What are the Rider fans starting the parade march again!

Well it did not take long for the wagon jumpers to get back onto parade committee. Yes, the rider beat the Ekies today. But where in the world do you think you are going to be Grey cup bound. Maybe just maybe you should aim at a playoff berth first. I thought you guys would have learned from your mistakes.

eh? what mistake, I didn’t say anything about a cup, I don’t look that far ahead…though one would be nice :smiley:

Is it really necessary to start a whole new post about this??? If you want to comment on the "Grey Cup bound" thread, then go post on there. I would think that after the Riders dismal first half of the season, the fans should at least be allowed to gloat the same day after the game.

Does the truth hurt spankme!

THe Rider fans are like lost souls crawling through the desert…looking for a pinch of water…any dillusion of sucesss, they stand up and declare this is the promise land…only to find out, it’s all a Hoax…


I think we have to give them credit where credits due. Theyre playing
pretty good ball, hell we couldnt lose either way today, really.

Sure it tightens up the playoff race, but now it gives us a real shot at

Youre arent taking turkey serious, are you???

What's that supposed to mean?

Does the truth hurt that we sucked the first half of the season? Hell, yeah! Especially when things looked really good at the beginning of the season & then it went all to **T, Greene starts **ting the bed, then they lose some of the best players from the team--Dominguez, Davis, etc. Obviously you want to celebrate when things start looking up for your team & maybe, just maybe, they can salvage something from what's left of this season!

No I did not take turkey seriously whty start right! I just wanted to see if a rider fan would bite! and spankme took the bait.
Yes the riders are the only team that had injuries that effected the paly of their team and yes you have the right to be happy again. But do not plan a parade just yet!

I think you should worry about "Moon Ball" Gesser and how he will fair against a team other than Hamilton, rather than worry about us Rider fans spouting off we are Cup bound. LOL

Poor old statiks gonna miss a mighty fine playoff race from
the looks of things, cant wait.

Enjoy your win Spankee,you deserve it.A true rider you are.Never jumped off the wagon when the riders were down.
However watch out for next week.LOL
Congrats Spankee!!!!!

Sorry Dentor I would take Gesser before Crandell any day. Trust me he will self destruct.

Like the scouting report said on Gesser, not always pretty
but he finds a way to win. THAT WORKS FOR ME.

This is funny a Rider fan complaining about a qb ha ha ha ha

Thanks, saskargo! And as for next week, I'll be watching. Don't you worry.

And as for you redwhite2005, I took the bait b/c I figured if I didn't then this thread would become a "Rider bashing" thread & we just can't have that.

No we wouldn't want that would we!

Everybody knows what I think of the riders.
In my opinion.I would rather have Crandell than Burris.Why?He has proved that he can win the big game.
Come to think about it.
I would rather have Crandell than Dickenson,Burris,Glenn,Joeph.
I wouldn't take him over Printers!!!The only reason I say that.Printers will be a Argo when Allen retires!!!

Wasnt complaining it was an observation… he won the game, I asked in a earlier post whether he could throw the long ball… that game answered my question… BTW whats Crandells record again?

How does it feel to have a 3 game winning streak?
Enjoy it.
See rider fans,the one I like most on this site. IS A RIDER FAN!!!!!
Spankee,Yes I am!!!!

Denotr here is Crandells record !