What Are We Going To Do With Tre Smith?

Now that Cobb has proven himself and Terry can clearly hold his own what is Tre's fate, do they trade him away or use him souly on special teams, i think we should get rid of him hes a good player and i think a team like edmonton or the bombers could use.

i think he might want 2 go 2 a team where can get more exposure , he's a great athelete. I don't think you'll see Bruce returning many kick off/punts in the future, They probably just wanted 2 get Bruce involved. The thing about Tre is - I could never see him being a main handoff candidate for the majority of reps on any CFL team , he's too small , he'd be destroyed. He is really good at returns though, and he's only been in the league a couple of years, did he play any other positions in College??

We'll hang on to Tre for now
KK is still Hurt and we need make sure he can stay Healthy
After that a Trade or Release may happen but not untill (it May be KK that gose)

Let Tre get healthy and keep him. He's proven himself in the backfield and returning kicks. I'd be looking at releasing KK if anyone has to go. Right now we have great depth at rb and I think you need that, to carry you through the season. If one goes down, another one steps in without missing a beat. :cowboy:

yea i was thinking the same thing about Kenton but 1 thing is for sure we have to many good backs which is a good thing considering the injuries we've benn having but idk if KK can bring much to the table once he returns thats even if he gets to play

Tre is a player with lots talent and heart that plays were ever the team wants him, always a happy good natured guy, one of my favorite players. :thup:

ya you guys better hang onto this guy. id love to see him in a bomber uniform 8) anytime you have a guy that is effective at multiple positions hes a huge asset to your team...one less import needed

I am pretty sure Caulley is a free agent at the end of the year. I don't think I would deal Smith at this time.

Well one has to consider the SMS , I feel that somone is going to ba victim here.

I've always really like Smith so hopefully we can keep him, hopefully anyways.

http://forums.ticats.ca/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=41683 << I've beaten this to death here and I'm done there. LMAO.

Let's review:

  1. Keith's salary while on the 9-game list DOES NOT COUNT against the SMS. That means as far as the cap goes, he's a $85,000 back for the rest of the year if activated in Week 10 (estimated).

  2. The first four games for Bruce this year were paid by Toronto ($42,000 estimated total)

  3. Printers? Off the books for 2009. Same with Lumsden. Same with Woodcock. Glenn + Porter salaries may be equivalent to Printers's planned 2009 salary since his deal was front-loaded with a huge signing bonus, but the 2 QBs we have now likely still make less combined than Printers.

  4. Practice roster guys do not get paid a full salary under the CBA. If Tre Smith were to be placed on it (the most-likely-not-to-be-poached choice), that would impact re the cap positively.

  5. Keith could be deactivated again later this year for all we know.

In short, I think Obie's cap situation looks good from the outside, hence the snagging of Bruce. Getting a home playoff game would make all this hand-wringing MOOT, so that is the objective for this team, I would think.

Oski Wee Wee,

utter nonsense.

Charles Roberts as an example is 7" shorter, and 20lbs lighter than Smith. He also had 6 consecutive 1,000+ rushing years.

We keep smith. He's young, athletic, vesatile, and in all likelyhood not reached his potential.

As for Cobb, the ability is there but 2 100+ yrd games in three weeks does not prove a thing when it comes to an 18 game season. Do not misiterprit, I am confident when he's in the backfeild. I'm simply stating 3 games does NOT make someone a proven starter.

Only in Hamilton, could we have 4 (not 2, or even an uncommon 3) capable Running Backs, and still have someone calling for heads.

Annnnnnnd bingo.

The practice roster is his likely destination.
As good a player as he is, unless a team has an injury, I don't think he'd get plucked off the PR that quickly.

While I agree the handwringing is overboard I think cap issues will be a concern before game 10

Are people calling for heads or just trying to figure out the best course of action considering we cannot keep all 4

case in point AKT.

Here's another thing; does anyone think that Boltus, Currie, Ball, and Carlson are really, really hurt?

There's always 'injuries' that keep guys off the field, but you can't cut, trade, or pick them up as FA's.

what a pain!

who know's, when KK's back, we might have a guy up and sprain his toe before the game, shucks! :wink:

Then we'll be glad we kept all 4 of them!

Charles Roberts as an example is 7" shorter, and 20lbs lighter than Smith. He also had 6 consecutive 1,000+ rushing years.

We keep smith. He's young, athletic, vesatile, and in all likelyhood not reached his potential.

Thanks 4 the reply. I actually am a big fan of Smith and would like 2 keep him over KK. And if possible have all 4 of them on our roster.

The fact that Charles Roberts is 7 " shorter and ONLY 20 lbs less in weight, actually furthers my prediction that Smith would have injury problems if he played consistently in the offensive backfield. Charles Roberts is "stocky", a tight compact type body/build. Smith is (not entirely) but more-so "lanky", very athletic but probably more comparable 2 a point guard in basket-ball as far as a comparitive athletic body -and I'm not talking about Jason Kidd.

I really couldn't see Smith not having an injury riddled season as a main component in the backfield of the offense for a full season but I would love 2 be proven wrong. There is no accounting for the "toughness" factor, if you have that 2 a high degree you can beat alot of obstacles that others in your position would fall to, take Darren Flutie - he wasn't the most athletic guy in the CFL and will probably be remembered as a player that was very successful due to his high football IQ (a "smart" player) but a large amount of his success was probably due to his toughness as well......

Currie did limp off the field during the Winnipeg game.

From what I saw today, Boltus, Ball and Carlson looked fine, Darrell Adams was practicing, Otis floyd was practicing, Tre and Terry were practicing, and Marquay McDaniel took a lick from some of our D players and ended up limping off the field. Not like a OH MY GOD IM DYING limp, more of a OUCH I JUST GOT ROCKED limp. Also noticed Matt Carter made a couple nice catches and Bruce is catching on quick. The offense looked better and the Defense looked fantastic.

I think the Cats are going to release Smith and try to trade KK.

Cobb and Caulley have proven that they are great backs. Caulley just has to stay healthy. I think this combo has proven that KK is expendible. He has value so I think we could get something back for him.

Smith is an okay back and a good returner. McDaniel is a better returner so I don't see Smith being a contributor and we could use his roster spot to develop a 21/22 year old back.