What are the Rider fans starting the parade march again!

I can't think about having a 3 game winning streak b/c then my bubble will burst. I'm like you right now, just thinking about the next game!

Congrats, when are you due? Oh yeah, just a word of warning, when you're watching a football game, make sure you're not holding your baby. I usually get right into the game & forget myself until I see my daughter staring up at me wide-eyed trying to figure out what the he!! has got me worked up, then I have to quickly recover so she doesn't burst out crying.

and currently redwhite that is Burris's record as well. But whatever.

I still don't have a huge amount of Faith in Crandell, but he is getting the job done, and he is not making huge mistakes.

OH a ZINGER!! too bad you you need the help of Pictorals to explain what you cant in words :lol:

Hey Billy do not read me wrong. The problem with Marcus and it took us 4 year in Calgary that he is not consistant in his play. If he changes this is great for the riders and their fans. We have all seen where Marcus can play like a champion and then play like a chimp. Just warning you. Your assessment on Burris is unfounded because of course Burris is out due to injuries right. Burris has 5 wins vs Marcus 3 wins.

BIlly he is only Human, that not to say the Riders will win every game, because they wont… Crandells gonna falter at some point.( 2 games against BC). the true test will be if he can recover and push us into the playoffs…this was a hugh game for us… its gonna be a dog fight for a playoff berth and I love it !!!


as for burris. he is 5 and 6 is he not?? crandel is 3-0 as a starter is he not?

I am not trying to start a burris vs crandel spat. Just telling you the truth. I think Burris will have a great future in this league, but currently he is a loser.

and I know what you are talking about with crandel. However we finish this year, I want to have a quality QB in training camp next year to challenge these guys.

Okay and Gesser is 1 and 0 so what. Crandell had the year before 4 -14 big deal. Yes you do know what I mean about Crandell just hope he can keep it going. You are right the QB situation needs to be cleared up for the Riders. The next game should tell you where this team is headed.

Hmmm Red & White I think by you starting this thread you are a little bit nervous :shock: … or purhaps forcasting it all for us. :smiley:

Grey cup sure why not if you want to bring it up, it’s not a long road in the CFL.
The road goes through BC and shutting out DD that is a given, and we have two more games agianst them to see where/how we match up.
way to early to say…who knows when your starter might get knocked out…It’s anybody’s Guesser.

The Grey cup has been a hard road for us in the past and our expectations are usually the play-offs around here and then miracles but with Shivers and Barreet we seem to be able to get some consistant talent sticking it out so who knows.

Yet anytime a rider fan comments about how consistant Burris played over the past few years, we get accused of sour grapes!

Will the Riders win the Grey Cup? Who knows! But heack, they are the team I want to win and thats all that matters to me.

Hey I didn't jump off the wagon either. Hell I even still support Greene to the end!

Hell YES we are going to have a parade!!!..this is Saskatchewan and we have a parade every time we beat Edmonton at home…we fire up the tractors and combines and have the Outrider cheerleaders lead the parade…its great…and now that the Albertan fans have gone home we can let the sheep out of hiding again…

Nice post but I think this is what most fans got out of it

I am happy for you!

what r u Rider fans doing anyway, cheering a win like that?
You should just be thankful the sun shines down on your province. Cheering for your team? What do you think you are, the Calgary Stampeders or something?
No more cheering, you hear me. Win or lose, the Riders suck. We will tolerate no more cheering for Rider fans after wins...


Thats the spirit Chewy you tell them!

Lets talk about this Sunday.

Like i said earlier, the Lions will destroy the Riders

Well if my esks wanna keep 2nd place, i sure as hell hope the lions destory them.

Ah spankee you caught me with my pants down!

Rwdwhite, we don't want see your or Brats ass, m'k?