What are the odds?

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have added Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson to their negotiation list.With the Vikings signing Brett Favre, Jackson has gone from battling Sage Rosenfels for the No. 1 job to likely being the odd man out in Minnesota.

CFL teams are supposed to keep their neg lists confidential, but they're often leaked to media. Bombers coach Mike Kelly had this to say about the club adding Jackson to their neg list:

"When I was with the Philadelphia Eagles, I was basically Brad Childress's step and fetch boy. So I know this player has been trained properly."

Jackson has played three seasons with the Vikings, seeing action in 25 games, and last year threw for 1,056 yards with nine TDs and two interceptions.

Republished from the Winnipeg Free Press print edition August 21, 2009 C1

...odds aren't good ,of him signing here anytime soon....sure is an interesting prospect....but ...here's the however.....His credentials lead me to believe, that he'll get a shot from another nfl club, before he ever gives the CFL a sideways-glance...IF and a very big IF....he gets passed-over by all of the clubs down south (highly unlikely) he might want to try his hand at the three-down game....Carrying on your career here ain;t such a bad option.... and given enough time, we might have a team he wouldn't mind suiting up for.....but don't hold your breath.. :wink:

Nice little racist comment there by Kelly....unintentional I'm sure.

How the hell is that racist? Are you still mad that he referred to Saskatchewan as the crotch of Canada?

what are the odds? same odds as the Bombers winning the Cup this year, won't happen

No…I could care less what he says.

And that phrase probably doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot to most people up here. But a “step 'n fetch it” boy, to anyone of African American descent, or, for that matter, anyone from the Southern US, has a distinct and negative connotation.

It originates from “Stepin Fetchit”, a black minstrel or vaudeville act from like the '20’s, but it’s original connotation has been separated from today’s usage. In today’s world, unless you are using the term to specifically reference that type of live performance, it generally is a condescending term that means “house nig**r”. It is regarded as a racist comment.

Maybe he didn’t know that, but say it to an American player, and you’re likely to get popped in the mouth.

Agreed. I suspect that this phrase isn't as well known, or as likely to raise the ire of a black player of today, but it was careless of him to use it.
Here is a good link if anyone is interested:


Thanks for the link, but it suggests the phrase is controversial at best.

He's from CaaaaaaaaRollina, he knows the meaning but he applied it to himself in that case.

Hey Artie.......How about House dog.

So this guy wants to come to The Peg to end his career? Just finished watching the TSN pregame show early friday night game , Jock showed 2 sure tds thrown by Bishop! Yes they where 2 for sure tds, easy catches that where not made.

So if they had been thrown by this new Jackson five guy, they would have been caught????

You have a very good qb in Bishop, but I guess he is going to be the fall guy if they lose tonight! Yes the writing is on the wall. :thdn:

Dunigan never heard a word Jock said and in fact went on to say Bishop needs to step up, well he cant make the guys catch a perfect pass, because the replays did not lie, they were perfect passes.

and two caught passes would have brought his completion rate up to an unbelievably awesome 15 of 35 (or 43.8%). and they were NOT easy catches. at least, ralph's was a tough grab. it's one that should have been made, maybe, but it was not easy.

we don't have a very good quarterback, we have a strong armed quarterback who can make the usually difficult play that is the 20 yard overthrow look easy.

but, even if the Vikings release Jackson, he's 99.9% certain to get other NFL interest. he won't be in the CFL any time soon.

this whole discussion means nothing.. Jackson is not coming to winnipeg, in the exhibition game vs kc he completed 12 of 15 passes... 2 tds... no ints... so even if the vikings are dumb and do release him... he will be instantly picked up...

he is young... going into his fourth season... has a winning record as a starter... last year had like a 96 qb rating (better than two thirds of all nfl starting qbs) and threw 9 tds against 2 picks... hes not leaving the nfl anytime soon... even if he isnt quite good enough to be a starter hel make a great backup somewhere... and still has room to improve...