What are you watching in tonights game?

As I sit at work and wait for quiting time so I can race home, grab my son get him to his Uncles, so I can get down to the game and able to see kick off; I will be deep in thought as to what I really want to concentrate on tonight.

I enjoy the preseason because it is fun to sit and see if I can play coach and watching the different players to see what they can do. Usually I concentrate on Receivers and DB's. I like to see how crisp they run patterns and find the holes. Db's I want to see how tight there coverage is and how they pick up and break on the ball.

However tonight I think I might concentrate on the trenches. To see who is winning the big battles. Protection of Maas will be key this year as well as opening up some big holes. The Dline needs penetration and the Linebacking core will be watched most closely with their ability to stop the run. It will be a good test for the Big Guys tonight.

My Jersey is on and I am ready for the kick off to this long awaited season. Maybe I'll just sit back and enjoy the game and leave the coaching to the guys on the field!

God bless the CFL

Wear your hard hat EH ,hope you're in the Ti-Cat section!
Where is everyone sitting? :cowboy:

I will be watching for commitement to excellence on everyone's part, striving to be the best they can. The rest will fall as they may.

I am sitting with my Argo buddy and a couple other of the Box EH Men. I belive it is section 109. So it should be a fun night.

1)The Offensive line.....ie. protection of the Ticats QBs

2)The Defensive ends and the pressure they apply on the Toronto quarterbacks.

3)The interaction with and response to Coach Paopao by the offense.......and adjustments (although adjustments to the game plan
might be kind of hard in an exhibition game when the players are beng interchanged so much anyhow to see how everyone fares)

  1. our running game

  2. how our receivers respond to our QBs such as coming back to help them out if they get into trouble on a play.

Go Cats Go!

Mass kicking #5 through the uprights after a temper tantrum.

i unfortunately can't make it im assuming its not televised

Ok I am in the states so what time will the game come on for me? I am not sure what the time difference is. Can anyone help me out?
I am on est. time in the states.

It's not on TV but you can listen to it. There's a "listen live" link on the homepage. It starts at 7pm Eastern

EST is EST if you're in Canada, the States, or elsewhere within those lines of longitude. Tune into www.900chml.com to listen live.

We can't get to the game either.. so I'll be sitting right here where I am, listening to the game on chml.


While many people may want to see how a certain running back the blue team recently acquired will do, there are a number of other things to watch for. And what I might find most interesting will be how Joe Paopao utilizes what he has to work with on offense. As the players will be looking adjust to a Paopao-run offense we may see signs of things to come.

And these leads to my next point, which is the amount of playing time each player will get. Will we see much more from those expected to be starters than those more likely to be on the sidelines? With many new players on the team, they will need to use this time to get to know each other. But still, this is where we may be bale to determine who'll be in the starting lineup. And so we may see much of players who are on the borderline between being starters or backups.

And this leads into my next point, which is about the team's depth charts that are posted here. Brooks and Marshall are listed ahead of Barrenechea as MLBs? Maybe I should not be be reading too much into this, but that is interesting to see. But what I find very interesting is that if you click here, you'll see that Corey Holmes is listed as a fullback. What's with that? I know he's versatile, but... :slight_smile:

Looks like they're starting both Ranek and Holmes in the backfield. He's also listed as a RB behind Ranek.

Hmmm, yes, we may be experimenting with having both Ranek and Holmes in the backfield. That could give the blue team's not-that-great defense against the run twice as much to worry about. :slight_smile: But I can see a few shovel passes to Holmes as he puts up plenty of all-purpose yards.

And who might stand out in this game? Who will be be discussing after this game is over? Well, I can see Anthony Davis having a good game against the blue team's defense, whoever they have out there. And Kwame Cavil, as he was a teammate of Jason Maas, could make himself more likely to be on the starting lineup. But why is Brock Ralph not listed on the depth chart at all?

flick isn't either... probably just saving them for the IWS game. (i'm sure they're not the only ones not listed today either)

well with Ranek and Holmes in the backfield that's definetly RH positive :smiley:

Interesting. It could be that Flick and Ralph were not listed on the roster for different reasons. Flick is not liekly in any danger of not being in the starting lineup, so he can be left off to get a better look at other receivers. But can the same be said about Brock Ralph?

And what could also be interesting will be what happens at the linebacker position. Brooks and Marshall are listed as MLBs, but wil they continue to be there?

perhaps Ralph has solidified his position as best canadian receiver as of right now?

next game might be the one to determine where he'll fit in the lineup.

I'm watching my pockets don't get picked by the Argo low lifes.

Watchin Jason Maas of course :wink:

I wanna see if Toronto puts their first string offence back into the game in the fourth quarter if they are losing. Just like last year.