What are you most excited for this season?

I'm excited to see how Steven Miller is used in our offense this year. He's a Stefan Logan type player. I'm also excited to see Durant and his full supporting cast get to work.

Jerodis Williams, though he is not thus far signed.

I do agree with Miller as well. Neither are likely sizeable enough to be every down RBs.

Of course, seeing who pans out at QB will be interesting again, and seeing if Richardson makes the roster, and how the depleted OL pans out. Beyond RB though, the thing I look forward to the most is how the DL does with Hall. Could be pretty interesting there.

I'm excited about getting another cup.

Another cup and a full year of Weston Dressler!!

Watching Weston without 2-3 defenders draped all over his back the full length of the field.

:thup: or any of our other receivers

June 27th - Winnipeg vs Sask. 8)

New defense.

Shea in the middle. How will we use him. I can only guess they will try to keep him clean and let him get to the gaps? Will coaches use Brack at safety or LB?

Chick and Terrius great vet leadership. Derek Walked one year in now and was solid. Can Hall get back into CFL mode and play well? Mike Sinclair could be a huge boost coaching. We had him 2 years ago and then Trestman took him away for the Bears...........we got him back, what does he bring.

DB's expect some changes. Now that hands are off after 5 yards a guy like Lemar McGree might get a good look. Really need to be a cover guy and fast as heck. Will McDougall get into the safety role?

Jordan Hus........is he as great as all the hype (probably).

Im most excited for the season to start. I miss football, our offseason is too long!

We're starting the season a week earlier this year. Right?

I'm most excited for that. If we weren't, I'd be missing the home opener.

So thank god.

Yes and no.
No - It starts Canada Day Long weekend again...Canada day just happens to be on a Wednesday. Most consider the "long weekend" to be the one before the stat rather than after when that happens.
Yes - it works out to be the better part of a week sooner technically yes...which I agree is awesome.

I'm exited to see if Durant can get back to the form he had before he was was injured last season.

I'm excited to see if the team get back to winning ways they had before Durant's injury.

I'm excited to see how the new rules this year affect the game, especially the PAT.

I'm excited to be actually going to a live game this year!!!

Go Riders!!!!