What are the TI-Cat options??

Ideas for the Ti-Cats

Here are some ideas that I have thought of. Some are expensive, others are ‘last resort’ options. What do you think??

  1. Take the money the Governments are giving to build a new stadium and put in the bank. Build a temporary stadium (the Empire Field stadium cost $14.4 million to build and then remove, and do we really need a roof?) at the West Harbour location. Play there for a couple of years, hold the Pan Am games there, and then decide, if all parties can live with the location. If all are in agreement, the Ti-Cats move back to Ivor Wynne for as long as it takes to build a new stadium with the money in the bank.
  2. Build a temporary stadium at Confederation Park to see if that location is viable. Again if it doesn’t work out, the Cats can always go back to Ivor Wynne.
  3. Move the team. (permanently or temporarily-move back when city council gets their act together) Build a temporary stadium in London (this is the only way that London will get a team. There will be no expansion in Southern Ontario, in my opinion).
    -Play in Ottawa.
    -Play in Moncton (expand Moncton stadium)
    -Explore Quebec City
  4. Sell the Team. I can’t see this happening, but you never know. Maybe the Lansdowne Live group would want to buy a good team. But then, the CFL doesn’t get their $7 million expansion fee.
  5. Shared stadium with the Argos. This has been debated to death.

#3 - NO!!!!!!!!

#5 - OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!!!!!!!


The issue with all the temporary stadium ideas is that, at this point you pretty much are looking at sticking a fork in Ivor Wynne at this point. Ivor Wynne will require several millions to keep being a sustainable facility. Honestly, I think it's a matter of one side will have to blink in this debate, or the team is off to Ottawa and Cohon starting to look to see if he can find an owner looking to plunk a new team down in Hamilton.

In other words, we are back to eight teams. :frowning:

All The Ticats have to worry about is fielding a strong team and cutting the front office waste. bid for a GC at Ivor Wynn .

The provincial and federal governments have allocated $100 million to build a 15,000-seat track & field stadium in Hamilton, but it looks like the city council has dropped the ball. Oilers owner Katz has suggested he might build a new NHL-spec arena in Hamilton to replace the outmoded Copps Arena, which seems to have derailed the Ticat stadium plans.

If the Ticats had to relocate, there are a few existing stadiums which could accommodate a CFL team:

Toronto - BMO Stadium 20,000 seats, but would require $50 million of renovations to fit a CFL field and expand seating to 25,000. The operator, MLSE, are big NFL-backers and would fight the move to the city-owned stadium.

Toronto - York Field 25,000 seats. If the Hamilton Pan-Am stadium falls through, the stadium project could be transferred to York U. If the Ticats don't move here, the Argos might.

Quebec - PEPS Le Stade Extérieur is being expanded to 18,000 seats, but would not allow the CFL to use their stadium and would fight the team's move to Quebec City.

Montreal - Olympic Stadium seats 65,000 and has just approved a new $300 million roof. Not sure the Als would appreciate the crosstown rivals, but they do sell-out at Molson Stadium for every game.

Moncton - Moncton Stadium seats 10,000, but will be temporarily expanded to 20,000 for Atlantic Bowl game in Sept. Not sure they have the market for a full-time franchise, but did sellout the CFL game in 32 hours.

London - TD Waterhouse Stadium seats about 10,000 and would likely require at least $50 million to upgrade to 25,000 seats. Another option is to construct a brand-new stadium in London, which may be a better CFL market than Hamilton.

Windsor/Detroit - Silverdome 70,000 seats. A Canadian investor has recently bought the unused stadium. No sure a cross-border franchise could ever work there.

Vancouver - Empire Field 27,500 seats. A temporary facility for the Lions, but the builder said the stadium could be used for many years if required. Not sure the Lions would appreciate the crosstown rivals.