had a clean shot on our QB...they never new what hit them.

Ahhhh....memories... I wish I had my 230lb frame back then I have now. I know the Sabres found their mojo again in the late 90's and still have a good team now.

I love football!

CFL: Tiger-Cats
NFL: Steelers
NCAA: WVU Mountaineers
CIS: McMaster

Oskee Wee Wee - I've ordered my four season tickets for 2007 in box J - Need I say more about the CFL.

OFSAA - Western bowl provincial participants this year were the Guelph C V I - Green Gaels. This high school team did not win a game in 2005, but this year they played for the Western Bowl cup in the Roger's Centre last Friday.
They do not have a field at the high school, so they walk blocks away for each practice in the downtown Exhibiton park (no stands of course).

Now all my 5 children graduated from GCVI so I may be biased but this was a team of great heart that played way beyond expectations winning most games in squeakers at the end. For more details see OFSAA

So yes I can cheer for a losing team as long as they show determination!

Tigers - eat em raw

CFL-The Cats
NCAA-USC Trojans



nothing else matters :cowboy:

I am so liking AFC right now (fingers crossed)