What are your expectations(with 2 months to go)

So, just gonna ask a simple question..

heard doug brown say 11-7 should be the expectation for this upcoming year so just curious what are everyones expectations going into this season as we stand right now. without buck pierce as qb, with buck at qb.. (cuz i think theres a difference there)

but anyways.. i just accept them to be competitive game in game out, i dont want to see any 55-10 home losses, away losses thats fine :stuck_out_tongue: but not at home like that... nope, id like to see them beat sask atleast once this year (something they have not done for 2 seasons now). last time bombers beat sask, was 2007 when the bombers made it to the grey cup.. but ever since losing the gc to the riders, we are 0-4.

record wise, without buck.. id be happy with 8-10 i think which hopefully gets us in or even 2nd in the east. just make the playoffs really.. with buck i think that 8-10 could easily be reversed 10-8 or even doug browns 11-7.

just curious as to what peoples expectations are going into the season if all things work out as they should.

If the Bombers don't sign Pierce, you have a chance at winning games against the Argos, and maybe a few more if other superior teams lay an egg, but that's it. I'm not trying to bash the Bombers, but that's reality.

On the other hand, with Pierce, if he stays healthy, I really think you have a legitimate shot at 500.

I think Brown has the dash in the wrong spot.. it's too far to the right

Hamilton is not exactly a powerhouse, you BARELY squeeked into the playoffs and we had a really crappy coach and shemes, now we will see if last year was just a fluke for the Ti-Cats or if they have actually improved. Do not expect the Ti-cats to roll over the Bombers and win every game, cause that is just not going to happen, We have just a good of a chance to take 2ND in the East as the Ti-Cats do, don't get too cocky yet on in two or you will be shocked when we beat the Cats a few times and ruin your hopes of improvement. The way i see it is every team starts at 0-0 and there is 2 months left until we actually play for real, i wouldn't expect a heck of alot from The Cats this season, maybe you'll JUST SQUEEK IN again maybe you'll miss out completely, either way i don't see much improvement on the Cats roster if any improvement over 2009!!

Again Hamilton is not exactly a powerhouse and honestly i don't see any improvement over the 2009 version of the Cats, the same Ti-Cats that BARELY beat us out for a playoff spot and we had a crap coach and crap shemes, Cats should've walked all over us in 2009, won't happen in 2010!

Getting back to the question, my guess right now is that considering that our departures have been more striking than our recruits so far, we may be looking at 6-12 if we don't sign Buck (or if we do sign him and he goes down like Lumsden), and maybe 10-8 if we sign him and he goes the distance. I'm not subbing for housedog, but I'd rather be surprised pleasantly than unpleasantly this time round. Like I said before, maybe one of our young QBs will have a Chuck Ealey breakout year, but who knows at this stage?

Objectively I do suspect Hamilton will be better, given their D signings and the likelihood that the Porter experiment won't dominate their season this time. Without Buck, both the Bombers and the Argos are in a crapshoot at QB, although I like our chances better than theirs.

Guesswork answer to a speculative question...

3rd place and a shot at a playoff spot is my expectation for this year...I'm done with having high hopes for now...LOL

I'm with you Kubie, I think third place is the best guesstimate we can make at this point. . . might change that prediction after tc and the exhibition games. . .

.....I think IF the Bombers sign Pierce and he can stay healthy....second in the east is NOT out of the question...BUT there are so many IF'S at this early stage and i agree with MadJack that tc and the exhibition games will shed a better light on the upcoming season.. :thup: :wink:

Second place is certainly not out of the question. At this point I’d pencil in Hamilton for second and Winnipeg third, but let’s face it. . . if (a) Glenn gets injured in Hamilton (or struggles) and Porter fails to improve, and/or (b) one of the Bombers’ QBs steps up this year the way Durant did last year (under LaPolice, remember), then second place is certainly attainable.

I saw little improvement in Porter in 2009 as compared to his 2008 performance; Glenn can, as we all know, be somewhat inconsistent; finally, at the start of last season Durant was a big question mark in Saskatchewan as to whether he was ready to step in and be a consistent starting CFL QB. . . and he answered that question in fine style. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that one of the Bombers’ QBs will do the same this year.

What would concern me for Winnipeg heading into this season over and above the uncertainty at QB, is the defence.

It was a darn good defence last season, especially given how long they had to be on the field game in and game out what with that dreadful offensive package.

But the team has lost personnel on defence (both halfbacks in Hefney and Walls), and has lost a fellow I thought was a pretty darn good defensive coordinator in Nelson. And he’s been replaced by Kavis Reed, who has a pretty poor track record as a defensive coordinator in Hamilton and Toronto (and the less said about his work as ST coordinator in Saskatchewan the better I suppose).

So I think the QB situation will get straightened out, but it’s the defence that gives me more concern in Winnipeg.

.....yes, our defence took a hit....HOWEVER...we have done some good recruiting in that area....maybe not he talent of a Hefney (hard to find) but some good talent ...I would say in the end the difference between the Bombers and Cats will be at the pivot position...A LOT can happen there...With two braces on some pretty bad pins and Glenns penchant for one 'hot' year backed up by a cooler one....hmmmmm I'd say the hammer isn't home and cooling off for second...Porter and Trafalis are not that seasoned to keep those guys in the second rung.....AND besides MadJack....we have proved to be a bit of a nemesis for Hamilton in the past...I've got that feeling we'll prove to be just that once again in 2010...Much has to transpire for that to happen...but we're working on it... :lol:

I think with Pierce, 10-8 or 11-7 is definately attainable.... as for on in two's prediction of 9-9 with Pierce... that would be a disapointment

If we were to sign Pierce, and get Hefny and Titus Ryan back... I think we will be fighting with Hamilton for second place for sure... probably have a good chance to beat them out actually...

but as of right now... 8-10 is my guess.... last year we made it to 7-11 with Mike Kelly... thats sayin something if you ask me...

Under Lapo and Mack alone, I think the teams improved overall.

I think the signing of Pierce would really help the team as a whole in a number of ways... It will help the defence because we will probably have the offence on the field about 1.5 times as much as last season... and it will help our offence as a unit because we will have a QB that will help everyone contribute to there full potential...

we will see how good these recievers really are... I think a poor Offensive scheme and bad QB'ing really hurt there production.. I actually think we have a very good unit here in the Peg, and if we sign Pierce, the rest of the league will see that...

Also, I think this offensive Line will be A LOT better than the one Pierce had to work with in BC... Especially with the signings of guys like Butler, and Hashem... I think Luke Fritz also should have been starting at gaurd last year over Donnelly and was quite suprised when they did go with Donnelly....

dont forget that even if we have a remotely decent passing attack, teams will have to respect that... and Freddy Reid will have a lot more running room then last season!

as for the defence... yeah we took a few hits... But Lobendahn will provide a lot more athletisism than Simpson... however we lose out on leadership, and football know how..

I think our DE's will be increadible this year... Our young DT's will have a year of experiance.... and our outside Linebackers will continue to be top tier

as for the secondary, Glover and Johnson on the corner will be good.... Craver will be in Walls' spot, and Hefney may return... Ian Logan will also be back.

I also think part of Reed's bad defences is due to a very large part, to the player personnell he had to work with. He'll have a good defence this year so no more excuses... let's see what he can do.

A very valid point James. He had a poor personnel package to work with when he was DC in Hamilton, and when he took over Stubler's defence in Toronto, many of those players were all getting rather long in the tooth all at the same time. But it's a make it or break it year for him from where I'm sitting.

I still do not believe that Hamilton is any better than last season and our roster has alot of great player's and ww will surprise many.