What are the things that you are looking forward to in 2021?

Well with idea that the players are going to hit the fields and we will have games to see - - what are you most looking forward too! Enough political talk and I think we can all use a break from the Covid discussion.

I am looking to see the Argo's "big time" roster failing and Ottawa surprising everyone?

What are things that you are looking forward too?

I would be happy if Ottawa surprised in a good way .

Looking forward in general to the season with fans in the stands .

When I watch the NHL playoffs the games are so much better with fans in the stands creating tension and atmosphere .

-The battle for the eastern second place between the Argos and the Als

-The general attendance

-The ability of Lion's OLine to protect Mike Reilly

-If Adams Jr and Fajardo magic works a second year in a row

-If Zach Collaros will handle the year.


Hamilton walking away without a cup...again!!!!


Seeing one of the Global punters walk away with the league MVP award. I defy anyone to claim there is anything ridiculous or far-fetched about this idea.

BMO Field in the Summer. By the Lake. Watching Argos.

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Looking forward just to see what happens this year. T.O. Montreal, Ottawa, BC, Sask, will be interesting.
Mostly just watching games. The CFL is the only sport I enjoy anymore.

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It's still a good idea. At least these Global platers want to play in the CFL unlike Hubbard, Claypool, etc. Most of the Canadian NFLers will just be chasing practice roster cheques during the prime playing years.

CFL coaches can't take the easy way out by drafting punters and kickers in every CFL Global Draft, btw who are better than the USPORT kickers and punters

It would be better if there was some sort of world tournament. There’s an American football tournament in Europe almost every year so the idea has precedent.

What rules are they going to play under 3 downs or 4 downs. That has to be worked out for a professional world tournament. The 4 down tourney is alright for the kids under 20, but for pro athletes is another thing

You would have to do it in stages. 4 downs out of Canada. India, China, Japan, Australia, Philippines in one tournament. Mexico and Brazil play against each other and have 2 European tournaments. Top 27 of those comes to Canada. 3 teams each go to 9 CFL cities. The starters of the CFL teams are guest coaches for the foreign teams. They teach them how to play CFL rules. The backups and the practice roster players get playing time. That’s how I would do it.

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Ottawa could surprise, they do have a QB this year and some receivers with potential. But it looks like only one RB with experience.
The D had a major upgrade with Benevides as coach and some good experience there.
Of course the kicking game will be number one and Ottawa was strong on special teams and returner with Dedmon.

Get sponsors, TV Networks to play for travel costs for teams

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I'm looking forward to a shorter regular season.

I'd prefer 14 games plus 4 teams in the playoffs with a best-of-three series in the semifinals and a single game Grey Cup final.

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A team that finished their series in 2 games instead of 3 would have an advantage. How would viewers react to watching a team play each other 3 times in a row after watching them play 4 times in the regular season? Would some viewers skip game 1 knowing it isn’t an elimination game?

Yeah more football isn’t a bad thing. CFL has shown that they are willing to travel around the world to find players through their combines. I think there would be a lot of interest in a China football club vs India football club game in a place like Vancouver. If the CFL did it right the same people that went out to those games might go to a CFL game

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Viewers wouldn't react any different than they do in any other sport. With so many sports doing 'best of' playoff series I can't imagine that it hurts their profit margins compared to single game elimination.

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afl rules :slight_smile:

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Best two out of three. Like the way you are thinking.

The semi finals should always be a 2 game or a 3 game series.

Did you know for the one and only time 1940 Grey Cup was a two game series?

Does anybody know the reason for that?

The CFL , until 1972, has had a series format in their early history.

The season also used to start in September with the West playing 16 games and the East playing 14 games.

All those games and playoffs on 13 weeks. Did one team had an advantage over another.