What are the things that you are looking forward to in 2021?

The title of this thread is "Looking Forward"
How come people talking about the past?


One more thing. The two non-division winners would be wildcard participants from ANY division. In other words, the east champion would probably play a west division wildcard team.

Pairings would be as follows:

#4 vs. #1
#3 vs. #2

Seeds #3 and #4 would come from any division.

Seeds 1 and 2 would host games 1 and 3 (if game 3 is necessary).

Seeds 8 and 9 (from any division) would play in the Toilet Bowl/Cup in the same stadium and 4 hours before the Grey Cup. The winner of the Toilet Bowl would get the #1 draft choice for the next season. That's how you add spice to the league.

I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of magic acts Burnham will pull off again this year. ROAR YOU LIONS ROAR

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Before my time.

I would rather see the worst team play the Vanier Cup Champion.

Best in the league. He could play down south.

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I am looking forward to

  • not having to water my new grass so much
  • taking a fall road trip with my wife in my new truck
  • end of the NEED for covid restrictions
  • a normal return to the KEG for anniversary dinner next month
  • my in-laws coming over for dinner again and to see our new rec room, driveway and landscaping.
  • my wife being able to enjoy the return to the stadium for lions games
  • Olympic football
  • cheering on my new favorite nfl qb Justin Herbert
  • full Canadian arenas for NHL.

He'd have to keep an average of 60 yards a punt but besides that nothing ridiculous about it :slight_smile:

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four or five games between the same teams in a season not enough, you want seven?

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Looking forward to see how fat the officials got during COVID.

Looking forward to seeing all the players old and new who will work so hard to entertain us.


plenty of AFL players could do it, but they are already making much more money than they could in the CFL.

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It had something to do with Winnipeg not being allowed to play for the cup because of a rule dispute. That is wikipedia’s vague description of it.

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Looked it up as well. Toronto Balmy Beach Beachers is a wild name

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Division games are more of a draw than the current form.

Or else every game would have been well attended.

Plus it helps reduce travel costs having to trek cross country annually.

That is not the question I asked.

Fans do not want to pay to see the same teams play four times, let alone seven times a season.

Even fans of rival teams don't want this as it disadvantages teams with a tougher opponent.

The network isn't interested.
The sponsors aren't interested.
Reporters aren't interested in covering a team and travelling the same matchup over and over again.

Hell, I bet the cheerleaders aren't interested.

It is bad for the LEAGUE in every way. Nickle and dime themselves to death...

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"Fans do not want to pay to see the same teams play four times, let alone seven times a season."

Why do playoffs work well then in sports with best 4 out of 7?

If they ever get to 10 teams and play everyone twice in the season they could go with a series or the old two game total point playoff .

The 10 th team and balancing the league is something that needs to be worked on as a league project .

Maybe it's Canada Day talking but Getting a huge part of Canada represented in the east is job one after getting the league off the mat .


Maybe because those sports play 80+ games a season, where a single game elimination wouldn’t be a fair outcome. I think football is different. It takes a week to prepare for a game. It’s more like a war in a way....winner take all.
I’m looking foreward to that.


my 2 cents. I took this thread to be about things that you expect to happen that you are looking forward to, as opposed to a wish list of things not likely to happen this year.

just, you know, for whatever it is worth.

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An 8 team league would balance it out and that's happened several times.
The league should be working to keep 9 teams healthy and focused on keeping 9 not going back to 8.
Not ideal with 9 teams and bye weeks are frustrating but the CFL has had 9 or 8 teams for 60 years.
A tenth team will never happen and it's been debated on these boards for years, get over it and move on enjoy the 9 team league because this is the closest we have ever been to losing more than one team and the league folding.

Why do you think they have been discussing a merger/collaboration with the XFL and financial aid from the government and not about expansion?