What Are the Odds of Chang Playing This Week? Place Your Bet

And to add to Barney's observation...If Jason does get hurt this weekend, the Ticats are stuck with his contract till the end of the year. There will be no opportunity to release him...even if the want to.

For Jason and the Ticats sake..let's hope he stays healthy! Better still..let's hope he has the game of his career! Then one of our back-ups can get some reps!

Yes ,I'm a bad reader .....but shallow :roll: quick thinker sometimes ...particullarly on game day when it's raining ......

My apologies BF ...the Ti-Cat part of your brain is first class!

Make your words soft and oh so sweet

In case you have to eat them...

Slimpickins, the Argo part of my brain is in mourning. Fifth loss in a row for the double blue. Oooohhhhh, I'm in pain. I told my wife if that Cats lose tonight, she can just take me out and shoot me.

An Argo-Cat fan

Just another desperato Ti-Cat fan....

I smell victory this evening in a convincing fashion....

How so? That would mean that he should have left the game seven games ago. By the looks of it, I'm guessing that if Maas was in a coma they'd find a way of starting him...

Hamilton lost the game, but I have good news - I won my bet.

Here is the updated money standings:

Aman: $150
Everybody Else: $0


Next Game vs Toronto


Bet $1 to win $2.50

(I have a feeling Chang will come into the game earlier if it gets out of hand)

Yeah, if it gets out of hand, but what about starting or coming in when it's clear that Maas is waning and the game still can be won?

???what??? :cowboy:

To Green Bay hopefully.