What are the kicking positions in football?

In football kick, there are multiple positions that involve kicking the ball in a different way. They are Punters, kickers, and kickoff specialists.

…given the lousy kicking this year in both NA leagues I think your offering is a good business venture, good luck..

Something we don't see much of anymore is kicking a fumbled ball downfield and going after it. Legal rule in the CFL.

What are the kicking positions in football? Usually upright.

Years ago Bob Cameron kicked his first punt into the wind while falling backwards. As he landed on the field he looked up and saw the ball changing direction in midair. It passed over top of him on its way toward our own endzone for negative yards.

Doug Flutie kicked a field goal while running a play on offense as quarterback for the Patriots in 2006. Since the ball wasn't pinned by a second player that field goal was considered as a 'Drop Kick'. I'm pretty sure he kicked one here in the CFL during a pre-season game.

We've had numerous 'Rouge' attempts by runners heading towards the endzone with time expiring. Kickers aren't always the ones who score points in the CFL.

I once saw one of our recievers (Joe Poplawski) pull off a left-footed onside kick against Ottawa back in the 80's.

Occasionally a Quarterback will 'punt' (or 'quick kick') on second and long to catch the defense napping. Sometimes this flips the field position dramatically in favor of the kicking team. Other times this results in a recovery by the quarterback who out hustles the bewildered db's on their way to the ball.

…does it count if the kicker kicks his shoe out the back of the end zone?